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Comment of the Day: Do Celebs and Pols Get Better Health Care?

October 18, 2009
JDamn's logo, showing her blog's primary focus of anti-Islamist commentary. With today's comment of the day she shows that she has worthwhile thoughts on other subjects as well.

JDamn's logo, showing her blog's primary focus of anti-Islamist commentary.

From blogger Jdamn, on David Forsmark’s most recent post.

(Given the length of this excellent comment I won’t be putting it in the quote box like I usually do.)

Hi Julie.  I have to disagree with some of what you wrote, although I agree with most of it.  I am not under the impression that celebrities and politicians receive better care than the rest of us.  Certainly, politicians get much better deals on their healthcare, but I don’t think that they have better access to it.  Celebrities seem to have better access to Elvis doctors who will prescribe them anything and everything than do the rest of us, but they also seem to be more likely have some flak who will seek them out.

I suffer from a little understood, painful, but non-serious condition which requires occasional surgery, particularly because I don’t respond to traditional medication as well as most.  I have been to three specialists for it.  I stopped going to the first after my first surgery because he seemed to have given up on me.  Granted, my condition lies outside of his area of specialty.  The second specialist was probably the best in his field, no exaggeration, but he retired.  It took a few weeks to get an appointment with the third specialist, but he’s an obgyn with many patients who have much greater time constraints than I have to deal with, what with pregnancies and all, plus, again, my condition is not serious, so waiting a few weeks is perfectly reasonable.  Still, I was floored when I went to see him for the first time on a Friday and he told me that he could operate the next Tuesday.  After the surgery he showed me all the pictures he took with the laparoscope so that I could understand exactly what he did and what was going on.

The surgery didn’t cure me, but that’s an ongoing issue, and it has gotten much, much better under his care, with the addition of medication, something I would not have thought possible a year ago.  I’m just a broke kid who had student health insurance at the time of the surgery, and while I had to pay for a lot of the services out of pocket, I have to pay for a lot of things out of pocket, most of them very much worth it.  A few thousand dollars was a very small price to pay for the amazing treatment I received.

I honestly believe that if I were the queen of the world I would not have received better treatment than I have over the course of the last year.  A few thousand dollars wouldn’t be worth as much to me, but the treatment I received absolutely would.  I’m just some broke schmo, but I’m an American, and therefore very lucky to have access to the kind of treatment I received.

My point is that I don’t think that those who are more important than myself have better access to healthcare.  That’s the beauty of the free market system.  I have enough faith in the medical profession to believe that they mostly see patients on an as-needed basis.  Obama so far off when he claimed that doctors operate to make a profit.  I would not have had to wait to see the doctor at all if that were the case, since laparoscopic surgery is more profitable than most of the stuff that obgyns do, but pregnant women face time constraints that I did not, so naturally, they went ahead of me.

Now, here’s where I agree with you 100%: if these leftist wannabe do-gooders had any idea as to the kind of damage they seek to cause through their ‘reforms,’ they would be ashamed to promote it.  It requires a ridiculous amount of denial and faith to think that moving health care to the public sector will improve anything for anyone.  The free market is very much an equal opportunity institution, which is why schmoes like me have access to the world’s best medical care, even if we’re living on student loans.  (That, and I live in Indianapolis, which has more doctors and medical facilities per capita than any other city in the world — that helps.)

Do you know what happens to women with my condition in Canada?  They live with it, which is something I can’t imagine even considering.  I have visited many online forums to discuss this condition, which is endo, and Canadians women invariably say that they wait several months for an ultrasound, something for which I had to wait a whole day, and only because I had to go to a different facility than the student health center, which was where I started.  You have to get an ultrasound to rule out a bunch of stuff, but endo won’t show up on one, so if nothings seems amiss on an ultrasound you usually get diagnosed with endo.  Doctors don’t tell women in Canada any of this.  They go several months not knowing what is wrong with them, then they have to wait several more months for surgery if they’re lucky, and if that doesn’t work (which it rarely does in the long term), they live with it.  I think they get painkillers cheaper, so they do have that going for them.  Basically, Canadian women with endo live the rest of their reproductive lives in pain and usually end up robbed of their fertility, until they get hysterectomies, which is a last resort in the States, and only used for very extreme cases.

And I get something that celebrities and politicians probably don’t.  The medicine I take, which has been an absolute godsend (in addition to my two last doctors), is free!  I get free clinic samples.  Because I’m just some American schmo.

Basically, I disagree with your point that celebrities and politicians have better access to healthcare because I honestly don’t see how schmoes like me could have it any better.  Sure, we could have it cheaper if there we passed tort reform or if we could purchase insurance across state lines (which sounds better in theory than I believe would work in practice, since different states have different laws and that would likely move us toward more federalism), but I don’t think it could be better.  I have it every bit as good as Olbermann’s father.

  1. betty boop permalink
    October 19, 2009 3:58 am

    Now this is the sort of clear and simple common sense it’s nice to read. How long before some zealot writes in with Bible quotes to steer the conversation toward some arcane religious point? Interesting perspective, Jdamn, and on point. If I weren’t already convinced of the wrongness of government run health care, I’d be now.

  2. "gunner" permalink
    October 19, 2009 8:46 am

    a very good post, a bit long but to the point. back a while i found out my “gas pains” were angina pectoris, like julie, (but male) i’m no celebrity, important politician or wealthy, but as soon as my condition was diagnosed at the local hospital e.r. i was in an ambulance to a regional medical center for a stent implanted the next day. this under the free market medical system obama so despises. i strongly suspect under “obamacare” i’d have been given a bottle of analgesics and been told “go home old man, you’re not worth wasting time or money on any more…”

  3. "gunner" permalink
    October 19, 2009 8:49 am

    ooops! sorry, got a name wrong i think, “jdamm” was the author of the post, sorry ’bout that.

  4. Asma Marwan permalink
    October 19, 2009 8:57 am

    I know jdamn and she is one of the best women warriors we have fighting for our country. Please pray for her health and welfare.

  5. October 19, 2009 9:53 am

    Thank you guys. My health is very good right now, which, like I said, I would not have thought possible a year ago.

  6. Joseph White permalink
    October 19, 2009 10:49 am

    My applauses Jdamn, but this article is excellently written, and very much informative.
    Policitians and Actors might have better insurance because they can afford to shop around for what they want. I know that the congress has a choice of over 240 policies, which is why Kennedy was diagnosed one day, operated on the next, and survived as he did.

    As a person who has worked in the medical field, I know that if every state had that 240 policy option, people could get the insurance that they needed.
    But so far, the DC crowd doesn’t like it when interstate markets are functioning.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. swemson permalink
    October 19, 2009 10:58 am

    Does anyone still doubt, that BHO is intentionally trying to tear this country down ?

  8. Judy permalink
    October 19, 2009 6:11 pm

    I have been a practicing RN for the past 36 years and can assure you that there is a wide spectrum of insurance coverage. However after years of having celebrity and politicians as patients I can assure you that unless they pay cash, the services that they receive are within their insurance policy parameters. However, the operative word that you are searching for is CLOUT and INFLUENCE. I have had many patients call the home care office and demand that I be their nurse for their chemo or other infusion therapies because of their belief in their priority. Fortunately, the large organization that I worked for, did not give in to demands. If I was available and the patient schedule did not have to be shuffled around, then I would go. But, as Julie can affirm, that she and I have an advantage that perhaps you do not have available. We are nurses that know the best doctors and make noise until we get what we want for ourselves or our family members.So, remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Always be kind in speaking with the office receptionist as she can perform miracles on your behalf. Also, if you want to see eyes bug out, take a note pad (small) and pen with you and jot down everything. Well, you get my message. Be kind, strightforward and insistent.It really does make people stand up and take notice. Good luck and good health to you.

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