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Means and Ends: Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me, Part VI

August 21, 2009
John Lennon
John Lennon

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The wisest thing Lennon (John, not Vladimir) said about revolutionaries was a line in the song which declared (sort of) his parting of the ways with them: “You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we’d all like to see your plan.” Lennon went on to say that radicals could count him out if they were preaching hate. (But then, the Beatles caved and changed the lyric so that it said both “you can count me out — in.” Well, who in in his right mind over the age of 30 looks for wisdom about reconstructing society to an art form in which “singing doo wah diddie diddie doo wah do” is regarded as genius? But don’t get me wrong, I love this stuff).

We’d all like to see your plan. Yes indeed we would.

The fact is that revolutionaries beginning with Rousseau and Robespierre and Marx have never had a plan. The ones who did and tried to build little utopian communities failed. But the really serious revolutionaries, the ones prepared to burn down the system and put their opponents up against the wall, they never have a plan. What they have is a vague idea of the heaven they propose to create on earth — in Marx’s case “the kingdom of freedom,” in Alinsky‘s “the open society” — which is sentimental and seductive enough to persuade their followers that it’s alright to commit mayhem and murder — usually in epic doses — to bring it about. Otherwise, revolutionaries never give two seconds  to the problem of how to make a new society work. How to keep people from committing crimes against each other (the Alinsky answer: capitalism makes them criminals), and how to get people to actually work, to produce.  From Marx to Mao to Castro, revolutionaries have never had a clue. (Their excuse for the monstrous poverty and human suffering they create? — the capitalists are responsible, it’s the U.S. embargo.)

So if there is no plan, the devil is in the detail of the methods you use to get there. Each step of the way constitutes another block in the foundations of the world you are creating. The means tell you what the ends will be.

Alinsky’s biographer with the following anecdote about Alinsky’s advice to students wishing to protest the appearance on their campus of the first George Bush, before he became president, because he was America’s representative to the UN during the Vietnam War:

“College student activists in the 1960s and 1970s sought out Alinsky for advice about tactics and strategy.  On one such occasion in the spring of 1972 at Tulane University’s annual week-long series of events featuring leading public figures, students asked Alinsky to help plan a protest of a scheduled speech by George Bush, then U.S. representative to the United Nations, a speech likely to be a defense of the Nixon Administration’s Vietnam War policies [Note: the Nixon Administration was then negotiating with the North Vietnamese communists to arrive at a peace agreement– DH] The students told Alinsky that they were thinking about picketing or disrupting Bush’s address. That’s the wrong approach, he rejoined — not very creative and besides, causing a disruption might get them thrown out of school. [Not likely — DH.]

“He told them, instead, to go hear the speech dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards, reading ‘The K.K.K. supports Bush.’ And that is what the students did with very successful, attention-getting results.” (Let Them Call Me Rebel, pp. xv-xvi)

This anecdote tells you everything you really need to know about this mentor to Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, and the ACORN radicals. Lenin once said that purpose of a political argument is not to refute your opponent “but to wipe him from the face of the earth.” The mission of Alinsky radicals is a mission of destruction. It doesn’t matter that the Vietnam war was not a race war — that millions of South Vietnamese were against the Communists, that the South was eventually conquered by North Vietnamese armies because the Viet Cong failed to win the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese people. It doesn’t matter who George Bush actuually is or what he believes. Because your purpose is to erase him and the system he is alleged to represent. Therefore pick the symbol of the greatest evil that Americans — a small minority of Americans — were ever associated with, and use it to obliterate everything good they ever did in the service of your cause, which is to destroy the system which created them. If America’s cause in Vietnam is the Ku Klux Klan, it is evil and America is evil. If George Bush is the Ku Klux Klan, that’s it. Nobody needs to listen to him, he is non-person, a symbol of evil. Inside every radical is a Manichean at war with the forces of darkness and evil. In such war every means is justified, as we shall see. (To be continued…)

Part 7: Means and Ends, Continued

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  1. August 21, 2009 2:41 pm

    Terrific, revealing piece on what motivates the “changers”.

    I shall pass this along to all my friends.

    I know both of them will enjoy it.

  2. carterthewriter permalink
    August 21, 2009 5:48 pm

    Obama is surrounded by radicals from that era and they used his charm to gain power. Now, it is up to Barack to shed them like fleas on a rabid dog and “Do the Right Thing”

  3. August 21, 2009 9:07 pm

    Mr. Horowitz, heard you on Prager the other day. It was a great discussion. I like this piece so far, ive always thought of ideas like “radicals” using these types of tactics. For example, how exactly can we tell if a “protester” is just that, or even a caller to a radio show. Maybe in our new age of instant information these types of posers can be exposed.
    Looking forward to reading more.

  4. August 21, 2009 9:59 pm

    very old star

  5. Clergyman P-Ray permalink
    August 21, 2009 11:44 pm

    What’s your point DH?

    Communists are bad…har, har, har. Socialists influenced Obama & Hillary (two crony capitalists if i’ve ever seen em’), ho, ho…

    And you’ve made a career off peddling this drivel?


    • Anon permalink
      August 22, 2009 3:48 am

      @ Clergyman

      Its not that Communism is bad, its the putting into practice of Communism that is evil. It is not a natural state of man, so you need the force of the State to get there. That isn’t freedom or generosity. That’s tyranny.

    • fiftyfifty permalink
      August 22, 2009 12:27 pm

      pedding some truth it must suck to be you so go back to watching olbermann

    • August 22, 2009 4:31 pm

      Clergyman …

      Socialism/Communism IS “crony capitalism” at its core.

  6. Delfin J Beltran MD permalink
    August 22, 2009 5:30 am

    DH: Beautiful truth in simplicity of action revealed again. Now apply the logic ( a non-entity in left-leaning thought – wrong premise to start – GIGO ) to the current Healthcare War. The government paid Medical Science Industry teaches science without humanity. So what do we get – Scientists practicing computerized medicine without experience or humanity. Product: Dollars more important than people.

  7. August 22, 2009 5:38 am

    I have wondered about the “gun-toters” at the recent Obama/healthcare meetings. Could these be plants (ie:KuKlux Klanners), or are they just mis-guided 2nd Amendment Rights-ers. My fear from the start has been that these people will be duplicated by Lefties who want to discredit the right. On a different note… where has O’ gotten his “populist” speech pattern lately (dropping final letters, etc.), from Hillary Clinton? Come on- he went to Harvard.

    • carterthewriter permalink
      August 22, 2009 6:43 am

      It is very difficult to determine reality as paid protestors infiltrate and disrupt and the media glorifies the warped mind while we all sit locked in our homes and laugh, but it has gotten out of hand, shaking the ground beneath our homes. It is not funny, anymore.

    • fiftyfifty permalink
      August 22, 2009 12:15 pm

      KKK I don’t think so your gun toter was a black man and its a good thank to show your god given right to bear arms. People like yourself best be thankful that you can own guns or Obama may turn the tanks on you.

      • August 22, 2009 4:41 pm

        Only one gun-toter was a black man. The cropped picture used by the mainstream media to support their notion of “angry whites bringing guns …” is cropped too closely to reveal anything other than the guns and that the “toter” was wearing what appear to be a man’s pants and white shirt. No body parts reveal bare skin. However the pants are not the same as the ones worn by the black man pictured on right wing web sites. Since no one has shot anyone yet, and no one has been arrested for carrying one illegally, one can only assume that the guns and the people carrying them threatened no one and the whole thing is media pandering to stereotypes.

      • Mike B permalink
        August 22, 2009 6:56 pm

        50/50 Stop staring at the tree and look at the forest. KKK was just a particular example. Any imagery that causes distrust or undermines credibility will do. Why did they crop the image. To fit in with their tag line.
        Currently internet/MSM chatter is trying to gin up the idea of rising racism, and growing militia groups, in opposition to the One. Possibly even an attempt to stop him. Would they go so far as to martyr the One? Seeing armed protestors adds credibility to the idea.
        Whichever way they choose, if they can delegitimize America’s conservatives, our vaunted 2nd Amend, and the well intentioned, if inconsistant, Patriot movement, they will have advanced their cause greatly. Just think of the power “the people” would give them to exact revenge on those racist gun toting red neck militias. Can everyone say Reichstag?
        The MSNBC story is more then just editory perogative. That was a DANGEROUS distortion of truth. That needs some serious investigation. Someone needs to be held accountable. Can anyone follow up?

    • Stop the madness permalink
      August 24, 2009 5:37 pm

      The young black man was not part of anything associated with the KKK nor was the guy in NH. I know the young black man and know that he only cares about following the constitution and knows that our founders strongly believed in our right to bear arms against a RADICAL and TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT…In our REPUBLIC we must stop the madness. People scream about the guns that “We The People” are commanded to keep in order to keep the RADI
      CALS from stripping us from EVERYTHING that is so important to freedom.

      I think we should be using OLD Sal’s tactics to destroy this insanity.

  8. August 22, 2009 10:59 am

    I would say that the better quotes from Lennon that are a better expositor of DH’s point came later, in “Imagine,” which is far more revealing in the total lack of belief in anything real or possible, and rejects any social organization at all. He rejects the entirety of humanness:

    “Imagine there’s no Heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today”

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace”

    “Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world “

  9. Clergyman P-Ray permalink
    August 22, 2009 2:53 pm

    Thanks fiftyfifty, but i’m not much of an Olberman fan. Ed Schultz provides a lot more balanced show & isn’t afraid to take on the democrats when they betray their base & veer right. (as they usually do on econ issues)

    Sure Communism is bad. Communism doesn’t work. DH isn’t telling us anything new. We’ve been hearing about it for 65 years now.

    Sorry to break it to you, but the Cold War is over. America is the world’s lone empire now, but those days are fading. The country’s going bankrupt if ya hadn’t noticed.

    So maybe, just maybe, we should think about the future and provide healthcare as a right to all citizens (ya know, because we always trumpet “individual freedom” and “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and the “American Dream” all those things…) and because the rest of the world’s already gone that route, other countries pay much less per capita for their healthcare than the United States while covering every citizen and they’re kicking the crap out of us entrepreneurially because of it.

    And those numbers are old, healthcare has ballooned to devouring 17% of United States GDP now.

    Shouldn’t fiscal conservatives be concerned about deficits and getting back to a sustainable economy? Or do you only care about deficits when there is a democratic president in office? What most conservatives don’t realize is we’d actually save money and per capita, cut costs dramatically by moving toward a Single-Payer healthcare system.

    Btw, I’m an independant & voted third party last year. So I’m not an Obamanite. The man & his administration have plenty of flaws.

    Taking Single-Payer off the table so early in the “reform” process was the dumbest mistake (& biggest giveaway to health insurance monopolies) they’ve made thus far while governing.

    • August 22, 2009 3:44 pm

      Dear Clergyman,

      Shouldn’t’ you be addressing the har har to the White House whose new green czar is a communist? And who said Communists weren’t crooks — you think Putin is poor? And sure socialism doesn’t work. Think the Democrats pushing socialized medicine understand that? And when you say America is the only empire you’re spouting the party line of the communist left — but I bet you already knew that.


      • Mike B permalink
        August 22, 2009 7:06 pm

        Dear DH, I’m repeating this in a reply hoping that you will receive it as an email update. The MSNBC cropping of the gun totin’ protestor in order to confirm with the “racist” story line went beyond editorial perogative. The MSM tea party distortions were crude spin, but in the bubbling discontent that’s fomenting across the country, this is nothing less than DANGEROUS. Someone HAS to be held accountable for this. What can be done?

    • fiftyfifty permalink
      August 22, 2009 5:16 pm

      P-ray You and Obama fear CHOICE
      I’am from Chicago you say healthcare as a right to all citizens yes your right you go out and get job and you buy it. there is nothing in the Constitution
      that said everyone shall have health care.

      The 111th Congress Legislature these are the defenders of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. Two of the greatest documents ever written. Very clear documents written so plane you only need to read it or here it to understand it. These two documents are the keepers of CHOICE.

      Thank god for the 2nd Amendment

      • Delfin J Beltran MD permalink
        August 22, 2009 8:02 pm

        It is interesting that there are still people who dream of an ideal world that could be attained by everybody just stop fighting, that healthcare problems would be solved if it were just legislated as a right and the big daddy would just manage all of our problems, then all is well. Dreams are wonderful, but they need to be retained as dreams that we as individuals see as the result of our own effort. I have been a physician with fifty years experience. Your dream of single payer peace and light transfers your responsibility to care for yourself as an individual to accomplish your dream of health and well being, no one else can accomplish your dream and theirs at the same time,as they are separate dreams and never the twain shall meet. I dreamt of becoming a physician and I acheived that dream. Your dream that healthcare is a right that everyone should have has that flaw that tramples my dream. There is no way that I can acheive your dream and my dream at the same time, because my dream includes becoming a physician so that I can also serve my needs. If I (or any healthcare servent) provides that care as a right of yours, you have been given the right to my life and diminishing another human and that persons inherent right of autonomy creates a serious conflict of rights and a serious quandry when they intersect, that has no real and valid solution. Simply abondoning your responsibility to the whim of another accomplishes no gain for either yourself or the society in which you exist. We are currently living in a society in which a great number of individuals appear to be very happy to follow your dream and abandon their responsibility to do what only they can do – life their life, care for their needs and gain the only source of happiness – giving of themselves to help another.

    • Stop the madness permalink
      August 24, 2009 5:47 pm

      I do not listen to Ed Schultz and just recently heard a sound bite about something he said which really disturbed me. It was something about what is so frightening about Marxism and socialism? My response was WHAT!!! I do not understand everything about these two ideologies but have read enough to know that this is not an ally to freedom and liberties afforded us by natures law or of the God that created it all

  10. August 23, 2009 8:15 am

    David, Thanks for everything you are doing to inform the public. You have been an inspiration to me. I’m just a hardworking drywall finisher; however, you have inspired me to start my own local blog where I deal with a local Saul Alinsky organization here in Bloomington, Illinois. They are the National Peoples Action Network and their local project the Central Illinois Organizing Project. They recently met with represenatives from the Federal Reserve of DC in Decatur, Illinois and boldly asked the fed for $1 billion for a pilot project to help impovershied communities in Central Illinois. They also had a guest speaker from the “Nation” and the “Washington Post”, his name was William Greider. I have read that he is a proponant of Global Humanism. Once again, Thanks.

    • carterthewriter permalink
      August 23, 2009 8:57 am

      Jeff, hard working citizens like yourself are the backbone of this country and I am glad to hear that you have the courage to stand up against those that seek to destroy the principles that made this a great society.

  11. Clergyman P-Ray permalink
    August 23, 2009 12:17 pm

    Mr. Horowitz,

    We did become an empire whether you’d like to ad hominen that away as “communist” rhetoric or whatever. We did instill brutal dictatorships and killed political dissidents in various countries across South America. We went into Iraq, lost a lot of blood and treasure and liberated its people from Saddam Hussein and took over their oil fields so oil companies could reap record profits, yet the Iraqis never wrote asking for our help.

    Facts are facts.

    And we’ve been messing around in Afghanistan since shortly after 9/11/01 and still haven’t got bin Laden. Why couldn’t your boys Bush & Cheney get bin Laden while they illegally wiretapped, tortured people, suspended habeus corpus and basically destroyed every civil liberty we ever had?

    Of course, America has done a lot of good things for the world, too. With 1776 and the events that followed, we became the world’s first real democracy, inspired the French Revolution and numerous independance and freedom movements therefater, and from what I’ve read I believe the first Americnas really invented the idea of the “middle class.”

    But invading South American, southeast asian and middle eastern countries all in the name of ousting “evil regimes” is more than a little misguided and we’ve fed what General Dwight D. Eisenhower termed the undemocratic “military industrial complex” by doing so.

    Should not we be spending taxpayer dollars on education & healthcare & pass the cardcheck bill so workers who support unions have a right to organize in the United States before we fly all over the world, invade other countries and tell them they should live like us? Shouldn’t we protect the rights of our citizens here at home before telling everyone else how to live?

    Businessweek and several other mainstream media publications ran information from this study, which concluded 62% of bankruptcies in the United States were caused by high medical costs in 2007 and 78% of those folks had private insurance, who you folks say ensure so much “choice” in our system:

    Fiftyfifty, so it appears you care more about gun rights (I support the 2nd amendment too) more than guaranteed healthcare for all citizens? Man oh man…no wonder the rest of the civilized world looks at us with a peculiar eye.

    Dr. Beltran, in summer 2008 a poll was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showing that 59 percent of U.S. doctors support a “single payer” plan that essentially eliminates the role of private insurers. When I lived in Washington, a retired nurse came with us to meet with Senator Patty Murray’s healthcare aide who said administrative costs are driven up to absurd levels due to the extra paper-pushers doctor’s offices have to hire just to deal with waste-ridden insurance companies, she called our current healthcare system “unsustainable” (i’ve been saying that for quite sometime) and supports Single-Payer. Furthermore, if Single-Payer is not the way we should go as a nation to fix our nation’s healthcare system, which is on life support why not petition congress to give the thousands of doctors and nurses (PNHP and the California Nurses’ Association) being among the most prominent a seat at “healthcare reform” tables so we can have an honest debate as a nation?

    No disrespect sir, but I refuse to frequent a doctor who puts the profits of private insurance companies above their patients’ health. That to me seems unethical and more than a little bit absurd.

    Needless to say, Single-Payer would save businesses (both large & small) money and give American artists and entrepreneurs equal footing with their international counterparts and the big boy crony capitalists & their politicians who’ve steered this country off-course and into an economic tsunami.

    I’d appreciate a little more democracy in our republic, wouldn’t you conservatives?

    – Clergyman P-Ray

    • August 23, 2009 1:46 pm

      “We did instill brutal dictatorships and killed political dissidents in various countries across South America. ”

      I’ll respond to you on the issue of South American dictators as this used to be an issue for me as well when I was on the Left.

      Horowitz and Peter Collier discuss it in “Destructive Generation.” (And put your Cold War hat on for this discussion.) Which is worse: a Marxist dictatorship that’s basically a puppet of the Soviet Union or a Capitalist dictatorship that will eventually become a capitalist democracy? (Compare the levels of freedom in modern Cuba/Venezuela to modern Chile and you’ll get your answer.) Because the nature of foreign policy is that often you have to choose between evils.

      In blasting America for its Cold War policies you’re completely ignoring WHY certain decisions were made. And you’re embracing the answers of those who were opposed to the American Idea and supported the Marxist Idea. You’ve been suckered into their propaganda just as I once was. You might not think of yourself as a Marxist but you’ve been seduced into embracing Marxist lies.

      • YogaGirl permalink
        September 6, 2009 10:47 am

        Dear “Clergyman P-Ray,”

        although I could spend half a day refuting your “facts,” it happens to be a nice day out and I want to go blade for a while, so I will touch upon just a couple of points.

        Regarding your statement:
        “We went into Iraq, lost a lot of blood and treasure and liberated its people from Saddam Hussein and took over their oil fields so oil companies could reap record profits, yet the Iraqis never wrote asking for our help.

        Facts are facts. ”

        Are you really silly enough to think that Iraqi’s – under Saddam’s regime – could have actually “written” to us asking for help if they needed it?

        I grew up in Soviet Russia – and I remember moving here in the middle of the Cold War – listening to many people here talking about all Russians as Communists – they did not realize that most Russians were NOT Communists – did not join the Communist party – and wanted more than anything else to be “saved” by someone. It is silly to think that anyone of them would have “written” to ask for help. Russians were scared to tell a JOKE about the Communists or their leaders, never mind, openly come out and profess that they needed to be saved from the Communists. They would be executed in the middle of the night. Period. All letters and correspondence were screened and controlled by the Communists. All borders were closed. People were trapped. My family was lucky and “won the lottery.” I was forever remembered in my school as the girl who was lucky enough to go to America. But that’s another story all together.

        So please think when you say “Iraqui’s did not ask us for help.”

        They lived under a dictator who buried hundred’s of thousands of people in mass graves – they are AFRAID to speak.

        You keep propagating the “progressives” idealisms and YOU will find yourself in the same position one day.

        In Socialism, NOT EVERYONE IS EQUAL. There is a ruling class who has everything – and the masses – part of which you will be – who fights for bare survival.

      • Dream Killer permalink
        December 3, 2009 1:44 pm

        I say never get in a fight with someone crazier than you are. We HAVE to rise (or sink) to some level in order to prevail. After all, usually the only thing a despot respects is a bigger stick, hopefully directly across the skull.

    • fiftyfifty permalink
      August 23, 2009 4:07 pm

      P ray apologizing is your weakness Mr. Horowitz called you out
      Interpretation is the revenge for America

      • carterthewriter permalink
        August 23, 2009 4:34 pm

        He has a personal axe to grind and this has become his stage, unfortunately for the rest of us.

  12. Janet Truth Seeker permalink
    August 23, 2009 7:09 pm

    Alinsky says plainly that the purpose of the book, “Rules for Radicals,” is to enable the have-nots to take power away from the haves. He contrasts this with Machiavelli’s “The Prince” which was written to enable the haves to retain power. His chapter on tactics is especially interesting. The enemy is 100 percent evil. Ridicule him.

    I believe that if the haves go down, so will the have-nots.

  13. Delfin J Beltran MD permalink
    August 23, 2009 8:36 pm

    Clergyman P-Ray: Thank you for your comment regarding the destroyed economics of healthcare. Let’s start with the term “Healthcare”. This is an expansion of the concept of medical care, the diagnosis and treatment of medically diagnosed diseases of humans that occurs when human physiology is altered by infectious agents, trauma, genetic or immunilogy changes. Until WWII the cost of diagnosis and treatment was born by the individual who required the medical intervention in the US under our Constitutional Republic form of government. This concept was altered in Europoe under Kaiser Wilhelm who developed the Marxist concepts into government programs of welfare. In the US the first move to include health related problems into legislative action occured in Wisconsin near the end of WWI as a result of the discovery that workers at the plumbing glazing furnaces of Kohler of Kohler WI had developed a high incidence of pulmonary disease directly related to the task of opening the ovens. In 1924 Edwin Witte was the campaign manager for Robert LaFollete’s attempt at the Presidency on the Progressive Party. Following that loss, he was asked to form a National Progressive Party, but declined saying that they were not strong enough and would be invaded and supplanted by the Socialists. He then went on to become the Bill writer for the Wisconsin Legislature and in 1933-4 was brought to Washington to write FDRs old age benefits legislation. Initially he included a second part that was a Universal Medical Insurance program. The politicians believed that adding medial coverage would guarantee legislative failure to the old age program. Mr. Truman attempted to install universal health in 1949, but Robert Taft cast the fianl vote in opposition, only to then lose in the Presidential election to Truman. In 1953 I received my MD from the U. of Wisc. Madison. The day before graduation, our Dean introduced Prof. Witte (Dept. Economics) to tell us of the future environment in which we would practice. He reiterated the plan for total control of medical care in the US under a Universal Health Plan. His closing remarks chilled me to the bone, as I was already a minority by birth (Filipino father born in German Milwaukee ). Professor Witte closed with a clear unalterable call for the return of class segregation and human slavery, ” Before you finish your residencies, We will own you.” This remark is the basis of the philosophy of the Democrat Party to control the destiny and change from the Constiturional Republic into some other form. This has been accomplished by constant and unremitting action through all three divisions of the government. The initial effective assault on medical care was to convert the medical education based on knowledge and experience of physicians actually caring for patients in the community as the primary raison d’etre of their being. These experienced and active physicians who taught us during the junior and senior clinical years on through internship and residencies, were replaced, under the creation of the National Institutes of Health by physicians whose primary goal has been to do research, usually two-thirds of their time, My first exposure to that result occured in the period of 1956 to 1960, during my training a pactice in Milwuakee and related to events occuring at Marquette Medical School. The effect was the replacement of all clinical physicians at Marquette by about 400 researchers who would be totally dependent upon their academic appointment by their ability to obtain NIH grant funding. This resulted in the bankruptcy of the Medical School in four years and the exodus of the culprits who had achieved this catastrophe. Ten years later I was appointed Medical Director of the ICU at Stanford Univ. Med School and Chief of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology. I also served on the Executive Committee. Having established the protocol for anesthesia care of cardiac transplant patients, the clinical test determination of brain death and the care of the first forty cardica translants at that institution the lack of professional concern for patients and students made it impossible for me to remain in an academic position.
    With that level of experience let me return to the real cause of the increase of medical costs to the private practice of medicinel that you have made reference to. First it should be appreciated that patients welfare has not been the goal of the politicalization of medical care. That was initially demonstrated with the institution of NIH and its consequences demonstrated by it effect on Marquette. That scene was closed prior to the financial failure when the senior physician effect the change of faculty called in the clinical faculty and told them to their faces that they were no longer necessary and to get the f___ out, their priveleges at the teaching hospitals had been revoked. At Stanford in an executive meeting while introducing the need for expanded clinical care, I was informed by a senior physician on the committee that Stanford had no need for patients as it was a medical school.

    When Medicare was instituted in 1965 two major actions were taken to alter the level and cost of patient care in US hospitals caring for Medicare patients. The ratio of nurses to patients was reduced by at least 33% as an unnecessary waste of money. All Medicare hospitals then were mandated to initiate duplicate accounting systems, the new system was to identify the actual cost to the hospital of all materials and servicew used in the care of each patient. After five years of data was accumulated the payment system was adjusted to pay only part of the actual cost of caring for the patient which resulted in a revenue loss for every Medicare patient that was served. The loss would of courese be expected to be recovered by excess charges to private patients, essentially a government hidden tax on all non-government patients. This method was designed to guarantee the failure of non-government medical care, and when the politicians created an environment that induced for profit organizations such as HCA and Blud Cross Blue Shield to convert failing hospitals into for profit institutions the cost of private, non-government patients continued to exceed all other living costs by the need to pay the government shortfall plus the thin margin of profit left after the government removed its additional tax share plus a less than reasonable payment for managing all the Medicare claims, the politicians have been able to successfully achieve the threat that Mr. Witte so clearly predicted. This is clearly an intentional destruction of the medical profession into an economically failed business that was created by political fraud on the public. Add to this the fact that the Medicare tax is nothing short of a fraudulant Ponzi sheme and there should be little doubt by any citizen that they have been screwed and not kissed.


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