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Robert Spencer has a new book out!

September 8, 2009


Robert Spencer, director of the Freedom Center’s Jihad Watch, has a new book available which everyone needs to be sure and snatch up. It’s called The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. (The book’s official release isn’t until Sept 21 but it looks like you can get it on Amazon now.)

A few quotes about the new book:

“Tony Blair calls the Koran ‘progressive [and] humanitarian’ but Robert Spencer has actually read the scripture and begs to differ. In an informed, sardonic antidote to the usual soft-peddling of the Koran, he concludes that its actual contents should alarm infidels and prompt them to defend their ‘freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the legal equality of all people.’” — Daniel Pipes, director, Middle East Forum

“Robert Spencer incarnates intellectual courage when, all over the world, governments, intellectuals, churches, universities and media crawl under a hegemonic Universal Caliphate‘s New Order. His achievement in the battle for the survival of free speech and dignity of man will remain as a fundamental monument to the love of, and the self-sacrifice for, liberty. In our epoch of intellectual jihadism, this honest book is essential to understand the challenges of the twenty-first century.” — Bat Ye’or, author of Eurabia; The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam; and Islam and Dhimmitude

Click here to order on Amazon.

And while you’re at it pick up some of Spencer’s other books also:

Stealth Jihad

The Politically-Incorrect Guide to Islam

The Truth About Muhammed

Islam Unveiled

Religion of Peace?

One Comment
  1. John Davidson permalink
    September 8, 2009 10:35 am

    It is quite obvious that religions are spurned to offset oppression. Christian faith born during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem is one prime example. Later, they split amongst themselves and created more havoc.

    In the end, they realized the folly of their acts and acknowledge the evil within the own doctrine. They accepted the right for people to choose who to believe or not to believe.

    Now, we have the Muslims going through those very metaphorical changes.

    As within our own government, the radical’s ideology must not triumph.

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