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Bookworm Comments on Conspiracies

October 6, 2009


The inimitable Bookworm was kind enough to comment on my ongoing series on Crackpot Conspiracism. She makes an important point:

Conspiracy thinking is an interesting thing.  We know that conspiracies really can and do exist.  We know that even paranoid people have enemies.  But how do we know whether any given theory points to a legitimate plan, goal or movement, or simply reflects our own fears and biases?  Two conspiracy theories have been in the news lately:  the 911 Truthers and the Obama Birthers.  Because both have assumed a great deal of importance within certain segments of the Left and the Right, the problem of distinguishing between real and crackpot theories is legitimate and important.  Over at David Horowitz’s Newsreal, a companion site to FrontPage Magazine, David Swindle takes a crack at separating wheat from chaff when it comes to conspiracy theories.

Be sure and keep up with Bookworm Room if you aren’t already.

  1. The Inquisitor permalink
    October 7, 2009 6:11 am

    Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t someone following me.

  2. Kenneth Hall permalink
    October 7, 2009 3:43 pm

    There is no way to know for sure with out checking out the evidence in many cases!
    Like the birth certificate because there is evidence supporting both sides it all must be brought out into the open for all to see! To assume either way is to deny the foundation of our justice system! Let all the evedence be presented then draw the most reasonable conclusion possible!

    Blowing off those who we feel at first glance are crack pots because it sounds far fetched IS WHAT GOT US IN THIS MESS ISN’T IT?

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