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The ACLU Takes a Dive for Obama

September 22, 2009

I want my country back

The American Civil Liberies Union claims it is dedicated to protecting free speech from instrusions by the government. Evidently, that mission does not apply to whatever restrictions that the Obama administration decides to impose on those who disagree with its policies — beyond the standard name-calling and ridicule that it has used over the last couple of months.

For example, the administration is now resorting to strong-arm intimidation tactics against insurance companies in order to stop them from communicating their perspective on Obamacare to seniors.  The Associated Press quoted the text of a stern Obama administration warning to all companies that sell private Medicare coverage and stand-alone drug plans to seniors:

“As we continue our research into this issue, we are instructing you to immediately discontinue all such mailings to beneficiaries and to remove any related materials directed to Medicare enrollees from your Web sites”.

In other words, insurance companies are being told in effect to stop exercising their constitutional right to communicate their concerns about the impact of Obamacare to their customers, lest they jeopardize their participation in the government program.  That’s extortion, pure and simple.  The notion that the government is just trying to protect seniors from alleged misrepresentations is hogwash.  Seniors should be alerted to the massive amount of care transfer that will take place if Obamacare is passed.

And Obama’s buddies at the ACLU say nothing about the raw power being used by his administration to suppress unfettered debate over the single most important domestic issue of our time.

Just a few days ago the Senate confirmed the new head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, who supports suppression of free speech on the Internet.  Mr. Sunstein believes that content on the Internet should be regulated to ensure that “falsehoods” are not disseminated.  He said:

“[A] ‘chilling effect’ on those who would spread destructive falsehoods can be an excellent idea.”

Of course, the arbiter of what is and is not a falsehood will be the Obama administration.

And we hear not a word of alarm over such extremist, anti-First Amendment views from the likes of the ACLU or any other civil liberties group.  Only four Democrats voted against Sunstein’s confirmation.

Sunstein will now be in a position to put his radical ideas into practice by ratcheting up regulatory pressure against free expression on the Internet along the lines of the warning quoted above.

Hello, ACLU — where are you when American citizens are in jeopardy of losing their First Amendment rights to an adminstration that is running scared from honest dissent over its break-the-bank, care-rationing prescription for health reform that will hurt seniors the most of all?

Oh, that’s right: The ACLU is quite busy these days defending Islamic terrorist suspects and outing CIA agents to the enemy. I’d forgotten about that.

  1. In the know permalink
    September 22, 2009 3:30 pm

    Just like a good widdle puppy. Wanna treat? Here chew on this old rolled up paper, it’s just the Constitution….

  2. carterthewriter permalink
    September 22, 2009 3:57 pm

    Time and again, the ACLU has not defended our civil liberties and should rename their organization to: American Communist Litigation Union.

    Most of their latest actions support that name change.

    If they’re receiving government funding, that should be stopped, too.

    Let’s clean house starting with the “A’ groups.

  3. Cas Balicki permalink
    September 22, 2009 4:11 pm

    You’re not falling for that old Liberal Fascism myth are you, Mr. Klein? Hell! Liberals can’t be fascists, because they can hear themselves speak anytime anywhere, and if that’s not free speech what is?

  4. LanceThruster permalink
    September 22, 2009 4:24 pm

    It was explained on NPR this morning that insurance provider’s participation in the program comes with certain stipulations meant to prevent confusion on the customers part as to what is officially program related vs elements pertaining to that of the insurer themselves. Seems sensible enough.

    • jbtrevor permalink
      September 22, 2009 7:10 pm

      Lance, participation in Medicare/Medicaid does come with conditions & insurance companies and providers have to make sure they are up to date on all the changes that are made annually in the Federal Register (mucho big book of oppressive regulations that have lead to significant increases in the cost of health care delivery in the US).

      The information sent to subscribers was related to not to Medicare/Medicaid, but “Obamacare” – they can’t enforce rules of participation in a plan since there isn’t one passed/signed.


      • LanceThruster permalink
        September 24, 2009 3:23 pm

        But what they were telling subscribers to their plan was the changes it would cause in their current coverage. By your same reasoning, since there is no plan yet it was dishonest to make claims about what that plan will do. They are allowed to explain the differences in coverage plans that exist, not speculate on what has yet to be implimented.

        As far as rejecting something merely because NPR covered it is just more of the ignorance common in here.

        • jbtrevor permalink
          September 24, 2009 3:50 pm

          Lance, what I said was there was no plan enacted into federal statute/law.
          Once it is insurers and providers are required to use the same language as the statute.

          Since it is a proposal on the congressional table, it is a responsible action for an insurer to inform their subscribers of choices (assuming choices will still be available) when the time comes to make them.

          The action/logic of stiffling dicussion of the matter by the Government (which you apparently support) is an extraordinarly alarming speech control measure; there is an “ism” that describes that!!!

          And your last statement about rejecting NPR’s coverageis not based in reality or fact; but not surprising…

    • In the know permalink
      September 23, 2009 5:26 am

      And of course it was on NPR. Seriously? Next you will be linking to mediamatters and moveon for facts. Get your head out of the donkey and open your eyes.

    • Delores permalink
      September 24, 2009 11:09 am

      Think again, Lance. Absolutely NOTHING the “lamestream media” puts out is true. WE have to search and FIND the truth for ourselves – re: ALL matters. Have you EVER known of any government-controlled program that WORKED? Of course not! The people the government hires to run ANY program NEVER KNOW what they’re doing. The federal government is composed of corrupt, greedy, self-serving, power-hungry politicians who couldn’t care less about us American citizens who ELECTED them. They look out for themselves, and no one else. If they do something for someone else, it’s because THEY will be getting something in return. They use their power to ABUSE and totally WASTE OUR TAX DOLLARS. The U. S. Government generates NO money. They have no right to use OUR money to do ANYTHING beyond defending and protecting WE THE PEOPLE. All of those “departments and “agencies” they’ve created are ILLEGAL! They illegally formed the U. S. Department of Education, for instance, for the purpose of BRAINWASHING our children to believe in, and depend upon, the government (big brother), instead of upon THEMSELVES. Nothing could be more dangerous. The larger the government, the fewer RIGHTS we citizens have! PLEASE remember that every time you read or hear something that originated with the federal government. Remember that they are only good with serving themselves and deceiving the rest of us. A good example of that is the so-called “health care” plan Obama and his cohorts in Congress want so badly. They lie to us, over and over, about the “benefits” of such a plan, while it’s been PROVEN repeatedly in other nations to be nothing more than a plan to DE-POPULATE the citizenry, and quickly, by denying them the medical care they need. Our “governement” has the exact same intentions for US! Meanwhile, THEY, our elected officials, have a state-of-the-art health care plan that THEY VOTED for THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES! Why should THEY have the plan THEY want; but deny US the SAME plan? Why? Because they want to CONTROL us in every way possible, until they get RID of us with such a plan! Under such a plan, DOCTORS wouldn’t even be allowed to make their OWN decisions concerning their (the gov’t’s) patients! And I have read excerpts from that so-called “health care” plan they’re “working on” for US…and believe me, it’s as dangerous and scary for us as more important people than I are trying to convince America that it is. American citizens had better be listening and HEEDING the warnings! Incompetent government employess (NOT US)would DECIDE whether or NOT anyone 60 and over would receive life-saving medical care! Sooner or later, EVERY American will be 60 or over, unless they die before then! Medicine & treatment WOULD be RATIONED to EVERYONE, of all ages.In such a heinous “health care” plan as those bums in W’ton are proposing, we would do well to even get a diagnosis, AFTER waiting in line for months, even years, much less any tests, procedures, MRI’s, surgeries, etc. We would wait in line until we DIED! THAT’S the real plan, no matter what Obama, any of his equally anti-America puppet Congressmen & Senators, or any other liars, say. Don’t be gullible enough to BELIEVE anything a politician or a socialist newspaper or magazine says! Under such a plan, the GOVERNMENT would also have access to our bank accounts and other financial records! TRY to find a copy of that first bill that we now know was written by APOLLO (Congress DIDN’T even write it, much less read it, because Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, etc. didn’t WANT them to read it). The final bill won’t be any different, unless it’s WORSE. Please call your reps and senators and demand that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY have the same health care plan that THEY VOTED FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES. Wake up, and smell the POLITICIANS’ ROTTEN PLANS FOR US CITIZENS. Talk about “confusion”, if that plan is allowed to be forced down our throats, “confusion” alone would be welcome, compared to the utter horror we would be facing! We would be BEGGING for our insurance companies back!

      • LanceThruster permalink
        September 24, 2009 3:27 pm

        Another example was heard on NPR this morning about compensation packages for managers of lending institutions where one part of their bonus structure was tied to issuing mortgages at a higher interest rate than what the borrower qualified for.

        Those financial institutions that run ads about how they’re our best buds and looking out for our best interests financially reward their people for ripping us off.

        I wish I could say I was shocked.

        The current capitalist model is that the business org is the predator and the client is the prey. It’s as if they were the Morlocks and we were the Eloi.

        • jbtrevor permalink
          September 24, 2009 3:51 pm

          Yeah, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank came to mind immediately when I heard this.

  5. Trenchant Commentator permalink
    September 23, 2009 4:57 am

    The ACLU lost me YEARS ago when they had public transit rates for seniors removed and Chicago seniors then had to pay regular transit fares. I was 20 at the time, and was aware that American seniors are owed a debt of gratitude. The notion that “seniors’ fares” are “unfair” is only adopted by people ignorant of their own culture and history. The ACLU has been a joke for a couple of decades already…

    • jbtrevor permalink
      September 23, 2009 5:34 am

      Ternchant, I may be opening a can of worms here, but why should one group/class of people have advantage over another. Why should seniors’ fares be subsidized by the “taxes/fares” of others?

  6. Judy permalink
    September 23, 2009 6:21 am

    I just want to make a humorous and light-hearted reply to your post of “why should seniors be subsidized” by the taxpayer. I live in Southern California and I for one would gladly pay to subsidize seniors to use public transportation just to get them out of their cars. It is truely frightening to encounter some seniors on the road today. As we live longer, more and more seniors continue to drive since they can renew their license by mail. We do not have a system in place for review after a certain age and the limitation, suspension or revocation can take as long as one year. Even after the elderly man killed 12 people in the Santa Monica farmer’s market a few years ago, nothing has changed as a car in California is seen as a virtual G_d-given right.Last week as I was entering the 60 frwy, the elderly man at the top of the on-ramp decided he had entered the wrong ramp and put his car into reverse to back down around 2 dozen cars. Due to my father’s age, illnesses and lack of agility and decision making, our family and his primary doctor made application to have his license revoked before he killed some one. His driving had become frightening, but, unless the license is revoked, he cannot be barred from driving. The process took 15 months and caused deep pain and embarrassment to my father who could not bring himself to accept his frailty and poor reflex and decision processes. I say give it to them. It could save your life.A bit of humor but true.

    • jbtrevor permalink
      September 23, 2009 6:46 am

      LOL – I agree seniors can be frightening behind the wheel, but so can young people, drunk people, disabled people, texting people, tired people, munching people, even people playing musical instruments.


    • Delores permalink
      September 24, 2009 6:42 pm

      Julie, why pick on seniors? I live in a college town; and those students drive like maniacs, with their cell phones in one ear, and their radios blaring in the other. They totally ignore stop signs and run traffic lights, as well. The townspeople KNOW to stop and STAY STOPPED when we see a college student (especially a co-ed) at one of the other stop signs. We WAIT until THEY go! The seniors we know, on the other hand, drive very cautiously. Their driving may be too slow for some impatient drivers behind them; but they don’t drive recklessly, and they don’t have cell phones in their ears. They are very good at keeping their minds ON THEIR DRIVING! On a personal note, my mom just turned 90, and she only stopped driving, on her own, about two years ago. She still has her driver’s license; but doesn’t feel comfortable driving anymore. To my knowledge, she’s NEVER had a traffic accident. However, when she gave her old car to one of her granddaughters who was going to college, within two weeks of that granddaughter had totaled the car. About ten years later, she gave another old car to a grandson who was a senior in high school, and HE wrecked that one. My point is that there are reckless AND careful drivers OF ALL AGES. Also, some seniors have to give up enough of life’s pleasures, without their driving privilege being snatched from them before they’re ready for that.

      • jbtrevor permalink
        September 24, 2009 6:58 pm

        Delores…did you read what I wrote – perhaps you got me mixed up with someone else.

        Here it is again:

        “I agree seniors can be frightening behind the wheel, but so can young people, drunk people, disabled people, texting people, tired people, munching people, even people playing musical instruments.”


  7. September 23, 2009 9:16 am

    Stay alert and active people. This country is being taken over, inch by agonizing inch in a concerted and determined effort perhaps culminating in the election of Barack Obama (is there someone more threatening in the wings?). He promised to “fundamentally transform America,”….. his words and he is proving that he means what he says as he smiles benignly and postures before the cameras, almost on a daily basis.

    Write, phone, Email, Fax your Congressman and Senator, send letters to the editors of your local newspaper, exercise your right of free speech before that right is taken away. The best hope for survival of the America we know and love is to let our politicians know that they work for us, we don’t like what’s going on and they will be “fired” come 2010 and beyond unless they demonstrate their awareness of that fact by open and forceful defiance; slam on the brakes.

    We no longer have the luxury of being passive spectators unless we are willing to accept whatever the hell these government bureaucrats are attempting to surreptitiously force down our throats. It is getting uglier with each passing day and the ugliness is largely ignored by the sycophantic media.

    If the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and the face of a fallen soldier still bring a tear to your eye, get involved in whatever way you can. Otherwise, get out of the way.

    • Delores permalink
      September 24, 2009 7:01 pm

      Great post, Geppetto! You’re exactly right, on all counts. And I know a LOT of American citizens who were duped by Obama’s campaign speeches (teleprompter readings); but their eyes are open now, for sure, after they’ve seen exactly what he MEANT by “change”. His performance ratings are still dropping…and will continue to do so as long as he continues to “throw his weight around” in so many ways that are anti-God and anti-America. Those members of Congress he’s wooing, or whatever he’s doing, to sway them to go his way, had better start representing the American citizens who ELECTED them; or this term in office will be their last. I’m so glad the “sleeping giant” has awakened. The “tea parties” in Washington and around the nation were very encouraging…and I don’t look for them, or us, to fall for any pretty rhetoric ever again! You’re absolutely right in urging all thinking American citizens to STAY IN TOUCH with our Congressmen and Senators, letting them know in no uncertain terms that THEY work for US. The townhall meetings with them were very successful, for the most part. Those in our area were “a first” for me, and I actually enjoyed putting our Rep. on the spot, and “holding his feet to the fire”. We don’t have to worry about our two Senators. They’re ALWAYS with us citizens, and we continually show our appreciation. Where’s the birth certificate? Where are the school records? Why is he hiding them? Why hasn’t he already been forced to prove he’s a natural-born American citizen, or resign?

  8. Judy permalink
    September 23, 2009 12:32 pm

    Julie, thanks. We also have problems with drivers holding a Big Mac in the right hand, phone in the left and steering with the knee, while swatting at the kids in the back seat that have slipped out of their seat belts and are playing with the dog that is jumping from seat to seat. Sunny California is very amusing at times. Sunday, while driving to church the young lady in the lane next to mine was using a curling iron in her hair, talking on the phone, smoking and eating breakfast while driving with her stereo blasting unbelievably vulgar rap noise. Thank G_d she was not too preoccupied to avoid the fire engine that was crossing in front of us with lights and air horn blasting. She successfully slammed on brakes but unfortunately missed curling that one lock of hair on the “left” side of her head. I do agree that drivers have adopted lazy, reckless habits, and that alcohol and drugs play a horrible part of deaths on the road.

  9. plumberswife permalink
    September 23, 2009 3:43 pm

    been going on for too long, don’t ask your congressmen…TELL THEM! and make sure they know you will be out there working AGAINST THEM in the next election if they don’t listen and act accordingly to your concerns..
    thank you david for all you have done and are continuing to do, you have been on the cutting edge and people should heed your advice, you know the enemy from the inside out.


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