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From the Interviews of David Horowitz: September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

david_pWhy am I no longer part of the totalitarian cult (even though I never for a second would have conceded that I was a part of it at the time)? Ultimately, I don’t really know. What broke my faith, however, is that I could not close my eyes to the practical results of our efforts. We — the anti-Vietnam left — helped to kill two and a half million people in Indo-China. We supported (however “critically”) a bankrupt socialist system or an impossible socialist future without regard for the consequences of the destructive acts we committed to make it possible. I don’t know why it disturbed me that our efforts led to a slaughter in Southeast Asia and did not disturb others — John Kerry for example. Tom Hayden seems to have been disturbed for a nanosecond while writing his memoir, before quickly shifting the “real” blame for the genocide in Cambodia to Nixon and Kissinger who tried to prevent it, while exonerating himself and Jane Fonda and John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans against the War who were so instrumental in bringing it about. I do not know why all those progressives (who are in fact reactionaries and who number in the millions) continue to go about their work of attacking and undermining the corporate order and the capitalist system when they haven’t a clue as to the future that might replace it, but they do. The archetype of this casual insanity is probably Ralph Nader who has spent a lifetime railing against corporations without having the foggiest idea of how they work or what they do or how any other entities could do better.

Unholy Alliance, Part II – an interview with Jamie Glazov

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  1. September 25, 2009 2:53 am

    Part of the reason I’m an enthusiast of David Horowitz is because at one time I was against tbe Vietnam war and sympathetic to Communism — Chairman Mao — to boot.

    What changed my mind about Communism was the outside reading I did about Soviet history. The extensive mass murders of Communism are not taught in high school and one has to read books such as Werner Keller and another book by the Young Americans for Freedom called “Workers’ Paradise Lost.”

    Also, reading Ayn Rand also purged of the Socialist/Collectivist bacillus.

    It got to the point that I was quite disturbed when the movie, “The Killing Fields” came out concerning the Cambodian auto holocaust because I knew about it back in 1975 from reading the “Reader’s Digest.” I was furious for mainstream Hollywood to finally report on it about nine years later. What took them so long?

  2. Larry D. Crumbley permalink
    September 25, 2009 7:35 am

    When a person wakes up from there sleep and realizes that they were oh so wrong about what they have believed in for so long it does a body good. You can say “THERE I TOLD YOU SO”, or you can say hello my name is so, and so, and welcome to reality one-oh-one. It is very essential that we win the war on terror, and in doing all that we can as a nation to fight that war, it is very good, no very GREAT that we have a man like this that actually had turned his back on his nation during the Vietnam conflict and eventually started to look at things from a different perspective, and that made his life, his political views, and everything else about him change. What a country. God Bless David Horowitz. I do not know if he even reads any of these comments, but if he does I hope, and Pray that he is all-right with seeing someone say that about him. I hope that he gets all the decent things happen to him that he deserves to happen.

    Thank you,
    Larry D. Crumbley

  3. September 25, 2009 7:47 am

    One of the main reasons for the Viet Nam failure was the draft! You had poor/lower middle class men fighting, and the elite rich sitting on the Daddy’s fat-ass deferments, at home by ther pool!
    “Tennis, anyone?”
    Do I sound bitter? The bitterness went far, and deep, into our souls. We ended up killing for fun, and the atrocities are still with us, and for what? So some rich lady from Texas could make a pile of money from her construction company; so some fat-cat General could play war games with our lives and get another Star; so the Democrats could show the world what bad-asses they were?
    So now, we had a Republican from Texas, who pads corporate raiders’ money chests with billions, while attacking a nation that didn’t attack us, as he watches from his un-Oval office. On 9-12-2001, George W. Bush had the opportunity to go down in history as a great president. All he had to do was invite our friends and allies to join us in, what appeared to be an attack on all of us, the world! He started out right, he attacked Afghanistan. But then, he did something very odd! It turned me from a supporter, to an unbelievable critic! Instwead of concentrating on our enemy, the oil and money took hold of his soul (Something that may ruin capitalism), and sought corporate greed, by attacking no, invading Iraq! Everything went there, and our enemies couldn’t believe their good fortune. They had a new place to play “death”, and they could regroup and get back to the work of terrorism. The real disappointment came when we allowed ‘the 800′ to escape, on a Pakistani relief plane, and go back into the Pakistani hills (some say Osama may have been in that group).
    Bush didn’t want to get bin Laden; he didn’t care! Caprueing bin Laden may have ended the people’s lust for war!
    I’m rambling. I love the writing. There is a place in the world for peace. Let other people decide what they want, and get the hell outa’ there! We build a fence from Mexico, and the Canadian border is wide open. Make sense?
    Joseph Coleman

    • Swemson permalink
      September 25, 2009 11:28 am

      Only the poor fought that war ?

      WE ended up killing for fun ?

      As someone who dropped out of graduate school to join the Marine Corps in 1968, I find you and all who think like you to be almost as offensive as Hanoi Jane….

  4. jbtrevor permalink
    September 25, 2009 7:55 am

    On the following:

    “continue to go about their work of attacking and undermining the corporate order and the capitalist system when they haven’t a clue as to the future that might replace it,”

    My Mom used to say (?source) “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it”!

  5. carterthewriter permalink
    September 25, 2009 12:35 pm

    It is a shame, but some of those protesters still haunt us, today. It all stemmed because our government vasilated while many suffered. They refused to explain to us what was the reason for the war. Many soldiers didn’t know if they were suppose to carry a gun or a candy bar.

    Have our leaders learned anything?… No!

    Now, here we go again. Factions arising, splinttering one another unmercifully while our leaders continue to plunder us all in whatever method seems appropiate to them.

    I have never seen such cowardice demonstrated by our representatives since that time and it seems the only way they may be able to protect themselves this time is to resort to passing laws that make it illegal to ask them a simple question: “What the hell are you doing, sir? “

  6. September 25, 2009 12:43 pm

    We have hardly ever had pure capitilism, its always been a mixed bag -sometimes more . Right now the goverment is throttling it-and the large corp. are running scared-most of them and giving in. As someone who 65years ago would have nothing to do with communist, most of my immediate family was trying to get me brain washed, but evan though I was 11-12years old I rebeled. As someone who was working at that age I was damned if I would share it with those “according to their need”-exuse me-GO TO WORK-later reading Heinlin-and Ayn Rand-it all started to make sense. As to who is fighting the wars-hey they join up-just as my son did-and my grandaughters husband-

  7. Judy permalink
    September 25, 2009 2:43 pm

    Not long ago, I have the honor of meeting several Cuban-Americans that told the story of how Raul Castro and his soldiers rode from house to house, farm to factory, and unless you swore allegiance to Castro on the spot, you were eliminated. You were also asked to voluntarily relinquish your propery. Failure to comply with either was fatal.

  8. Joseph White permalink
    September 25, 2009 5:48 pm

    I’m going to reply to several things you have all pointed out. Here it goes:

    Joseph Coleman says: One of the main reasons for the Viet Nam failure was the draft! You had poor/lower middle class men fighting, and the elite rich sitting on the Daddy’s fat-ass deferments, at home by ther pool!

    I have studied the Vietnam war and the draft played very little in our retreating from the North Vietnamese or the Vietcong. While we drew a line in the sand and said, “You can’t go past this spot, even to chase down murderers,” gave the enemy a safe place to hide and restock, and resupply. When we added to those lines by saying we couldn’t fight in Cambodia or Laos, we gave them even more room to plan and hide.
    Seeing so many of their friends get killed, was enough to make even Mr. Coleman go insane, and he paid for it with his soul.

    I was as surprised as anyone else, when we sent troops into Iraq, when they hadn’t done anything to us at all. I wasn’t even concerned by the uranium that they supposedly had stockpiled, because they didn’t have any way to turn it into high grade nuclear material.

    I found it somewhat disturbing that we didn’t finish one war, before starting another. (Oh, by the way, GB wasn’t born in Texas, he was born way up north. He’s only a Texan by trade, and not a very good one at that.)

    Swemson, you’d have to add all politicians to the list of people that make you sick, because they never know which way to go without a poll, and don’t have spines to hold them erect, or intestinal fortitude to take responsibility for anything. That’s why we still let illegals across the border, because if they offended Calderon, they might lose the illegal immigrant vote. (Shakes head.)

    Carter, the reason why we are repeating our mistakes is that nobody reads history anymore, and as my favorite saying goes, “Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.”

    And Judy,
    Since the congressmen don’t stand up to Obama’s cult of personality, or have been sucked into it, or are afraid if they say something, they’ll be called racist, we might be looking at your scenario soon. If we don’t stand up and tell him that he’s not god, and he’s not president of the world, then it’ll be us losing our homes and jobs, and businesses to the government.

    Already this president has broken several treaties with countries that are still afraid of Russia, and he’s tried to strongarm the Israelis into giving up more of their lands, or even telling them that they can’t build on their lands. (he has somehow forgotten that they aren’t American Citizens, and he can’t tell them what to do.) This has been one sided, since i haven’t heard him castigate the palastinians for their attacks on civilians.

    He has put 31 people into positions of authority, which the congress has no control over, and the people he’s put in there are far left loons that want to destroy us.

    Personally, I don’t trust him any further than I can throw him, and the sight of him on TV everyday makes me want to hurl.

  9. J Williams permalink
    September 25, 2009 7:45 pm


    Your words are haunting:

    “I do not know why all those progressives (who are in fact reactionaries and who number in the millions) continue to go about their work of attacking and undermining the corporate order and the capitalist system when they haven’t a clue as to the future that might replace it, but they do.”

    I’m at a loss on how to confront the progressives IN THEIR BLINDNESS. I don’t believe it can be done externally. It will require some personal eye-opening event/crisis of conscience like you experienced. Something must bring us face-to-face with reality in order for consequence to be forefront in our lives.

    We may be closer to that horizon than we think.

    • Joseph White permalink
      September 25, 2009 8:20 pm

      There is an old saying about leading a horse to water. I think it’s the same thing here. The progressives are so dead set on having their way that they won’t listen to anyone else.
      If anyone were to tell them that they’d be the first one’s lined up and shot, they wouldn’t believe you. It would just be their surprise when they were.

      They will also be very surprised when the healthcare system they want, will not take care of them, because the money is already being wasted on illegal immigrants, and they’ll be just as surprised when the government panel tells them that they don’t matter.

      When there is Sharia law, and they are slaves to barbarians, they’ll be surprised, and when those barbarians blow them up and cut their heads off, they’ll still be surprised.

      IF they were truly smart, they’d already know these things, but they don’t, or don’t want to.

      It’s hard when your fantasies get shattered.

  10. September 29, 2009 1:00 pm

    Thank you Dr. Horowitz for your bravery in posting the fact that the reparations issue is unfounded. Unfortunately folks like Swemsom slip in the doorway to argue about religion. I ran into one like that on Sarah Palin’s facebook page. Basically inerupted the important discourse of your blog post. Other’s want to rehash the Veit Nam war. The one most stunning post besides mine is that fromer slaves at the end of the war were given 40 acres of farm land and a mule. I appreciate Dinese’s curteous disagreement. But Denese there were more 1000 times more reparations paid in the affirmative action program givening perhaps 100 thousand jobs to blacks and taking them from whites who which included decendents from white union soldiers who died freing the slaves. The affirmative action helped all blacks in the 70s and did not ask whether they were descendents of slaves. There were perhaps only 20 thousand slaves. But now there are more than 30 million blacks in the USA. So now that most slaves sold that 40 acres and now that the 70s blacks are working for the federal government it is proposed that all white people pay 30 million blacks more money. Recall that all states have paid welfare premiums to a large majority of blacks for perhaps 100 years. The white majority in all state houses have voted to give those welfare recipients money all these years.(this includes many millions of blacks). The black racist claims are that all whites pay more money beyond current subsistance on the claim that they suffer emotionally. I suspect that those racist blacks are suffering a greed syndrom and demonstrating a new form of insanity. If they continue with this fraudulent claim. Thier acquired insanity could cause a civil war. It was the great Robert Welsh, a formidal mathemetician showed that conservative America could defeat the combined Soviet Union, and China and simultaneously win a civil war. The democratic communist party and the subversive news media has brain washed the blacks and created the black racist society. A simple example of the wash out of it is in Denese who wrote that Horowitz’s post had “racial undertones”. There was nothing racial about his post. But Denese, you are a nice person who has been brainwashed into calling all whites racists and anyone who does not want socio/communistm.

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