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Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media Digs Deeper Into Hill’s Defense of Radical Fugitive

September 29, 2009


Taking our research here at NewsReal as his starting point, Cliff Kincaid at the AIM Report has investigated further into Marc Lamont Hill’s defense of Assata Shakur, the radical fugitive currently hiding from justice in communist Cuba.

Kincaid interviewed Hill:

Hill has been commenting on such topics as racial profiling, CIA torture photos, Mexican drug wars, and Iran. But he refused in a telephone interview to say how many thousands of dollars he is being paid and whether he informed FNC about his controversial views on the Shakur case before he was hired by the cable channel.

What’s more, an article on his web page, which appears under Hill’s by-line and photo, declares that Shakur, who is still on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, is “one of the great heroes in the Black Freedom Struggle” and proclaims, “Mother Assata: I am eternally grateful for your life and example. I give thanks to the ancestors for you. I pray for your continued protection and pledge to support you and our people until I die. In Beautiful Struggle, Marc.”

Is this another “personal opinion?”

Curiously, Hill told me that he didn’t write the article in question and that it was posted by someone else under his name. He said this kind of posting on his site hadn’t been an issue “until now.” How convenient.

He emphasized that he doesn’t support a cop-killer. “If I thought that she had done it, I would not support her,” he said. That goes without saying. Who in their right mind would support a convicted cop-killer?

Read the whole thing.

  1. WestWright permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:19 am

    ML Hill is a LIAR….but anyone that listens to his infantile mother mouth knows he has no affection for the truth. I am amazed that this creep is a Professor @ Columbia and that parens would actually pay that type of tuition to poison their children’s minds.

  2. ElanaSe permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:28 am

    In the comment section at Hill’s page someone wrote:
    “Excellent book, I read it twice and use it in some of my anthropology youth development work”.
    So this kind of anthropology MLH teaches! Good grief!
    I know an anthropologist who lived for several years with a Polynesian tribe for sake of science. Now that was a piece of a research! What will be left of this field in 20 more years?

  3. Jack H Hansen permalink
    September 30, 2009 12:57 pm

    Marc Lamont Hill IS a racist. IS and always has been. It is part of the reason I rarely watch the NO SPIN ZONE as O’Reilly has this despicable man on all the time. Whitey gave him everything in life and he HATES whitey and boy does he ever regularly say so. If Cliff Kincaid thought it was reasonable to interview Hill for one of his columns, then Kincaid is slipping, and I have given him more credit than that in past. It was a total waste of Cliff’s time as most watchers of O’Reilly could have told him.


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