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MSNBC: Opposing Obama’s Olympic Push “Rivals Jane Fonda Sitting on a Gun in North Vietnam”

October 3, 2009
See Big Ed decry the Republicans' "lack of patriotism."

See Big Ed decry conservatives's "lack of patriotism."

In the misty past of ten months ago, dissent was patriotic, mass protests were a sign of passionate civic engagement, and the greatest sin any politician could commit was questioning someone’s patriotism. But that was America, B.B.O. (Before Barack Obama). Now dissent is potential incitement, middle American protesters are Swastika-carrying yokels, and disagreeing with a president’s decision to put his hometown above the well-being of troops in Afghanistan demonstrates a “lack of patriotism.”

On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” Ed Schultz blamed Chicago’s first-round rejection, not on Rio or behind-the-scenes maneuvering, but on American conservatives who questioned whether Obama ought to spend more time finalizing his Afghanistan strategy — incredibly saying their actions were comparable to Jane Fonda’s in Vietnam.

He began by blaming the loss, not on Obama’s failed full court press, but on Republicans….

You can hang it right on the right-wing talkers, and yes, the Republican Party. Their negativity and lack of patriotism underscores just how damaged the country has become over the last eight years…Their negativity in the 11th hour just cost this country billions of dollars in economic development and hundreds of thousands of jobs – and I might add, union jobs that are greatly needed…This is not a failure of President Obama. This is a failure of Republican Party, the right-wing talkers in this country that openly, openly, campaigned against the Olympics by denigrating the president again.

This is not a failure of Obama? He made it the highest profile event of the week — dispatching Michelle and Oprah Winfrey as emissaries of Chicago, then personally pleading in a futile effort to land the games…in a way that may have benefited his political cronies. Yet again, the charm offensive fell short. Big Ed blamed those who tried to warn him, equating their domestic statements with Jane Fonda’s propaganda broadcast against U.S. troops in the field:

The same crowd that says they support the troops didn’t support the United States getting the Olympics. They only support the troops when it’s good for them. They only support America when it’s good for them. They only support America when it’s good for their political agenda. What the Republicans did I think rivals Jane Fonda sitting on a gun in North Vietnam.

So, Rush Limbaugh is no different than this:

This is part of the Left’s ongoing attempt to equate conservative deviation from the left-wing party line with…the left-wing party line. Until Kruschev’s secret speech, the Left looked to the Soviet Union as a beacon of socialism in practice. The New Left idolized Cuba, then sent its faithful on pilgrimages of North Vietnamese “rice roots democracy.” After the slaughter of more than a million Southeast Asians, Fonda and her ilk moved on, to pictures of Daniel Ortega wearing sunglasses and now draws hope from figures like Hugo Chavez. But as they change the beneficiaries of their useful idiocy, they blame the crimes of their last heroes on conservatives. Thus, today’s history-challenged (and irony-impaired) leftists sometimes call conservatives “Stalinists.” One group produced a picture of David Horowitz wearing a Maoist revolutionary uniform. Such is the lot of those who cannot face up to the consequences of shilling for totalitarians.

Opposing a sitting president wasting an entire week obsessing over the Olympics, while refusing to commit to a strategy to win a declining war in Afghanistan has got to be the flimsiest excuse yet for equating anti-Communists with traitors.

Leave it to MSNBC.

  1. October 3, 2009 2:44 am

    And Ed Schultz is who?

    • Colette permalink
      October 3, 2009 3:19 am

      Ed=A talking horse? I dun-know!

      Ms.Oprah =It’s not about the “O” …..

  2. Jack Hampton permalink
    October 3, 2009 4:53 am

    Does anyone other than fringe kooks listen to SGT. Schultz? This guy might have a thousand viewers if all his family watchs also looks like he might have helped Oprah eat all the Danish pastries. I believe he was actually rejected by Air America talk about humiliation. He must be getting advise from Roland Burris who yesterday blamed it on ,Yes George Bush I kid you not.

    Now I have a serious question does anyone on this site believe that it is possible to find any common ground with people like SGT. Schultz , Burris or even our own resident troll Lance Fhuster? in the future I believe we will see the country break apart with Lance and SGT Schultz ending up in probably the urban areas with a quality of living somewhat like Honduras. They will be unable to impose there will on the states that no longer wish to be part of there dung heap but maybe they will be happy driving there electric golf carts and eating bean sprouts or worse. We will have the military and the oiland the work ethic and the producers while they try to steal each others TV to get there one channel.

    • October 3, 2009 6:20 am

      It might be possible to find common ground with Schultz. I’ve never met him personally and neither have you. Sit down in a friendly fashion with a beer and one never knows what common ground one might find. And if one can’t find common ground right away then over a series of debates and discussions it’s possible for people to come around.

      Just because Schultz plays a hateful madman on TV it doesn’t mean that’s all he is.

      • Saoirse permalink
        October 3, 2009 8:09 am

        Be that as it may, David (and I see your point), these people are lauded like actors these days. We see how people like him shape and mold the opinions of the people watching them. It seems as if there aren’t a whole lot of folks around these days that can watch the media with an objective mind….searching all the angles of a news bit. They accept commentary and opinion at face value and do not look at everything.
        It reminds me of: keeps your friends close and keep your enemies closer. Or: know thy enemy.

      • Jack Hampton permalink
        October 3, 2009 11:11 am

        Mr. Swindle
        You think a large part of that is an act for TV?

        • October 3, 2009 11:27 am

          I have no idea Jack. If I was feeling charitable I might hope that it was. I’m not sure how charitable I’m feeling right now, though.

        • Swemson permalink
          October 3, 2009 11:56 am

          David… Puuleeeezzz…..

          This guy, like others we’ve discussed, has to be a committed far left loon to come up with the crap that comes out of his mouth…

          Why do you assume that you can change someone who’s that twisted… ?

          And would you ever care to try…. ?

          We should be engaging the audience that he deceives, and not waste our time on him….

          • October 3, 2009 12:06 pm

            Do we always have to go over this Swemson? You should already knwo what I’m going to say.

            There is nothing you can ever say to me that is going to get me to stop trying to teach others how to love America. So cut it out.

            • Swemson permalink
              October 3, 2009 2:52 pm

              My previous comments which bothered you were directed at the trolls on Newsreel..

              And I wasn’t suggesting that we should stifle people like Ed, just that it’s highly unlikely that anyone could make them change their stripes….

              The fact that David Horowitz did, is not proof that all others could, and besides, I think that David Horowitz is ample proof that not all liberals have equal intellectual gifts…

              • October 3, 2009 2:54 pm

                Oh don’t worry. I’m not going to waste too much time with those who truly are unreachable. I just don’t like to jump to conclusions about who is reachable and who isn’t.

      • Kevroc permalink
        October 5, 2009 2:37 am

        QUOTE: “Sit down in a friendly fashion with a beer and one never knows what common ground one might find.”

        Are you saying that Big Ed acted “stupidly”?

  3. jbtrevor permalink
    October 3, 2009 4:55 am

    “Ed Schultz blamed Chicago’s first-round rejection, not on Rio or behind-the-scenes maneuvering, but on American conservatives who questioned whether Obama ought to spend more time finalizing his Afghanistan strategy”

    Bravo conservatives…now on to healthcare, taxes, foreign policy, etc.

  4. Ron Conte permalink
    October 3, 2009 5:04 am

    Will MSNBC hurry up and either go out of business or get taken over
    by common sense humans who will put the current staff out of pain
    with pink(o) slips. Olberman and Mathews are no longer bearable.
    Another loser…Bill Maher will hire them and they can operate the
    rides at a amusement park. They are a pathetic threesome.

    • Saoirse permalink
      October 3, 2009 8:04 am

      Ron, I love the way you think. Unfortunately, they are the “mouth pieces” for the regime. No matter how obnoxious, ridiculous and loathsome they are, they continue to feed the masses the constant diet of lies, deception, hatred, divisiveness, etc etc etc!

      But think of this: if we were to push to silence them…are we any different from the left? Their attitude if they hear somebody they don’t like, isn’t to change the channel, its to SILENCE the person, get them fired from their job and while they are at it, lets close the station down too!!!

      Those that have the responsibility to report the news, no longer do their jobs! They are subjective, they act as “judge, jury and executioner”, they annihilate and destroy people at a whim. I don’t want a newscasters opinion based on his/her feelings, I want the NEWS!!! As Joe Friday used to say, “the facts Ma’am, just the facts”.

      • Jack Hampton permalink
        October 4, 2009 5:03 am

        I do not believe that the gentlemans coment inferred that he wanted to see them drug out and dumped in a gulag which is what they would do to some of the more sensible comentators that they disagree with. I also do not think it is wrong if the American people vote with there pocket books and time and do not watch people like Sergeant Schultz or Katie Curic and there feeble propaganda arm dies on the vine so to speak in the hope it is replaced by a more honest one.

  5. SALLY permalink
    October 3, 2009 6:07 am

    he is crazy.

  6. oldwolves permalink
    October 3, 2009 7:27 am

    Hmmm. Smell that? That’s fear. In the process of fueling paranoia among an entire generation of people who think we’re seconds from The end of the world ,”If we don’t act now”, the democrats and the loony left know that they are becoming more exposed and less needed. So they have to stoke the flames of anger and hate at others because we are looking far to closely at them. Exposing their insidious agendas to the light.
    Shultz is scared. And rightfully so.

    • Prudent Man, CFA permalink
      October 3, 2009 7:39 am

      Right on. The middle class is finally understanding the economic, social and national defense fraud perpetrated by the collectivists and their media for decades. They are manifesting fear, panic and hysteria which is falling on deaf ears.

      One of the best results of this, in my mind, would be Congressional Term Limits, where legislation is enacted but unread or understood. Another fraud uncovered – misfeasance and malfeasance of political officials.

      • October 4, 2009 9:55 am

        A few years ago, after voters approved Term Limits for the California State Legislature and other state officials, like the governor, they approved a similar ballot initiative to limit terms of California members of Congress. The law, as I recall, was ruled unconstitutional. Bottom line: I suspect we will never see Congressional Term Limits. Spending time on that is a waste of time.

        While I was involved in getting the 1990 California Term Limits Initiative passed, I’m ambivalent about a similar law for Congress. I won’t go into the rationale here. That said, I hope voters throw most members of Congress out of office when they vote in 2010 — and I’m talking about both Republicans and Democrats. It’s time to clean house.

        • Swemson permalink
          October 4, 2009 2:18 pm

          Tom wrote:

          “I suspect we will never see Congressional Term Limits. Spending time on that is a waste of time.”

          We could if we could convene a new Constitutional Convention and change a few of the rules to suit a few problems that we’re currently experiencing that no reasonable person would argue that the founding fathers could have foreseen…

          “That said, I hope voters throw most members of Congress out of office when they vote in 2010 — and I’m talking about both Republicans and Democrats. It’s time to clean house.”

          And if we do that and DON’T change a few of the rules, then we’re just going to be repeating this exercise again in a few years.

          Where do think the new candidates will come from and why do you assume they will be any different…. The people motivated to run for office are ALL seeking POWER OVER US !.. They will come out of the same political machines that gave us the current crop of looters, and many of the worst of the ones we get rid of, will still be drawing full pay and benefits, and they’ll still be in the back rooms plotting their next moves through their surrogates…

          It’s not just the liars and looters that’s the problem any more… It’s the way we’ve allowed them to subvert the basic principals that our country was founded on, and transform it into something that the founding fathers were trying to prevent… We HAVE to change a few of the rules…

          This last election, & the primaries leading up to it, really clarified things for me when I began to think about all of the things that people simply accepted as being the responsibility of the government to provide…I remember several occasions in which the subject of universal health care was being discussed and the reaction of the people involved when I asked the question: “What makes you think that free health care is a basic right or entitlement of some kind?”

          The answer was always something like: “Because it’s so important.” or: “People can die if they can’t get good health care.”

          To which I always replied: “But someone has to pay for it, nothing in life is free, and healthcare happens to be rather expensive.”

          And the reply is always the same: “Government has to pay for it.”

          Of course what they meant by that is that taxpayers like you and I have to pay for it, and not just for our own health care, but for the health care of everyone who can’t afford to pay for their own, as well as those who simply prefer to spend their own money on cigarettes and junk food.

          I usually exit the conversation shortly after asking the group the following question: “I thought you folks were a bunch of liberals, since when do you believe in slavery ?”

          This never fails to stop the conversation cold. The usual response is “Slavery ? What the hell are you talking about ?” To which I reply: “What else would you call a system in which a small group of people are forced to work for the unearned benefit of others ?” (Someone much smarter than I is responsible for that line.)

          To date I’ve never received an answer to that question worth repeating here.

          Last night I heard a discussion on TV about the public schools failing in its duty to our children by not providing school lunches with the proper nutritional content… Was I the only listener who wondered, where the hell did anyone get the idea that it was their responsibility to feed them in the first place? When I was in school, we all brought our lunch from home.. Is there even such a thing as a lunch box anymore ? Sure.. some ate better than others… that’s the way it is in the real world.

          Whatever happened to the idea that the parents were responsible for the health & welfare of their kids ?

          The more the govt does for the people, the less free and independent the people become.

          We MUST put a stop to the spread of this cancer which is tearing our republic down !

        • Jack Hampton permalink
          October 5, 2009 4:27 am

          actually term limits were passed by the US congress and that great Statesman Tom Foley his butt got the boot, sued and it was overturned by the US supreme court. But I do believe there can be one written that would pass constitutional muster.

          • October 5, 2009 8:01 am

            Jack, I’m talking about a Term Limits Initiative that was on the California Ballot. I was only minimally involved, probably just in helping to pay a few bills, as we had some campaign funds available at the time — so little was my involvement in fact that I don’t recall any of the details. But, it was after 1990 when our Term Limits Initiative for the California State Legislature was passed by the voters.

            I’m thinking about getting involved in pushing for a Part Time Legislature for California in 2010. The Legislature has no sense when it comes to spending money. If you and I spent our money like the legislators in Sacramento we’d be broke. And if I am to believe the media reports, that’s roughly the state of things in California.

            Glad you are following the subject of Term Limits in Congress. I wish more voters were paying attention.

            • Jack Hampton permalink
              October 5, 2009 11:27 am

              That is one of the few ways to create real change not the Commie socialist change that the Obamanites want.

  7. Prudent Man, CFA permalink
    October 3, 2009 7:33 am

    Obama, the epitome of Chicago’s Thug Politics and opportunism, brings the Olympics into National Politics and when his showboating ego implodes on him it is the Conservatives fault. Claiming the Conservatives (ask how many men and women in our military who are Left/Progressive/Liberals) are not patriotic is like saying Al Sharpton is a member of the KKK.

    The Left is having difficulty adjusting to the realities of today’s politics. The time when they controlled the agenda with the lap dogs in the media was destroyed by their overreaching and greed (Yes, they get most of Wall Street’s political contributions). Soros, Gates, Eric Schmidt and his dangerous 1984 Google cookies, Buffett and Hollywood thought they could prime an empty suit like Obama for titular power and everyone would genuflect to everything he proposed. It worked for a couple of months until the middle class broke out of their isolation and took a page of Saul Alinsky’s book. We can thank BHO and his handlers for that.

    The insanity of their One World Government, One World Currency power play failed to understand that Congress is not going to give up their political power let alone Russia and China. These financial “geniuses” have proven that they are impotent outside of their own yard. How can a billionaire understand the middle class’s love for Freedom and Liberty and especially the opportunity to better themselves and family available by Free Enterprise when they only talk to fellow statists and elites?

    Now that they have gone as far as they can go they are acting like the panic of those drowning. Insofar as they can only go down they find it impossible to believe that the middle class would crush they Socialistic facade. The drowning collectivists have already mortgaged they life jackets.

    • Jack Hampton permalink
      October 3, 2009 11:19 am

      Great comment. I believe you are right to a great degree.

  8. Saoirse permalink
    October 3, 2009 7:59 am

    Wow, we sat there last nite discussing this very topic (and I had not followed the news too closely on it) and I said, “well, it won’t surprise me when the LEFT comes out with accusations that it’s (either) a rightwing conspiracy or they will call the Right a bunch of Nazis’, unpatriotic, etc”. And lo and behold, they showed how predictable they really are. I had never expected them to throw their beloved Jane Fonda under the bus like this. Though I will accept the admission from them that what she did was a heinous act (or am I being to hopeful there?)!
    Unfortunately, it just goes to show how divided we are as a nation. And the LEFT is causing that division to turn into a chasm, consistently placing more and more “incendiary” devices in the cracks to create an ever expanding canyon.
    And thus it continues….

  9. Joseph White permalink
    October 3, 2009 8:33 am

    Instead of cursing the people, Chicago should thank the danes for giving the olympics to Rio. Chicago is so broke that they can’t afford the cost overruns that are usually a part of the olympics.

    I found it stupid that Obama sent his wife and Oprah to try to seal the deal, then followed himself, like a stupid little camera hound.

    I can’t remember when another American President went begging to have the olympics in his adopted town. It just goes to show that Obama is a fraud and should be impeached.

  10. FelixPrismus permalink
    October 3, 2009 10:19 am

    Whatever happened to conservatives being “overly-patriotic” zealots? And now apparently that’s been replaced with conservatism = communism, in an attempt to pin all of their historical crimes on a completely unrelated movement, because now the Left doesn’t want to champion socialism (or at least publicly) since they have rewritten the life of their hero the Bastion of Hope to make him look like some kind of post-racial, politically independent pro-American force to reckon with, all of which he is not (with some exceptions). Great post Ben Johnson.

  11. October 3, 2009 11:22 am

    If Glenn Beck and Rush were down in Rio dancing the night fantastic at a transgender Samba club, then Shultz’ comparison would almost make sense. Otherwise, the comparison is a breath-taking leap of epic boneheadedness.

  12. Judy permalink
    October 3, 2009 11:38 am

    Imagine that. Jane Fonda is now a FOO. Big Ed certainly did not touch on the fact that the Obama’s sabotaged the Olympic bid beginning nine months ago with their world tour blasting and blaming American for anything and everything. For the past nine months, BHO has has declared American a bad place that needs an immediate intervention to reverse and cure the evils and misdeeds of it’s past that only lord BHO can do. This is a perfect example of foot in mouth disease. Why would anyone award the Olympics to ChiTown (I believe that it is still in the U.S. or has it ascended to a higher place now that Obama is lord of all?).

    • Colette permalink
      October 3, 2009 4:24 pm

      I agree with you….and I agree with the other post’ers comment about Obama-appologizing for America, and blah-blah-blahing around the world. This is why I said that Ms.Oprah and the Obamas, for the first time in a long time, may have had their first taste of “It’s not about the “O”-”
      Or maybe it is?

      No one was impressed with Michelle’s whiney the south-side of Chicago was my “back-yard” growing up story.
      I can’t imagine that Michelle ‘s life-story equals that of the majority of folks who grew up in this area….I know from experience, this too was my back-yard, too!

      The Calumet region–the farthest southern reaches of Chicago was home of many unemployed factory workers….laid off in the 60’s when the major steel companies were closed down. The Catholics’ tried to help…to no avail….Alas, then BHO showed up…….

      ” Obama, in his memoir, put it like this when he said that he went to Chicago to “organize black folks.” Quess what? He was 10 years too late and didn’t stick around long enough to do anything of much good! He had a chance to help change the face of the south-side, but decided to go into politics instead. 40 years later, the south-side is a place that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…Now he thinks the money earned from hosting the Olympics is what Chicago needs?
      In my opinion is the prelude of what the U.S. is going to become if this man is allowed to stay in office-( as my son would say, “The South-Side on steroids!”)

      I for one, am happy Chi-Town won’t be hosting the Olympics….I’m not happy that “we” had to pay for this wasted trip with tax-payer’s dollars….

  13. Judy permalink
    October 3, 2009 5:00 pm

    Collette, how true. The Obama’s are genius con artists that can smell opportunity and how to manipulate and massage it to advance their communist/collectivist agenda. Early on they focused their efforts to join with like-minded radicals and forged a strong and large group committed to a singular communist state where there will be a small power circle and social justice will be the platform on which to base all decisions. Obama’s election was years in the making. Whether or not it would have actually been Obama or an equivalent was formed and nurtured through direction from the likes of Soros, and company.

  14. Colette permalink
    October 3, 2009 9:27 pm


  15. Joy permalink
    October 4, 2009 9:50 am

    Kudos to Collete & Judy for spot-on observations about the Obamanation – there were many forces at work to groom this Manchurian Candidate.

    I’m just old enough to recall the OLD IOC – i.e., the old farts who made up this very exclusive and dictatorial committee of elites. Avery (??) Bundidge or some name like that (with the aforementioned age comes memory lapse, sad but true…) was absolute “dictator” among this very WASPish group of MEN – NO women; and, as the old saying goes, “No Jews or Japs need apply!” As for African-Americans, well, fegheddaboutit! They weren’t even on the radar of those aforementioned WASP anti-Semite racists.

    The point is, even in this supposedly “enlightened” age and with more “people of color” (I HATE that PC expression!) rightfully taking their respective places in various rungs of the ruling hierarchy, the IOC still, gentically, clings to its racist/anti-semitic/exclusivity past – even the newer members represent some aspect of that old, out-dated ruling elite from all corners of the globe. I think different skin pigmentations have made it onto the IOC, but in a very carefully orchestrated & controlled manner. This is truly a case of a small group of totally UN-elected elites ruling a very powerful, world-wide IDEA – the arena of international spots competition. Now, of course, this power includes and is welcome to tons of monetary & other bribes/perks – however one wishes to characterize them. And by having Olympics competitions every Two years now (Summer & Winter), instead of the original four-year intervals, these corrupted and corruptible bastards are guaranteed mucho hashish….

    Back to Copenhagen, Chicago, the Obamas, Oprah and the IOC: If ever there were a clash of oil & water, this one was the perfect storm: “Uppity Blacks” trying to shill for a corrupted village of human types below the stuffy, patrician gaze of these self-important elites, was a recipe bound for disaster. Of course, money & power blinded the Obamas & Oprah from the fundamental truth of an international cabel of life-long racists. Everyone seems to have missed this point; they just assumed that the IOC joined the rest of the world in a more enlighted perspective with the dawn of the 21st century. NOT! Take off your rose-colored glasses and see what is Truth in the Real World. No amount of spin or self-congratulatory appraisals will defeat an ingrained system of elitism & racism – which is the REAL face of the IOC.

    The Obamas and their minions were totally blinded and fooled by the outward civility of the IOC (quite a few has-been titles are usually among the lot); from the get-go, they (the Obamas) were NOT part of the equation. Perhaps had a resurrected John McCormick or some other old-style (and dead) Chicago power elite dominated the application process, the outcome MIGHT have been different.

    • Jack Hampton permalink
      October 5, 2009 4:23 am

      For some reason that screed sounded like it came from Jean Garafalo. I would like to know how you determined that these people on the OIC are all racist and anti-Semite? Is it some new kind of meter that you posess if so where did you purchase this remarkable instrument. I am sure there decision had nothing to do with the Obama’s smug presentation and decrying what a sacrifice it was to appear and there self centered concentration on there personal fame and rock star status not to mention Hoprah ate up all the good Danish pastries. I despise the UN and many of these nutty organizations but I can see where they just might be weary of the Barack and Michelle road show.

  16. doberman2 permalink
    October 4, 2009 11:43 am

    So now we’re compaired to Stalinists?
    Kinda like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, eh?
    So far, this administration is neck and neck to the Clinton administration in the corruption arena, and it’s only been 9 months!!!

    QUESTION; How much room will be left under the bus at the end of Community Organizer Obama’s term in office?

  17. Marylou permalink
    October 4, 2009 3:23 pm

    Wow! so this guy (who I have only been able to watch for less than 2 minutes before I had to switch. He’s the one who yells in a gravely voice, right?), this Ed S… has had a brain bubble that switched from Blame Bush to blame the conservatives.

    OK. Simple. Just too simple. Incredible is right!!

    So sad. There’s probably a pretty good mind in there somewhere.


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