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Brett Favre Will Help Minnesota More than Al Franken

August 19, 2009


Tuesday night’s Red Eye led off with a story that is very unpopular here in Wisconsin.  I’m talking, of course, about NFL living legend Brett Favre’s return to football as a Minnesota Viking!!  As many of you may know, most hard-core football fans in Wisconsin have such thick hatred for the Vikings that they decide to despise everyone and everything in Minnesota.  It is as if the home football team defines each state as a whole.

I am not a big football fan and have always found this kind of shallowness hilarious.  Growing up around this attitude towards football turned me off to the sport. That didn’t stop me from attending a few games in Green Bay, however.  Let it be known that any crazy thing you have heard about games in Green Bay is probably true.  Many fans really do go shirtless in 20 degrees below zero, black out drunk long before the game, and throw anything they can at rival fans.

Red Eye guest and America’s Newsroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer brought up an interesting point about this week in the NFL:

“In one week the NFL got Brett Favre and Michael Vick back to the game.” 

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld replied:

“At least Brett Favre didn’t open a kennel.”

I do not want to get into Vick, which would open a can of worms better left closed, but what a contrast between the two players.  Both have Americans mad at them, one for breaking the law and the other for breaking hearts and spirits across Wisconsin.

Regarding Favre’s move, Red Eye ombudsman Andy Levy jokingly asked, “Is that Sarah Palin’s plan, she really wants to be the governor of Minnesota?”  We know that Minnesota has had recent issues and scandals surrounding the election of comedian Al Franken as their newest senator.

Personally, I think Favre’s move is great.  It will be fun to watch all of the hyper-masculine Packer fans across Wisconsin cringe when the Vikings beat them down.  Minnesota now has something to be excited about.  Hopefully Favre will do more good for the state than Franken is capable of doing.

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