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Holder lets Richardson off the hook; CIA agents, not so much

August 28, 2009

HolderGood to know Attorney General Eric Holder has his priorities straight.

Last night, Sean Hannity of FOX News reported that a lengthy ethics investigation of former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has been suddenly called off. Hannity cited an “anonymous source” who told reporters that the investigation “was killed in Washington.”

(Richardson, whom Hannity described as “a close ally of the Obama administration,” was up for the choice post of Commerce Secretary, until a federal grand jury began an investigation into a state contract awarded to one of Richardson’s major political donors.)

Instead, Holder has decided to focus his investigative powers elsewhere. As Joseph Klein wrote here August 25, Holder has appointed a “prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA interrogation abuses during the Bush administration. It is arguably one of the worst decisions to date of an already disastrous Obama administration. It chills effective intelligence-gathering as long as interrogators have to worry that everything they say and do may end up being used against them in a criminal trial.”

I feel safer already, don’t you?

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  1. Joseph White permalink
    September 3, 2009 1:38 pm

    Hmmm. Could it be that Richardson bribed Holder, while the honest and upright, and hardworking men and women at the CIA wouldn’t?

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