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Open Thread

November 3, 2009

dunn cartoon

  1. jimdouthit permalink
    November 4, 2009 10:07 am

    Here’s something that has gone unnoticed and un-reported about Anita’s comments to the high school students: In her comments to the high school students, Anita not only praised Mao, but she also demonized our World War ll ally, Chiang Kai-Shek. She wanted the students to presume that Chiang was an enemy of China and the leader of an occupying army. Anita continues the tradition of Democrats stabbing our allies in the back. In World War ll and after, we betrayed Chiang, Gen. Mihailovich (the Serbian guerilla leader whom we virtually handed over to Tito to be executed), Gen. Vlasov (the Russian general who fought against Stalin at the end of the war. We herded him and thousands of his men into boxcars and shipped them back to Stalin to be murdered.), millions of Poles, Lithuanians, and other eastern Europeans whom we sold into communist slavery at Yalta, and on and on…
    Today Democrats continue to betray our allies, e.g., Columbia (abrogating trade agreements and siding with Hugo Chavez who is actively trying to overthrow Uribe), Honduras (again, siding with Chavez and Castro and So. American Marxists who are trying to re-instate the Marxist thug, Zelaya), Israel–too much to say here about how we’re betraying Israel…
    This Administration opposes FREEDOM wherever it rears its beautiful head.. jd

  2. "gunner" permalink
    November 4, 2009 10:22 am

    sssh, we’re not supposed to remember, or talk about that in the obamanation. everything is beautiful and we’re all very very happy, with dear leader showing us the way to a lovely future of butterflies and rainbows everywhere. everybody knows all that evil stuff was done by a bunch of old dead white guys and it never really happened anyway.

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