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The ACLU-CAIR-Obama Triumvirate

September 17, 2009


The John Adams Project is the latest in a series of ACLU-supported endeavors which aids and abets the Islamist jihadists who are trying to destroy our country.   As Bill O’Reilly has reported on the Factor, this project involves operatives who surrepticiously took pictures of CIA agents who may have interrogated captured al-Qaeda suspects; the pictures were then used to “out” those agents to the lawyers for the suspects, and to the suspects themselves.

In this case, the Justice Department is investigating the outrageous actions of the ACLU. Generally, however, the Obama administration walks in lock-step with this noxious organization on matters regarding the Islamic terrorist threat.

One of the most disturbing examples involves Islamic charities, which are often used as fronts for the funding of terrorist activities.

In his speech to the Muslim world delivered this past June from Cairo, President Obama apologized that “in the United States, rules on charitable giving have made it harder for Muslims to fulfill their religious obligation.” Obama then promised that “I’m committed to work with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat [the Islamic duty of charitable contributions].”

The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, the largest Islamic “charity” in the United States eligible for receipt of zakat, was convicted by a federal jury for providing more than $12 million to support the Palestinian militant terrorist organization Hamas.

Obama apparently could not care less.  He sees eye-to-eye with the ACLU, which  represented Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan, a fundraiser for the group who was living in the United States illegally.

This is how the ACLU, in a lengthy report issued this past June, characterized the security measures put into place to prevent more Holy Land Foundations:

The ACLU’s research shows that U.S. terrorism financing policies and practices are seriously undermining American Muslims’ protected constitutional liberties and violating their fundamental human rights to freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom from discrimination.

The ACLU recommended measures that the Obama administration and Congress should take to redress the violations of  terrorism funders’ alleged “rights.” If Obama’s speech this past June to the Muslim world in Cairo is any indication, he is following the ACLU’s direction.

The ACLU’s legal arm is effectively serving as the Obama administration’s surrogate to restore all rights to Islamic charities and their donors, without regard to whether or not they are funneling the contributions to terrorist groups such as Hamas.

For example, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is a Muslim-Brotherhood affiliated group, applauded the ACLU’s victory in federal court just last month overturning the Treasury Department’s decision three years ago to freeze the assets of an Ohio-based Islamic charity.   The organization in question, with the innocent-sounding name KindHearts, reportedly had channeled some funds to Hamas; moreover, a convicted leader of the Holy Land Foundation, Mohammed El-Mezain, allegedly had provided advice regarding KindHearts’ fundraising.  Nevertheless, this Islamic charity is back in business, thanks to the ACLU-CAIR alliance.

More connections among the triumvirate of the ACLU, CAIR and the Obama administration will be revealed in the coming days.

  1. carterthewriter permalink
    September 17, 2009 6:37 am

    Is Putin & Chavez on the board of directors of the ACLU?

    • In the know permalink
      September 17, 2009 7:41 am

      A nother C ommunist L iberal U nion

  2. kingtekno permalink
    September 17, 2009 6:52 am

    Obama really never tried to hide what he was about, and he must have laughed all the way to the White House on how ignorant huge numbers of people are, and how they only heard what the wanted to. I don’t understand the thrill the Democrats felt voting for a Black man, unless they were such closet racists themselves they felt they needed to atone. In one of Obama’s books he says something to the effect that if push came to shove, he would favor the Muslims. The irony here is that he has taken the most “separation of church and state” stand in American history and that must be because he adheres to the old Soviet Constitution where that little phase exists. Now almost everyone believes it’s in our Constitution and can’t be persuaded otherwise,yet they find no fault with Obama’s deep concern about the Muslim religion. I suppose foot-washing basins are not religious articles, like cross or the Star Of David. I don’t think the people are blind and deaf, but have chosen to be, therein lies the rub. We live in a society where the folks have brainwashed themselves.

    • September 18, 2009 9:46 am

      Excellent last line. Far too many Americans have chosen to deceive themselves about the Obama administration’s agenda. That’s sad – perhaps tragic.

      Time will tell. Let’s hope we are wrong.

  3. oldwolves permalink
    September 18, 2009 4:04 am

    Americans have been under attack by the ACLU and her allies for generations now. The left only wants the ACLU to succeed in weakening our ability to defend ourselves. They gladly ‘out’ anyone they can then claim it’s their right to.

    Where is the concern for the safety of these officers and their families? Where’s the outrage from all the supporters of CIA agent Valerie Plame, whose name was leaked by Armitage to Robert Novak? The Left hunted for blood for years over the disclosure, whining about federal laws prohibiting the sharing of classified information and proscribing anyone from unauthorized exposure of undercover intelligence agents. Yet now, while it serves the cause of Americas destruction, they heartedly press on.

    And we allow it!!!!!!!

  4. Julie Trevor permalink
    September 18, 2009 4:41 am

    I’ve have believed for some time now the proliferation of “non-profit/charitable” organizations in this country whose “missions” are duplicitous are a huge problem. CAIR & their associated orgs are obvious ones & what I hope are not merely the distractors for the truly dangerous offenders.

  5. oldwolves permalink
    September 18, 2009 12:59 pm

    More and more it becomes obvious that all these organizations,(ACLU, CAIR, The TRUTHERS) Are being funded by people who wish for the total destruction of the American way of life. They know that in a head on fight out in the open they would lose quickly. So They undermine all the foundations of American culture(Church, Family, Law, etc) in the sure knowledge that we will collapse from within.

    My guess is that ACORN will fire a dozen employees out of the thousands they have and the media will quickly cover and forget. ACORN has dozens of offshoots and affiliates that will take up the mantle. But because we haven’t heard their names they’ll quickly get their feet in the door. Look how many Czars their are right now. Moved in, in the middle of the night with no scrutiny from any public research group.

    Now watch even some democrats throw ACORN under the bus with the 2010 elections coming up. God bless Beck and Rush and Breibart for exposing these roaches to the light. But we have to remember that most of the roaches got away. We have to keep the pressure up!


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