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NewsReal Vs. David Frum

November 1, 2009


One of NewsReal’s most exciting debates was with David Frum, former Bush administration speechwriter and National Review columnist. NewsReal engaged Frum on the topic of Glenn Beck and the role of high volume talk show hosts in the Conservative Movement.

Here are links to all of NewsReal and FrontPage’s stories on this subject:

9/11/09 at NewsReal, The Circular Firing Squad Hits Glenn Beck by David Horowitz

9/12/09 at NewsReal, Understanding, Accepting, and Finally Celebrating The Conservative Chessboard by David Swindle

9/14/09 at New Majority, Whose Side is Glenn Beck on? by David Frum

9/14/09 at NewsReal, Glenn Beck Is On Our Side by David Horowitz

9/15/09 at NewsReal, Is Glenn Beck a Disciple of Crackpot Ron Paul? by David Swindle

9/16/09 at NewsReal, Ron Paul’s Supporters HATE Glenn Beck by David Swindle

9/19/09 at New Majority, Glenn Beck and Ron Paul by David Frum

9/20/09 at NewsReal, David Frum Refuses To Acknowledge The Whole Story About Glenn Beck and Ron Paul by David Swindle

9/21/09 at FrontPage, Frum Vs. Horowitz Round 1: Is Glenn Beck Good for Conservatives?

9/21/09 at Pajamas Media, The Conservative Debate Over Glenn Beck by Ron Radosh

9/25/2009 at FrontPage, Frum Vs. Horowitz Round 2: Is Glenn Beck Good for Conservatives Continued

10/2/2009 at FrontPage, Frum Vs. Horowitz Round 3: Are Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter Good for Conservatives

10/3/2009 at NewsReal, Frum Vs. Horowitz Coda by David Horowitz

10/5/2009 at NewsReal, David Frum’s Got It Wrong Again by David Horowitz

10/18/2009 at NewsReal, David Frum Careens Off The Deep End by David Horowitz

  1. Walt permalink
    November 1, 2009 10:55 pm

    Mr. Frum is looking for a soft landing on the left, as did David Brock before him. I do not see any sincerity in him, but simple calculation.

  2. Zohan permalink
    November 17, 2009 1:22 pm

    Typical Talmudic Zionist drivel. None of this is relevant. It’s all theater.


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