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Nobel Aspirations For Peace By Global Consensus

October 10, 2009

Obama on Nobel peace prize

In awarding the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, who is less than one year into his presidency, the Nobel Prize Committee seemed to be engaging, as The New York Times put it, “in a kind of prayer and encouragement for future endeavor and more consensual American leadership.”

While past actions are no indication of future results, as investment brochures are fond of saying, let’s take a look at where Obama’s actions so far and his future aspirations for peace are likely to lead:

  • Iran will develop a workable nuclear bomb and the means of delivering a nuclear payload to Israel and Europe.  Iran will also export its nuclear technology to Venezuela, creating the beachhead in the Western Hemisphere for our enemies — somthing President Kennedy almost went to war to avoid.  Obama may make a lot of noise but he will do nothing to stop Iran.
  • The United States agrees to a new global warming treaty that will burden the American economy far more than our competitors such as China and will cause millions of Americans to lose their jobs.
  • Israel is forced into making even more land-for-peace concessions without gaining real peace.  Instead, with Iran watching their backs, Hamas and/or Hezbollah will be emboldened to launch coordinated attacks against Israel on two fronts.  When Israel retaliates, the international community will blame Israel.
  • After betraying our allies in Eastern Europe by dropping the Bush Administration’s missile defense program, the Obama administration will gain no real traction in return for its efforts to modify Russia’s Putinesque foreign policy and will not get any meaningful cooperation in dealing with Iran.
  • Looking for a middle road, Obama will try to placate all sides in the Afghanistan troop debate and end up with a stronger Taliban presence in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • After siding with Chavez, Ortega and other Latin American left-wing rulers against the constitutionally authorized decisions of the Honduras Supreme Court and legislature to remove President Zelaya for trying to circumvent the Honduras one-term presidential limit, the Obama administration will continue to appease the leftist rulers’ subversion of democratic institutions.
  • The United States will agree to deep cuts in its nuclear arsenal while the rogue states of North Korea and Iran will continue to mock disarmament and non-proliferation.

This is what peace by world consensus will likely get us.  And for that, Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize, as did Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat before him.

  1. Geppetto permalink
    October 11, 2009 5:59 pm

    Will all this be the result of feckless, inexperienced, attempts at foreign and domestic policy by an egotistical novice or a concerted, purposeful effort by a college educated intellectual, a community organizer steeped in radical leftist ideology and determined to establish his vision of America as just one among many states in an international, global community; a new, Islamic world order governed by Sharia.

    With this “prestigious” award the international community, with great fanfare to come, has just crowned him their most highly prized useful idiot, the President of the most powerful, financially successful and technologically advanced nation on the planet and the most feared, hated and coveted; like night follows day.

    Our foreign “friends” can smell the blood oozing from our decaying carcass and see a rare opportunity to help the process along by merely ensuring that BHO remains on his present course; so reward him handsomely on the international stage for doing exactly what he’s been doing. We’ll lose the war in Afghanistan and I suspect Iraq will eventually revert to its Islamic roots. We’re well on our way to self destruction financially and our institutions of learning have long ago achieved second rate status and ignominious reputations as incubators of anti-American fanaticism.

    All of this got started while Obama was still in diapers and has been advancing like an asymptomatic cancer for decades but the Left senses “stage IV” and has seized a long awaited opportunity to finally take full control and “fundamentally transform America” into their vision, a “shining example” for the world in the inevitable march towards a global utopia, a world where all will suffer equally while Barry, Michelle and their fellow world organizers observe from their commodious, affluent, upwind accommodations. That’s as Barry sees it I’m sure.

    So what do we do besides vent on the internet, criticize each others command of the language and rail against the critics from the Left? I don’t know but any intelligent suggestions are welcome.

  2. Joseph White permalink
    October 11, 2009 6:43 pm

    If wishes were horses, we’d all have a herd of peace around here. If the world wants peace so bad, why don’t they all stand up and tell the childish muslims to grow up and act like adults?

    The real reason is, because they are afraid of the muslim and communist fools that seek power for themselves in the name of a death cult.


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