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Open Thread

October 14, 2009


Today’s open thread was suggested by David Horowitz:

Deadline Poet

By Calvin Trillin

This article appeared in the October 26, 2009 edition of The Nation.

October 7, 2009

A youthful error? Yes, perhaps.
But he’s been punished for this lapse–
For decades exiled from LA
He knows, as he wakes up each day,
He’ll miss the movers and the shakers.
He’ll never get to see the Lakers.
For just one old and small mischance,
He has to live in Paris, France.
He’s suffered slurs and other stuff.
Has he not suffered quite enough?
How can these people get so riled?
He only raped a single child.

Why make him into some Darth Vader
For sodomizing one eighth grader?
This man is brilliant, that’s for sure–
Authentically, a film auteur.
He gets awards that are his due.
He knows important people, too–
Important people just like us.
And we know how to make a fuss.
Celebrities would just be fools
To play by little people’s rules.
So Roman’s banner we unfurl.
He only raped one little girl.

  1. David Forsmark permalink
    October 14, 2009 3:21 pm

    That is simply brilliant!

  2. Cas Balicki permalink
    October 14, 2009 3:33 pm

    Yeah, but it wasnt rape rape.

  3. October 14, 2009 3:59 pm

    HMMM! Poems is it?


    Happiness guaranteed privacy implied indeed,
    Place your faith people of greed.
    Race to get the golden ring and necklace,
    Choking on the atmosphere of politikal korrektness.
    Talk of rights while denying the right to be wrong,
    Longing for truth to be realized by those who lie
    With the knowledge of hypocrisy in every thought and deed.
    Oh yea, you want to be free, but your freedom is a joke
    Told by every self serving whore in the beltway.
    Its like wanting ice cream in winter and salsa in the summer,
    Breathing fire and ice to quell the passions of the left and the right.
    If it was real you would not even know it anymore,
    You have been so blinded in your race to be free
    You cannot see the forest for the tree.
    Our constitution is but a remnant of memory in a historical past,
    The right is right and the left is right with no one left in the middle.
    Our lights go out when we sleep at night
    Visions of self aggrandizement dancing in our collective head.
    One right is right, one right is wrong,
    The extreme left is wrong, extreme right is wrong,
    The story of the people goes on and on
    Trudging throughout the mire of innocent one day, guilty by the next
    Police state politics with which we have been hexed.
    The presidential puppet masters gloat daily on their success,
    Their positions firmly rooted in the cesspool of greed, power, and death.
    Spilling blood for oil rich moniecrats destined to be the tool of the antichrist,
    The people live in fear of the next great outrage to be perpetrated
    By the paranoid para-military police force waiting in the wings
    To fly down on the guilty until proven innocent citizens
    Wasting away in external materialistic slavery
    Bound by the laws of nature usurped for the convenience of profit.
    Oh will there ever be a day of reckoning for past transgressions of liberty
    Wallowing in the mire of self serving trivial pursuits of pleasure.
    Run for cover you bastards of the beltway whores,
    The mask is being lifted and the perfume of respectability is wearing off
    The stinking fetid odor of decaying corruption and greed.
    You have anointed your bodies with the oil of blood
    Bought by the currency of lust for money and power.
    Take heed, for soon will come your final hour!

    © 1994 TOMMY BARRIOS

  4. October 14, 2009 4:04 pm

    This I wrote in my more motivational days;-)

  5. October 14, 2009 4:22 pm

    Ok lets try this again;-)


    Empower yourself with a positive mental attitude
Don’t think thoughts negative and crude.

    Life is so serious but yet a flash

    Take the time to enjoy it before you crash.

    Try to see problems with a positive mind
Before you find yourself lagging behind.

    For it is in the trying that we succeed

    In the quest for knowledge we desperately need.

    Smile all you can even when in pain,

    Self inflicted misery is living life in vain.

    Polish up your happiness and let it shine,

    It’s better to let others know everything is fine.

    Emulate those who are positive in the way they think,

    Don’t let your life be a whirlpool going down the drink.

    Positive thoughts lead to positive actions and a positive life

    Negative thoughts lead to negatives and living in strife.

    Learn to accept situations over which you have no control,

    Living any other way makes you prematurely old.

    Life is a precarious balance between good and bad,
Don’t let all the rotten things in life make you hurt and sad.

    Be satisfied with life once you’ve done your best,
Focus on your qualities and dump all the rest.

    You can only do what your capabilities allow,

    This we learn from the teachings of the Tao.

    Be a part of the solution to live a better life

    It’s better than being unstable on the edge of a knife.

    Be a part of the solution to make a better world

    So earth will be a better place, for every boy and girl.

    Take the time to reward yourself for the good you have done

    You owe yourself the pleasure of having some fun.

    It not the good times you missed that linger like a ghost,

    It’s happiness and joy that you remember most.

    Expect the best of people give them a chance,

    You would not like to be looked at askance!

    Give situations some tolerance and some thought,

    These are the things which our fore fathers sought.

    Appreciate the good things that happen on your way
A loving relationship, good health or a roll in the hay.

    Count your blessings not your troubles and your pain,

    Life is but a flash, you can’t live it again!

    © 1994 Tommy Barrios

    • October 14, 2009 4:50 pm

      Send me an email if you ever want to submit material for open threads or lunch breaks

      • October 14, 2009 5:36 pm

        Thanks David

        I really appreciate the offer. I started writing way back in the late 80’s and 90’s then kinda lost interest for awhile, but now I think I am going to get back into it again;-)

        I am presently trying to keep up with about ten different websites of my own (have about 75 domains) and ones I built for others, so I have to force myself to take the time;-)

  6. October 14, 2009 4:44 pm

    One parting shot;-)


    Time so quickly fleeting on it’s way to eternity
    The significance of no shortening in the journey,
    Natures questions asked of us along the way
    Problematic answers haunting us every day.
    Reason and logic need not apply
    The straining irony some ask, why?
    No time for integrity no time to cry,
    Inflated with greed we try and try.
    Totems of our longing for life’s reason,
    Unsuccessful correlation season after season
    Brought on by questing for immortality
    Souls freed by shocking reality.
    Propagation of life the main attraction
    Diverse desires the resulting reaction.
    Playthings of love toyed emotions,
    No concept of real devotion.
    When comes the herald of life,
    Razor sharp it’s biting knife
    No pleasure no pain only existence,
    Breaking down the walls of resistance.
    Wishes maid, in the blown out light,
    Guarantees of salvation lurking in the night.
    Processed senses keep the mind reeling,
    Yet the souls are empty, devoid of feeling.
    Yea verily the prophets lament
    The devils wages brought to our tent,
    Compassion a currency bought and sold,
    Mental slavery a stranglehold.
    Prayers and confessions a constant clamor,
    Glorification of self and devious glamor.
    Godly personification perched on the gallows,
    No vision of the future that surely follows.
    Strident covering of ones own ass,
    No care or conception of what may pass,
    For the results of selfish commanding need
    Following on the heels of egocentric greed.
    Wishing for beggars on which horses can ride
    We endure the lies of the relentless tide
    Pouring out seminal waves of subjection,
    Recoiling in horror we voice our rejection.
    Take into thine hand the lovers sword
    Place it in the whole of reward
    Rhythmic motion the pace of release,
    Glorious expulsion, contraction, the final peace.

    ©2001 Tommy Barrios

  7. October 14, 2009 5:03 pm

    The prose on Polanski, Agrees with me.
    The heavy sarcasm, would fill a chasm.
    Had he raped my daughter, whom I’ve loved from birth,
    Roman Polanski would have disappeared, from the earth!

  8. medipmalta permalink
    October 15, 2009 7:08 am

    Good one!


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