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The UN Is A Morally Disgusting Institution and a Global Menace

September 18, 2009


Watching Bret Baier’s report on the United Nations‘ umpteenth Orwellian condemnation of Israel posing as a report on the Gaza War, should remind everyone of what a perilous and depraved world we live in. It’s as if Hitler and Mussolini ran the League of Nations in the inter-war period, and I mean that literally, absolutely literally.

Hamas Nazis fired rockets into Israeli schoolyards for 2 and a half years. Israel struck back. Hamas placed its military headquarters under hospitals and apartment buildings, and fired its rockets from civilian neighborhoods and the Israelis finally — and belatedly — struck back. And some Palestinians — as innocent as the Germans who voted for Hitler — were regrettably killed. This merits a 575-page UN report on Israeli “war crimes.”  Real war crimes are being committed now by the UN and the forces behind its crusade against Israel. The purpose of the report is to gin up the next genocide against the Jews whose would-be Hitler is Ahmadinejad, who said today that the Jews’ days are numbered and that elminating the Jewish state is the number one issue for Islam. (I will wait for Islamic leaders to condemn these statements.)

The fact is that UN is run by the degenerate Arab dictatorships (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya etc.) and their criminal communist allies — Russia, China, Venezuela — and is dedicated to the destruction of the West. The “Third World” regimes that are in positions of authority in the UN and are not cesspools of human corruption and evil are apparently anti-Semitic enough to want to see the Jews incinerated again. What can be said about these creatures except that they make the Hitlerites look good? And in a week in which the Obama Administration betrayed our Polish and Czech and Hungarian allies and capitulated before the self-caricaturing heirs to Stalin (Baier reported that Soviet [sic] dictator Medvedev is coming to America to look for “dissidents”), we can say that Susan Rice, our UN ambassador, did herself proud by condemning the UN report.

Earlier in the day, by the way, cable news was reporting a UN plan to replace the dollar as the international currency with the UN scrip. It’s time to withdraw America’s financial support from this symbol of human depravity, this organizational center for the global assault on democracy and the West.

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  1. LanceThruster permalink
    September 18, 2009 4:34 pm

    I think what white phosphorus does to a body is pretty horrible too. Who has been using it against innocent men, women, and children recently?

  2. September 18, 2009 4:48 pm

    I guess you don’t read too well. But why argue with someone who is defending genocide?

    • LanceThruster permalink
      September 19, 2009 9:41 am

      I read well enough to see that you choose to portray every action by Israel as legitimately defensive, and those by Palestinians as without justification. International law allows for armed resistance to an occupying force, or one that seeks to do harm by controlling coastline, air space and borders so that the people within this space struggle to survive. Collective punishment is also a war crime.

      There is no defense of genocide in my statement, and Zionists/Israelis have long used existential threats as the rationale for some of their most aggressive actions, whether valid or just useful. For other nations to take issue with Israel’s brutalization of the Palestinians does not necessarily make them genocidal. Considering the Jewish state’s nuclear arsenal, getting on Israel’s bad side might justify classifying them as suicidal.

      Fredy Perlman touched on the subject here:

      The trick of declaring war against the armed resistance and then attacking the resisters’ unarmed kin as well as the sur­rounding population with the most gruesome products of Death-Science; this trick is not new. American Pioneers were pioneers in this too; they made it standard practice to declare war on indigenous warriors and then to murder and burn villages with only women and children in them. This is already modern war, what we know as war against civilian populations; it has also been called, more candidly, mass murder or genocide.

      Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that the perpetrators of a Pogrom portray themselves as the victims, in the present case as victims of the Holocaust.

      Herman Melville noticed over a century ago, in his analysis of the metaphysics of Indian-hating, that those who made a full-time profession of hunting and murdering indigenous people of this continent always made themselves appear, even in their own eyes, as the victims of manhunts.

      The use the Nazis made of the International Jewish Conspiracy is better known: during all the years of atrocities defying belief, the Nazis considered themselves the victimized.

      It’s as if the experience of being a victim gave exemption from human solidarity, as if it gave special powers, as if it gave a license to kill.

      • September 19, 2009 11:24 am

        No one ever said that every act of Israel has been legitimately defensive. In fact, Israel has been overtly generous. The Palestinians within Israel live at a profoundly higher standard of living than those without. You, LanceThruster, hate the Jews so much that you can’t see straight. Look in the mirror, LanceThruster: what do you see? Do you REALLY love the Palestinians? Do you know a single one? Answer: no. You just hate the Jews and you don’t know why. Reason: Liberal indoctrination and brainwashing–and you didn’t even know it. You are a victim an a stooge.

      • September 19, 2009 3:19 pm

        I would agree with Hans that Lance is most probably another victim of some college professors lofty liberalism… but… lets ask the question that is never asked much less answered… way back when Israel was given the land, the Palestinians don’t like it, WHAT NOW? Neither side is ever going to be happy (although I view Israel as the more reasonable of the two) … what now?

        Something liberals never address is the human condition of self preservation and with it, some one loses. Law of the jungle if you will.

        Who would you rather see lose? Which “side” makes the most sense for America to take?

        Answer with a question,… whens the last time you saw Jews flying airplanes into American skyscrapers?

      • Julie Trevor permalink
        September 19, 2009 4:57 pm

        “International law allows for armed resistance to an occupying force, or one that seeks to do harm by controlling coastline, air space and borders so that the people within this space struggle to survive. Collective punishment is also a war crime.”

        Correct, so then why don’t the Palestinians take up arms against Egypt, Syria & Lebanon since these are the powers that keep the Palestinians living in the squalid cesspool they do.
        Nearly a million Jews were exiled from Muslim countries and successfully reintegrated into various nations; welcomed and now part of and contributing to thriving economies throughout the world.
        Not so for the “Palestinians” – Why? First because their own wouldn’t have them and second because they have been used as pawns to inspire and maintain the middle east conflict…

        During this celebration of Rosh Hoshanah I hope it is truly a new year for Israel; we could use some newness at the UN as well.


        • LanceThruster permalink
          September 21, 2009 9:16 am

          Re: Jewish exodus from Arab lands, see:

          The Jews of Iraq by Naeim Giladi

          Although the Iraqi police later provided our embassy with evidence to show that the synagogue and library bombings, as well as the anti-Jewish and anti-American leaflet campaigns, had been the work of an underground Zionist organization, most of the world believed reports that Arab terrorism had motivated the flight of the Iraqi Jews whom the Zionists had “rescued” really just in order to increase Israel’s Jewish population.”

          Re: Hans Schmidt and buffoon – it was not college professors but my humanist Jewish friends that helped me change my perspective. Prior to 9/11, I was of the mind that the Israelis were exclusively the “white hats” and the Arabs/Muslims the “black hats.” Looking into it a little further I found that the “official narrative” was incredibly one-sided. The arguments presented and parroted by their supporters are most often short on fact and heavy on hypocritical rhetoric that does not apply a consistent standard. That the media chooses the side to back based not on a superior argument but on an agenda is troubling. Even still, accusations of anti-Semitism are thrown out regularly as there are no consequences for false allegations.

          • Julie Trevor permalink
            September 21, 2009 12:59 pm

            One man’s recollection of the history of a war torn nation that wasn’t the promised land (his definition) when he got there so he left…what’s your point?

            • LanceThruster permalink
              September 21, 2009 1:28 pm

              The point is that it rebuts some of the memes spread about Muslim and Arab countries. So many times it is argued that Israel is the only source to trusted regarding the I/P conflict yet that perception doesn’t change even when they’re caught in lies. Official Israeli spokespersons declared they had not used white phosphorus against civilians until it was established that they had. They state that in Gaza, no abuse of civilians or war crimes had occurred until it is later established that it has. this is a familiar pattern; deny, deny, deny…until that time that one can no longer ignore the facts. To this day even, Israel officially denies their own nuclear weapons program, though the rest of the world accepts its existence.

              Talk about existential threats from a Middle Eastern country with absolutely no accountability! All they care about is not losing their monopoly.

  3. fiftyfifty permalink
    September 19, 2009 2:58 am

    Thank god for the 2nd Amendment

    • theblanque permalink
      September 19, 2009 12:46 pm

      For as long as it lasts.

      • fiftyfifty permalink
        September 21, 2009 8:57 pm

        If that infection show up at my house thay won’t like the way I fight

  4. September 19, 2009 3:10 am

    Put the U.N building on some little island way out in the middle of the pacific, these dirty little mongrels don’t deserve to put their feet on the soil of the U.S.

  5. Mr.Anderson permalink
    September 19, 2009 4:44 am

    They fire age old rockets and almost it nobody everytime while Israel is lunching ground forces on the streets in Gaza ,using phosphore bombs and the whole nine yard !!

    Are you insane ??

    Maybe if Hammas was lunching ground forces on the streets of Israel, using phosphore bombs and the whole nine yard , Maybe you would not be saying the same thing , would you ???

    The point is not there , the point is killing innocent peoples and childrens is wrong , no matter who those it and why ? and that anybody suggesting otherwise, on this matter, should get some help . !!!!!

    Israel is Guilty ,and Hammas too , and everyone involved at the time in both government should be charged and sentenced !

    And finally , before you begin using that secret weapon of yours : No I’m not anti-semite !

    • Dr. Fein permalink
      September 19, 2009 6:17 am

      Well, Mr. Anderson, you are probably not the most qualified person to determine whether or not you are an anti-semite. Usually an individual with a particular mental illness is in no state to evaluate his/her own psyche–and that applies to moral illnesses as well.

      • September 19, 2009 6:21 am

        Wow. Very good rebuttal.

    • Airhead permalink
      September 19, 2009 6:48 am

      No, you’re not an anti-Semite. You simply hate Jews. What might be encouraging to you would be Canadians and Mexicans strapping suicide belts on the waists of their teen-agers, crossing the border, and blowing up busses with innocent women, children and the elderly. What might also be encouraging to you would be to be in a foreign city, such as Mumbai, and being targeted simply because you’re a Jew. Although in your case you’d be considered a whacko Jew. I presume you’re not a Jew and that’s good; we have enough enemies already. Now if you would, go in the corner, lick your bowl and go to sleep. Permanently.

    • suzanne schlitt permalink
      September 19, 2009 7:30 am

      you may not be an antisemite – who cares – but I would suggest before you judging anybody to come for a day or two to the town in Israel where these jerks send their “old” rockets and then you may talk again.
      And for the other one who was talking about genocide: very strange this kind of genocide where 450.000 people become 7 Millions.
      By the way 850.000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries before and after 1948 – all of them got absorbed mainly in Israel, some in France – and none of them though they could also have had the status of refugees live on our account (on our federal taxes we have to work for as well in Europe as in the US)like these strange people in Gaza and the West Bank. It was an Arab historian who stated that they were kept like that for political reasons only
      Suzanne Schlitt

      • Mr.Anderson permalink
        September 19, 2009 1:24 pm

        How about you fachiste go for stroll in the Gaza strip instead just to see the desolation caused by Israel !!!!!

        You can tell that to the parents of those childrens that died over there, punks !!

        You wanna protect verbaly a bunch of childrens killer ,(fine ) ,but before you judge my mental state ,i suggest you look at yours !!!

        Morons !

        • theblanque permalink
          September 19, 2009 1:32 pm

          Your mascara is running.

        • Geppetto permalink
          September 19, 2009 2:17 pm

          Mr Anderson, you look like such an intelligent guy! Proves the old cliche, “looks can be deceiving.”

    • September 19, 2009 11:34 am

      No, you’re just a bad speller who can’t make a coherent argument. Being an anti-Semite is the least of your problems. You are simply a bumbling buffoon.

  6. Jack Hampton permalink
    September 19, 2009 5:05 am

    It is as if the world has gone completely insane yet there will be people at Berkely California and Olympia Washington defending these monsters. We need to withdraw from the corupt and defiled UN it is by far worse than the League of Nations. It is probably filled with Evergreen graduates. By their standards you are no longer allowed to defend your self. If Mexico were firing rockets into El Paso and sending suicide bombers to blow up city buses and weddings, Pizza Hut we would obliterate it. The Texas National Guard would render it to a smoldering ash. The tragic fact is because the world has failed so badly in reguard to Iran and the lunatics that govern that festering boil on the earth that Israel will be forced to defend there very survival from these killers innocent people will die many more than if the world had acted and prevented Russia from using the crazy Mullahs as a foil. Israel must take out the ability for Iran to build a nuke with out any doubt. If they make one it will be tested on that tiny nation. I also fear that Israel will not be able to do it with conventional weaponry alone. Every nation that has stood on the sideline and failed to act to stop Iran bares guilt. I believe that Russia has been warned to remove there advisors and people from that place I believe that was part of a recent trip. It is enough to make you weep from the irresponsible nations. But for many at the UN and sadly at many of our universities and liberal circles it seems there is some deranged view that if only Israel would die and go away all would be peace and light in the Middle East and for us. They do not understand that Israel is the first target we are next in line.

  7. Pierre permalink
    September 19, 2009 8:06 am

    the United Nations, whose Charter, took place in San Francisco on 26 June 1945, day after day, year after year, went astray, became a den, perfect mimicking of the third Reich behaviour.
    For that reason, the Jews and other Human beings – still not useful dopes – are again the perfect combustible!
    Hitler and its abettors, if they would be back, could only envy their trainees: their progress is substantial !

  8. Ian permalink
    September 19, 2009 9:57 am

    The U.N is a nest of vipers, which aside from a few relief organizations, has no real value. The 55-Muslim nation voting bloc has turned this into a body with no integrity who only exists to turn a blind eye to real abuses on our planet, while fomenting lies and plotting the west’s downfall.

    Islamic encroachment has ruined the U.N. just as it is ruing the rest of the civilized world.

    All western nations must pull out and start a new Organization which will ally to protect personal freedoms. Then we will have 2 “competing” worldwide organizations, and the choices for every man and woman on this planet will be clear: DO YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE FORCES OF DEMOCRACY FOR ALL MEN AND WOMEN or THE FORCES OF TOTALINARIANISM AND BARBARISM TO IT’S OWN CITIZENS, especially women?

    Let’s leave the U.N. and start fighting back against encroaching Islam. If we wait too much longer, we will all be doomed.

  9. Judy permalink
    September 19, 2009 10:23 am

    Mr. Anderson, I suggest that you take off those shades and consider reality. The name of that land is JUDEA, not Palestine. There is no such person as a Palestinian. This is a political confabulation. The name of Palestine is an expedience to those that are anti-semite and use it as the source of “condemning” Israel (Judea) from protecting itself. I do not understand the continued use of the term Palestinian since it’s inception in 1965 to describe the Jordanian and Egyptian tribes occupying Israeli land. Say, that you owned a home and I kidnapped or drove you out of your house for 10 years, would you have a right to return to your property? You bet you would. The UN is a den of vipers that will also turn on us just as fast as they do Israel.

  10. Judy permalink
    September 19, 2009 10:27 am

    Suzanne, the German people had no federal tax dollars to contribute to their own government in 1948. They did have the taxpayer dollars of the US and Allied citizens to use and rebuild.

  11. September 19, 2009 10:34 am

    Every day its something else. The attacks on our country, our allies, and our sense of right and wrong is wearing me out. There is no end to it, I can only keep my trust in the Lord, and the Americans that were in DC on 9/12/09-and in Ft. Lauderdale on 9/12/09-they and God give me hope that its all not lost.
    I also bacame complacent, thought ok I voted lets see how our president does, after all he is president for all of us, isnt he?
    Rude awakening, he has this rotten agenda, it doesnt matter that most of America is against it. He has been given his orders, and its full steam ahead, and to hell with the country.
    2010-change the odds, its the only hope we have.
    And God bless America.

  12. victor Reichman permalink
    September 19, 2009 1:26 pm

    The U.N. is as corrupt as can be. Why is the U.S. paying more than it’s share? For the U.N. to investigate and condemn Israel for defensive actions in Gaza is mind-boggling. Does everyone forget that Israel gave back every square inch in Gaza, including profitable agricultural industries? What did they get in return? Peace? No, the bombing of it’s civilian cities like Sderot over 3000 times! Would you like to be a pupil having 15 seconds to run into a shelter every day? Israel fought back with l hand behind it’s back, firing back when fired upon. Hamas cowardly fired from civilian areas . Israel would never purposely target civilians, but that’s exactly what Hamas does. By the way, Israel obtained it’s territories in defensive wars, starting in 1948. Are we asking Russia and Poland to give back German land that it won in a defensive war? Lastly, there are 1.2 million Arabs living in Israel proper. 22,000 are in Israel universities, most on scholarship. There are 300,000 Jews living in mostly Arab areas. Arabs want them to leave. Isn’t that apartheid?

    • September 20, 2009 9:29 am

      “” The U.N. is as corrupt as can be. Why is the U.S. paying more than it’s share? “”

      For the express purpose of exercising control over and systematically transferring to their master and its allies as much of our beloved fraternal republic’s treasure as the bastards could get their hands on, the un was designed by the Soviet agent, Alger Hiss and other similar traitors, (whose bastard-offspring-descended un-and-anti-American great-grand-traitors still comprise Foggy Bottom’s brahmanas) every one of them operating under the direct control of the then American president, Roosevelt’s, “Uncle Joe” — and getting his marching orders from Moscow.

      The corruption was built in and our “share” is still as much as our nation’s enemies, foreign and domestic, can get their hands on.

  13. Pierre permalink
    September 19, 2009 2:04 pm

    Last week we Jews began our 5770th year on this earth! Who would have believed this possible? If anyone had told Abraham that his people would be around this long he probably would have been astounded.

    Imagine, we did this without beheading anyone on TV, without a single suicide bomber , without kidnapping and murdering school children, without slaughtering Olympic athletes, and without flying airplanes into skyscrapers.

    We lasted this long despite 400 years as slaves in Egypt , 40 years of wandering in the desert, the mighty Roman army who nailed us to ten thousand crosses; despite the best efforts of fervent Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, Hitler’s third Reich, Stalin’s gulags, Arab wars of annihilation and 100 years of hateful terrorism, hundreds of hate-filled UN resolutions.

    How did we Jews do it? We survived by concentrating our efforts on education, love of family, faith, hard work, helping one another and a passionate dedication to life, no matter what evil befell us.

    We hung in there in hope the rest of the world would one day overcome its hatreds, jealousies, violence and join us in a life of cooperation and mutual respect.

    We’re not there yet, but we’re still hopeful. And when so many of us enter our places of worship next weekend, this is what we’ll pray for with all the strength in our hearts.

    Best wishes for a New Year filled with health, happiness, laughter, success, joy, and kindness and may this coming year bring peace and security to Israel , to the Jewish communities in the Diaspora and to our planet.

    5770 and counting.

  14. Pierre permalink
    September 19, 2009 2:23 pm

    As i was living in the French caldron as Jew before and during WWII, as my paternal families were sent to death camps, as i’m a rescapee, I know what is anti-Semitism and hate still present as in 1938.
    People, sitting far away from the tiny Israel, sipping their “apero”, are with hate perfused by artificial medias’ tittle-tattle…
    Sentences as “I think what white phosphorus” or “ I read well enough”, are cock and bull stories : come and visit Israel, instead of swallowing nightmares flopped in your arm-chair at home, on the other side of the Ocean!
    Visit also my country, admire the folklore,the french pidgin, and so on.
    There, you will have a foretaste of what will also arise in your owncountry in the coming years…
    You are certainly ignorant of what the german Emperor, Wilhelm II, said after WWI (FYI: 1918)…:
    “I habe es nicht gewollt” ….meaning: “i didn’t want it”

  15. September 19, 2009 2:26 pm


    I think that all that is hapenning in the world at this time is that the creator of this world and people is about to appear.

    If you would go to the bible and start in the beginnig, it tells you what will happen.

    If we live long enough most of us today will see this.

    Ther is going to be one money and one goverment, with one man in control for a sometime.

    The BIBLE speaks of the world finances will be in iraq. also the UN .

  16. Cynthia Lauren permalink
    September 19, 2009 3:39 pm

    Dear David.

    I thank God for you and I thank Him for the courageous brain and heart He put in You. I have listened to you for many years and KNOW that as an intercessor in the Lord, I will continue to pray for your blessing and your safety.

    I attended Orange High School and graduated 1 year before George Stephanpolis(sp?) but never ‘drank’ the kool-aid that my high school was manufacturing. Not Ever. I’ve ‘seen’ these elitists and chose my own path ~ not theirs’ in this life. Therefore, as a proud and independent Christian/American it is an honor to be listening to you again. (You re-surfaced on Glenn Beck’s show ~ and I’ve been in South Australia farming black angus cattle and suffolk sheep for the past two years now. I pray for Beck ~ but, now ~ after finding your web site ~ please know that I will pray for you even more fervently.

    God bless You in His/Your Effort
    ps ~ I think you’d LOVE to listen to Kirt Schneider (he graduated Orange in Pepper Pike the same year I did) and now he’s a Messianic Rabbi in Dublin Ohio. You’d be blessed to meet/listen to him. I know he’d be blessed similarly.

    Your Friend,

    Cindy Lauren Thorpe, South Australia

  17. Cynthia Lauren permalink
    September 19, 2009 3:48 pm

    Sorry ‘moderators!’ I didn’t know there were many other responses to this article. It’s sunday morning in Australia and I thought Mr. Horowitz might ‘see’ my note.
    if it’s NOT germane to your discussion here ~ please get rid of it, but PLEASE get Mr. Horowitz to ‘see it’, okay?

    Cindy Lauren in Australia
    who doesn’t ‘blog’ or has never done this before. I’m learning quickly though!

  18. September 20, 2009 3:40 am

    IDF Northern Command chief Gabi Eisenkot explained what Israel means when it says that it did everything possible to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties: “What happened in the Dahiya quarter of Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which Israel is fired on … We will apply disproportionate force on it [the village] and cause great damage and destruction there. From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages, they are military bases… This is not a recommendation. This is a plan. And it has been approved.”

    Haaretz correspondents Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff acknowledged that the Israeli operation in Gaza was indeed “completely disproportional” and did not “meet the criteria of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.” Under the 1949 Geneva Conventions collective punishments are a war crime as are reprisals against civilians and their property such as those ordered during the 2006 War by IDF Chief of Staff when commanded the military to destroy 10 buildings in Beirut for every Katyusha rocket strike on Haifa.

    Oh, and by the way, neither the Israeli government nor its defenders have even attempted to substantively answer the specific accusations contained in the Goldstein report.

    To point this out of course marks me as an irredeemable anti-Semite and Jew-hater.

    • Ian permalink
      September 20, 2009 7:54 am

      Your comment does indeed mark you, but as someone who is ignorant of the real situation. I suppose you have a solution in mind? What would you do with an enemy whose charter claims that it’s ultimate goal is the death of every Israeli and in fact, every Jew? How would you respond when you deal with an enemy who shells nearby civilian town with thousands of rockets, fires from the tops of buildings, uses human shields indiscriminately. has it’s headquarters in hospitals, builds underground bomb storage depots under people’s homes and schools, and then hides like cowards underground when soldiers come to town to put an end to the rocket fire? WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR SOLUTION?? TELL US!!!

      Not only does Israel try to avoid civilian casualties – which, if you would tell the truth to yourself, is the opposite of what the enemy does for propaganda and financial gain, but it would be justified in bombing Gaza and Lebanon to the ground to get rid of Iran-backed Hamas and Hizbullah, which, by the way has gone International. Watch for it coming to a country near you.

      Remember, Israel is a microcosm as to what is happening worldwide. We will have to destroy Islam before it destroys us. The world is crazy NOT to support Israel in it’s just battle for survival, because Israel is fighting for all of us.

      Better cheer for the side of light instead of the side of darkness. Yuur future is at stake as well.

  19. Pierre permalink
    September 20, 2009 8:52 am

    Have a look on Patrick Gathara with Google and you will be well-informed…He must be a friend of the U.N. automatical majority…a bureaucratic uncouth “author”…
    Sure that he never didn’t question himself on justifying the behaviour of modern U.N. democratures in Africa(still occupied by foreign troops),in Russia, China or in other parts of our irrecoverable World.
    He’s making stylish iddle talks on things that he ignores, being unexperienced for himself.
    a comfortable and profitable hateful position.

  20. September 20, 2009 9:59 am

    Interesting. Not one of you has bothered to refute the allegation that Israel commits war crimes. You can justify and shoot the messenger all you like, but there’s no denying the facts ( ignorant and “profitably hateful” though I may be).

    • September 20, 2009 10:15 am

      Israel commits “war crimes” two ways, only one of which is in the way those victims of violent rape who manage to defend themselves against their attacking psychopaths commit “rape crimes.”

      That you are able to ignore the rapist psychopath’s actions and launch your attack directly against the victim, indicates your having flown right by mere moral relativity and into full-blown insanity.

      Israel’s real crime is that it doesn’t use actually employ its “disproportionate force” and put an end, once and for all time against those Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese and other Arabs who have recently taken to calling themselves “palestinians” and so many millions of whom have invaded, colonized and/or otherwise criminally occupied so much of Greater Israel, including Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

    • Julie Trevor permalink
      September 20, 2009 12:20 pm

      Patrick Gathara, what you describe is not war crimes when in retaliation to an attack or pre-emptive to prevent an attack. That the cowardly hide without uniforms under the “protection” of their women and children in an effort to gain sympathy garners none!

      But if what I say above is what Israel is doing (killing their cowardly enemies & civillians in the process) is a war crime to you – so be it…they should do a lot more of it!!


  21. September 20, 2009 10:59 am

    Forgive my insanity but I was under the impression that it was the Israelis pushed out the Palestinans who had resided in Palestine for over a thousand years. I guess the millions of Palestinian refugees whom even Israel admits were once residents of the land on which the State of Israel was founded, are just a figment of everyone’s fevered imagination (you excepted, of course!).

    As for your contention that Israel commits the war crime of not committing genocide…..

    • Julie Trevor permalink
      September 20, 2009 12:22 pm

      Patrick Gathara,
      How about a look at the following video…

    • September 20, 2009 5:34 pm

      Israel commits the crime against its People of not once and for all putting a stop to more than 60 years of the ceaseless attacks made against them by the psychopathologically hesperophobic Islamanazi invaders, squatters and colonizers of its lands and murderers who, during those 60 years, have, under the tutelage and “leadership” of a Tunisia-domiciled Egyptian mass-murderer descendant of Hitler’s mullah, begun to call themselves, “palestinians.”

      Especially given that much of the world already hates Israel about as much as is possible. Beginning with those handy neighborhood psychopaths and barbarians. But not excluding the increasingly-anti-Semitic and fascistic Europeon Neo-Soviet’s latest crop of dreamers after those who most-closely-ever represented their various component state’s electorates: Mussolini, Chamberlain, Petain, Seyss-Inquart, Hitler et al — and the Russians.

      Shalom Shalom

  22. September 20, 2009 1:50 pm

    It is not just me who calls it a war crime. Article 8, Paragraph 2 of the Rome Statute declares the following to be war crimes:

    (i) Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities;
    (iv) Intentionally launching an attack in the knowledge that such attack will cause incidental loss of life or injury to civilians or damage to civilian objects or widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment which would be clearly excessive in relation to the concrete and direct overall military advantage anticipated;
    (viii) The transfer, directly or indirectly, by the Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies, or the deportation or transfer of all or parts of the population of the occupied territory within or outside this territory;

    Do the Palestinians commit war crimes by the indiscriminate rocket attacks and targeting of Israeli civilians? Indubitably! Does this excuse Israeli crimes? No way!

    • Julie Trevor permalink
      September 20, 2009 3:51 pm

      When an enemy army encamps in a civilian area it is no longer a civilian area, it is military…

  23. September 20, 2009 2:01 pm

    I have no problem with Israel’s right to exist. I’m glad that even the video does not assert an Israeli right to all the land in Palestine. In fact, it acknowledges that the UN gave it only 3 slivers of desert as a homeland. A resolution of that “Morally Disgusting Institution” is what gave Israel a deed to that land.

    The same UN has declared that Israel should relinquish the West Bank and Gaza and withdraw to the 1967 lines. Israel is in violation of that resolution and has never offered the Palestinians a state on those terms (something the film omits). In fact, in 2003, the Arabs offered a full peace, including diplomatic recognition, if Israel did just that. There were no takers in Tel Aviv.

    A history of persecution, and genocide does not give the Jews the right to oppress other peoples as they do the Palestinians in the lands they occupy.

  24. Pierre permalink
    September 20, 2009 2:14 pm

    To the paper moralizer Patrick Gathara

    Stop with your Schmonsess and send your lessons of Ethics to Mr Obama, Poutine, Chavez, Sarkozy and all the other petty kings…
    Israel is the innocent victim of people like you.

  25. September 20, 2009 2:44 pm

    Yeah. I guess Israel is not really interested in petty values such as ethics, justice or truth. Much better to be an “innocent victim”.

  26. Pierre permalink
    September 20, 2009 11:20 pm

    Mr Patrick Gathara, the title of the discussion was:
    “The UN Is A Morally Disgusting Institution and a Global Menace”…
    and you are off-topic as usualy.
    It’s better to stop to discuss with him: he is impervious, on the wavelength of our islamofaschists haters.
    Impossible to convince a deaf mecanical parrot, pedaling like a hamster in its cage.
    It’s wasting time.

  27. September 21, 2009 1:02 am

    “When an enemy army encamps in a civilian area it is no longer a civilian area, it is military…”

    That is just intellectual dishonesty. How do you define “civilian area”? Does the fact that the IDF is domiciled in Israel make the entire country a legitimate target (as Israel insisted re: Hizbullah in its war with Lebanon)? Or an entire village where a few houses are militarily occupied (as in Gaza)? What is the morality of bombing sewerage works, electricity stations and other civilian infrastructure and institutions? Of using cluster bombs and white phosphorus in areas with huge civilian concentrations? Such conduct of war is expressly outlawed.

    • Julie Trevor permalink
      September 21, 2009 5:13 am

      Patrick Gathara:

      Your question: “Does the fact that the IDF is domiciled in Israel make the entire country a legitimate target”

      That is the whole point of the discussion…Islamofascists believe Israel in her entirety is a legitimate target whether the IDF is there or not. Israel has the capability to eradicate the Palestinians; that they restrict their targets to known enemy “encampments” located in civilian neighborhoods and hit them with pretty damn good accuracy is testament to their desire not to broadly hit civilians.

      The goal of the Islamofascists is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

      Apparently in you, they have a great ally.


  28. Katie_sez permalink
    October 26, 2009 4:12 pm

    Do a Google search and you’ll see the UN has a long history of writing Israel up on infractions. Explain that away, if you can. AND if/when you guys and girls can do away with Israel…what are your plans for USA. Interesting to see you calling for your own deaths…you don’t know that’s what you are doing when you support Islam. But that is what your doing!

  29. October 27, 2009 1:49 am

    Actually, the whole point of the discussion was whether Israel “desire[s] not to broadly hit civilians”. The Dahiya Doctrine as well as the use of cluter bombs and white phosphorus in crowded areas tends to undermine that particular claim. As for their “pretty damn good accuracy”, despite being provided GPS coordinates by the UN, they managed to bomb schools they knew were packed with fleeing families. Or did you mean that they deliberately targetted the schools?

    The UN’s “long history of writing Israel up on infractions” is explained by the fact that Israel has an equally long history of committing them. This is not about supporting Islam. It is about holding war criminals to account. If that threatens the US…


  1. The UN Is A Morally Disgusting Institution and a Global Menace « -THE "G" BLOGS ~ Gunny G Online -

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