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NewsReal Sunday: Is Ted Kennedy Spending the Afterlife Concerned About Our Health Care?

August 30, 2009


It was so thoughtful for much of the news media to use the death of Ted Kennedy to promote Obamacare.  Nothing is more respectful to the dead than to use the end of their life as propaganda to push for leftist policies.  It would be comical if it wasn’t so sad that cable news shows spent the middle part of this week talking about the life and death of Ted Kennedy and then segueing into saying the best way to honor him is to do whatever it takes to serve up government-run healthcare.

Not surprisingly, the worst perpetrator of this exploitation of the dead came from Keith Olbermann.  On Wednesday, August 26, he devoted about five minutes to looking back on Kennedy’s life and then spent much of the rest of the show using the senator’s death to promote Obama and Pelosi’s health care reform.  He talked about how Obama “promised Ted” that he would pass the reform before the year was out.

Olbermann questioned Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (the only openly socialist US Senator) asking him if Kennedy’s death could be used to convince all those darned Blue Dog Democrats to get on board.  Sanders thought it was a great idea, and that ultimately all Democrats would come through and pass the health care legislation with no need of Republicans.

I guess all the Democrats who are actually questioning the value of Obama’s health care plans will now be given guilt trips about what Teddy would want.  Olbermann went so far as to say that everyone alive in America today has a healthier body because of the legislation Kennedy has helped pass.  Huh?  Are you telling me if it wasn’t for Ted I might have diabetes, gingivitis, or mesotheleoma right now?  And if I would simply shut up and follow the hopes of the now-deceased, my health care would give me a six-pack abs and help me live to 120?

There’s a spiritual question to all this too.  Is Ted Kennedy really spending the afterlife wishing we would all accept Obamacare?  That is what many would lead us to believe.  But what do you spend your time doing in the afterlife?  The Bible offers insight to this question.

The scriptures tell us that we will end up in either Heaven or Hell when we die.  In Luke 16 we are told of a rich man who went to Hell.  He only had two wishes, and neither of them had to do with government policies.  His main wish was for relief – even just the relief of a drop of water on his tongue.  His second wish is that someone from Heaven would go tell his family about how horrible Hell was.  That’s it – nothing about telling Blue Dog Congressmen how to vote.

What about Heaven?  Heaven is a place where we will see God and then want to worship and serve Him.  As one poet wrote:

In heaven we’ll see our Savior
And like Him we will be;
We’ll praise Him and we’ll serve Him
For all eternity!

Again, nothing about spending your time in the presence of God wishing that a 1,000-plus-page piece of legislation would be passed into law.

I am not Ted Kennedy’s judge, and I have no clue as to what exactly he is doing in the afterlife.  However, I think we can be pretty certain he no longer cares at all what is going on with Obamacare.  Senator Kennedy did many things that were good and many things that were bad (he was a major abortion advocate for example).  Regardless, we do not honor the man by using him for propaganda.  Let’s let the man rest in peace.

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  1. carterthewriter permalink
    August 30, 2009 5:28 am

    The fact remains that the Democrats did in fact sponsor health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid which on the surface, have merit, but administering them, they have failed miserably.

    If they want to honor Kennedy, fix the problems with the current plans before convoluting it any further.

    • August 30, 2009 7:58 am

      Great point.

  2. fiftyfifty permalink
    August 30, 2009 6:00 am

    the only thing i want to know is how is barack keeping michelle big mouth shut

  3. rcarterl permalink
    August 30, 2009 8:24 am

    Remember the phrase “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”? Well I think that is how the majority of Americans feel. It’s not just healthcare and “win one for the Kennedy” its the whole big government agenda that has the folks and me scared. Our Founding Fathers biggest fear was big government and the loss of states rights and the peoples rights.

    I think this song/video spans all catrgories on this site…so I put it here. Feel free to pass it on to anyone or any site that might help spread the word. This song was inspired directy by a George Washington quote which is the opening slide of the video.

    Hey Mr. President ©2009
    written by R.L. Carter


    Hey Mr. President
    Pelosi, Reid and Frank
    You’ve mortgaged all our futures
    Buying houses, cars, and banks

    You ignore the Bill of Rights
    While Congress claps and cheers
    It’s your abuse of power
    The Founding Fathers feared

    For us who dare to dream
    Don’t tax away our reason
    If business doesn’t prosper
    Then neither does this nation

    You promised hope and change
    But put us hopelessly in debt
    Brought us bigger government
    You can bet we won’t forget

    Government’s like a fire
    And can lead us to disaster
    It’s a dangerous servant
    And a fearful master

    So please Mr. President
    Listen to their wisdom
    From Washington and Jefferson
    Lincoln down to Reagan

    Hey Mr. President
    The press is in your hand
    They love your fancy footwork
    Now they’re your biggest fans

    When you speak they listen
    Hang on your every word
    You’ve become their super hero
    While they’ve become absurd

    Your programs make me dizzy
    As you move at lightening speed
    With Congress in your pocket
    They don’t even stop to read

    Give me the bill I want
    Don’t let this moment pass
    My vision’s too important
    And my wisdom’s unsurpassed

    Government’s like a fire
    And can lead us to disaster
    It’s a dangerous servant
    And a fearful master

    So please Mr. President
    Listen to their wisdom
    From Washington and Jefferson
    Lincoln down to Reagan

    Hey Mr. President
    You took a moral stand
    Gave rights to our enemies
    Yet on the other hand

    The unborn cry for mercy
    But the calls to tough for you
    It’s above your pay grade
    Sorry, but it’s true

    You bowed our nation down
    Like a subject to a king
    And while others sacrifice
    You apologize for nothing

    You’re worried if they like us
    Why is it you don’t see
    That this nation under God
    Is where they want to be

    Government’s like a fire
    And can lead us to disaster
    It’s a dangerous servant
    And a fearful master

    So please Mr. President
    Listen to their wisdom
    From Washington and Jefferson
    Lincoln down to Reagan

    Government’s like a fire
    And can lead us to disaster
    It’s a dangerous servant
    And a fearful master

    So please Mr. President
    Listen to their wisdom
    From Washington and Jefferson
    Lincoln down to Reagan

  4. Terry permalink
    August 30, 2009 9:04 am

    What a song! Love the graphics, music too. Question (I think pertinent): The luxury of a free internet, where we can all watch and share such gems, is it a “right”? Our government seemed poised to gain the power to take it away with a stroke of a pen.

    Re flooding the airwaves with so many diversions in order to sneak the guts of the agenda through: that’s how I think they’re using TK’s demise. Doesn’t matter if his Hell could be the clarity of sight to see what’s wrong with the Liberal Lie, then watch it get enacted, (hope I’m wrong on that!) it’s “one more thing” like the CIA and the Vacation and Healthcare and Cap & Trade and the Czars and the rest–very clear that the more we have to keep up with, the more they can sneak through the cracks while we’re diverted with the Big Lie de jour.

  5. Scott permalink
    August 30, 2009 3:00 pm

    It is sad that legislation is not mandated on guiding principle, rationality, beneficial compromise on behalf of the represented populace but on personal agenda, bought and paid for interests, and propaganda. I have no real reaction to the death of Mr. Kennedy but I find it despicable that anyone would use his death to push through a piece of legislation that may direct the course of this country for decades if not centuries, if the Lord tarries.

  6. fiftyfifty permalink
    August 31, 2009 12:24 am

    In late December, a 2003 tape recording of Obama made while he was still in the Illinois Senate became public. It was a comment on Kennedy’s efforts to pass a prescription drug bill. Obama had described Kennedy as “getting old and getting tired” and said the backers of a strong drug measure should get after him.

  7. Michael D. permalink
    August 31, 2009 7:21 am

    Great article. As politicians attempt to play the God card in the healthcare debate, this article is the first I have seen (sadly, in or out of a church) where somebody used these political machinations as a scripturally sound teaching moment.

    Regarding the current battle to socialize 18% of the US economy, I think there is much to be concerned with theologically.

    We’re breaking the 10th Commandment just to even think about the politics of envy and “sharing the wealth.”

    We’re breaking the 9th Commandment to even represent that the US Constitution permits such expenditures and usurpations of liberty, since any cursory reading of the literal words of the Constitution as well as any of the volumes of writings supporting the Founders’ intent clearly shows such government actions are prohibited.

    We’re breaking the 8th Commandment when We the People permit government to act on that envy to redistribute wealth.

    We’re breaking the 6th Commandment if these programs provide for abortion and euthanasia.

    We’re breaking the 1st Commandment when we restructure society to look toward government for providence (healthcare, housing, food, etc.) instead of God, who is the source of all Providence and the seed of Christian Charity, which should convict us all, as individuals, to comfort the poor, hungry and sick.

  8. fiftyfifty permalink
    August 31, 2009 6:42 pm

    spar me mike d
    We and me isn’t doing the Commandments right now America has given more charity
    Black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton shows how the civil-rights establishment has made a lucrative career out of keeping racial strife alive in America strategy was to keep poor black people down show up deal the race card spend the a night in jail if they have to then go home and have porter house for dinner

    (healthcare, housing, food, etc.)


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