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Lunch Break

October 24, 2009

squirrel cake

Today’s Lunch Break was submitted by Sara.

Lunch Break is NewsReal’s daily apolitical post. (We all need a break from this political stuff every now and then!) When commenting on Lunch Break posts do not start political debates. In fact from now on any political comments on Lunch Break posts will be deleted. You’ve got all of NewsReal’s other posts to get political, lets keep this one pure.

If you would like to submit a video (humorous/music/film trailer/intriguing/etc.), image, or poem for this feature then please email it to DavidSwindle {@} (Sunday Lunch Breaks are often of a spiritual nature.) Please include:

1. A link to where it’s from.

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Also please keep it no more than PG-13 rated.

  1. Catherine permalink
    October 25, 2009 6:42 am

    IS this squirrel a relative of the bride or the groom?

  2. October 25, 2009 11:10 am

    Great photo ! The squirrel is actually taking a LUNCH BREAK.. jd

  3. "gunner" permalink
    October 25, 2009 11:50 am

    “the squirrel who came to dinner”? “i thought he was one of yours”, “no!, i thought he was with your guests”.

  4. peachey permalink
    October 25, 2009 1:22 pm

    The squirrel didn’t drink, skipped the open bar and went right to dessert.

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