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Obama And Congress Are Crushing Small Businesses

August 18, 2009

“Small businesses in America…are dying — and the government has their blood on its hands,” Glenn Beck said Monday on his Fox News program which took the form of  a town hall-style meeting. He added:

The Obama administration and Congress is forcing socialized medicine down our throats. They’re forcing unions to take over your successful businesses and hijacking the contracts of workers under the interestingly worded employee “Free Choice Act.” They’re raising your capital gains taxes and, when that frightening cap-and-trade bill passes, energy prices are going to skyrocket so much that there is no way your small business is going to be able to afford to pay the utility bills.

Patrick Byrne, CEO of, said that the government is making it more difficult for businesses to survive. “When you raise the cost of anything, people do less of it…that’s not what we want as a country.”

Economist Stephen Moore, who is an editorial writer at the Wall Street Journal, said the stimulus package that became law in February is “like injecting yourself with morphine. It may feel “pretty good now,” but six months from now when you have to pay for it there will be a problem, he said.

Brett Parker, CFO of Bowlmor Lanes (which operates bowling alleys in four states), said the legislation known as “card check,” which would outlaw secret ballots by employees on unionization votes, is the single biggest threat to his company. If his company’s labor force were to be unionized, “it would be so enormously expensive and make it so difficult for us to run our business,” he said. Parker added:

Our government right now is proposing some of the most radical, fundamental changes in America that we’ve seen in a long, long time, and I think people need to be very careful when they’re looking at these programs and not think about change as a goal. And if we let this president and this Congress run wild they’re going to take drastic measures and change fundamental things about our society which I think they don’t even understand the consequences of.

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  1. August 18, 2009 2:18 am

    It would appear that the only thing that is sacred to Right Winged America these days, is money and nothing much else. The sick and injured are not important either, apparently.

    • In the know permalink
      August 18, 2009 11:19 am

      Nope. Conservative christians hate the sick and poor. Thats why they are responsible for the extermination of so many helpless……wait a minute! It’s the Leftists who have ALWAYS done that throughout history. I also see a very high percentage of homelessness in rural, conservative communities. Oops, wrong again. You insult all of the good and decent people of this country who give of themselves everyday to help comfort those in NEED. Not those in WANT. Please don’t confuse the two.

    • MMM permalink
      August 19, 2009 12:17 pm

      Who do you think donates time, talent, money and products to the poor? Small businesses do. I have worked at our local soup kitchen for several years, and without the generosity of the business people in our community — and the men and women who show up day after day on a rotating schedule to cook and serve — NO ONE would be getting food.

      The world is a lot more kind, loving and generous than many people think it is, until they get down to the places where people volunteer and find out how things really work in this country. The people — not the government — of the United States of America are the most generous people in the world. They give to the poor in their own country, and to millions during disasters all over the world.

      The unfortunate thing is that President Obama’s short-sighted policies are going to rob everyone who is so generous, those in every income level (we’re all going to be taxed for his spending, don’t be naive) that when the next disaster strikes, Americans will be unable to contribute as they overwhelmingly have in the past. Then we”ll all be labeled “stingy” because no one has ever seen a time when Americans did not do the vast majority of the contributing to charity in this world.

  2. John Davidson permalink
    August 18, 2009 5:13 am

    It is all about the money and whose pocket they can pick. Neither party has an answer for the mess they created for all of us so to point a finger and blame the other is childish behavior. There is no excuse for what is going on.

  3. Dave permalink
    August 18, 2009 10:04 am

    if you spent $30 MILLION a day every single day for 2000 years it would still not equal to obama’s $23.7 TRILLLION in financial bailouts

    … the main reasons why people get poorer are because of higher taxes and inflation.

  4. Carole Frazier permalink
    August 19, 2009 2:25 am





    All we hear is what the President wants, what he is looking to do and what he believes is real. Didn’t anyone tell the President, the American people stupidly elected him into office thinking he was going to work for the people. do what the people want, and pay attention to what they are telling him. It’s not what the president wants or the House or Senate, it’s what the American People want.
    You work for us, and we are saying NO, NO , NO. “WHAT ARE WE NOT SAYING CLEARLY” What really should happen is LET THE PEOPLE VOTE ON IT, LIKE THEY DO IN AN ELECTION, ESPECIALLY when it effects all of us, the American People. SO LETS ASK THAT IT GETS PUT TO A VOTE. (call your representatives). Then the American People will decide what we want. Absolutely NO ACLU, Unions, or any special interest Groups allow to mess into this election. HOW ABOUT IT, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF??? With our Eyes Opened THANKS TO FOX NEWS GLENN BECK SHOW, we will make the right decision, the same as the choice we are going to make come next election. The right one ,thats right for America and Americans.

    Where did the American people go wrong?

    (1- Not paying attention, 2- assuming that the government was working for the people, 3- Seniors not paying attention, 4- Believing in our Government This has been the norm in the past, BUT NO MORE, now that Glenn Beck Show on Fox News have opened America’s Eyes to what is going on. WE AS CITIZENS say we have been given Both Sides, & we as Americans can say NOW NO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE PLAN AT ALL, SCRAP THE PLAN AND FIX WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE.
    Do not touch our Medicare, and our Advantra Freedom Plan. It works good and WE as Americans do not want it touched. PERIOD! Its cheaper, more accurate, and makes going for help or getting help that much more patient friendly, So pay attention government, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    Now the government better start paying attention if they want to keep there jobs, ALL OF THEM. They think its a joke, we will forget. We will put you out of office faster than you can blink, and put someone in that actually cares about Americans, you do not or you’d listen to what we have been saying.

  5. Joseph White permalink
    August 20, 2009 5:05 am

    What do you expect from congress? After all, the small businessman doesn’t have the impact of the huge lobbying interest. Since this president took office, unemployment has shot up to 10%. I, for one, don’t blame businesses for not hiring people, after all, I wouldn’t if I were worried that the government would take my assets away, or give my business over to the stupid unions.

    When will we wake up to the fact that the only thing unions are good for is to drive up costs and drive down profits?

    I’d like to see liberals put their money where their mouths are and start donating to charities. IT is not the governments job to take care of people.

    Christ said it best. “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

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