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The Three Stooges, Healthy Wealthy and Dumb: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann Part 13

November 5, 2009

Tuesday night, as the Obama agenda melted down in election after election, the three stooges of Countdown, Keith “Moe” Olbermann and constant cohorts Howard “Curley” Fineman and Larry O’Donnell blithely asserted “n-n-n-n-nothing to see here, folks.”

In a night when Independents went Republican in 2 to 1 margins, Moe Olbermann led his merry band of pranksters in supposing that it might have been because the Democrats in question weren’t close enough to the liberal Democrat President.


MOE OLBERMANN:  In Virginia, with the Republican leading pretty much that entire race, the Democrat in this case ran to the middle, if not necessarily to the right.  If you are among those who believe that the blue dogs or Senator Snowe should be heeded on health care, shouldn‘t the loss by Creigh Deeds tonight, the expected loss, the projected loss, frighten you that maybe, you know, running to the middle as a Democrat might not really be a very good idea at all, let alone the safest path?

CURLEY FINEMAN:  Yes.  I think that‘s a fair interpretation, Keith.  

Yes, Moe, I’ve given up all pretense of being a newsman, when I started coming on your show 3 times a week and I’d like to keep this gig, since the only thing that has more trouble attracting ad revenue than MSNBC is Newsweek.

Then Larry got into the act:

MOE OLBERMANN:  Let‘s start here.  The conservative challenges to GOP candidates are expected now in a dozen more key House and Senate races in 2010.  “Politico” reported that.

Wow!  What a scoop!  You’re  a genius, Moe!

MOE OLBERMANN:… So, no matter what the outcome is of this vote in the 23rd, is it official now—moderates under siege in the GOP?

LARRY O‘DONNELL:  It was official as of August when you saw Chuck Grassley literally under siege at his town hall meeting.  I, for one, knowing Grassley, having worked in the finance committee, believe that for most of the year, Grassley was really trying to work himself toward legislating something.  When he got out there in Iowa, those people intimidated him and he backed off.  So, that was—that was step one.  It worked in terms of affecting actual governance, which is much more important than affecting, you know, who comes out of these elections nights one way or another.  So, it had already started.  Now, it‘s really under way.

People had the nerve to voice their opinions and demonstrate.  Why that’s un-democratic, isn’t it?  It’s not like they were doing something important like demanding their country abandon an ally and lose a war to vicious barbarians!

MOE OLBERMANN:  Now, Florida, I suppose, is the next litmus test.  The senatorial race which looked like it was Charlie Crist, the former governor, in kind of walk away from this conservative Mark Rubio.  Crist is being cast as the next Scozzafava.  I mean, is it—is that conceivable?  Is it going to get ugly?  Are they trying to force him out?

LARRY O‘DONNELL:  It did not seem conceivable prior to this week.  It now does seem conceivable.  And, you know, this is a popular governor—former governor.  This is someone who Democrats have every right to fear if he ends up as the nominee.  You know, I don‘t know the play book is for beating Charlie Crist in that state.  But they are absolutely going to try to keep him off the belt there, absolutely going to try to go with the right-winger.

Omigosh!  American citizens are going to argue issues in a Primary?  Couldn’t they just get a few people together and pick a candidate like they did in New York?  We like how THAT turned out…

MOE OLBERMANN:  All right.  Did you know that there‘s also another special election for Congress tonight in California 10th?

LARRY O‘DONNELL:  Well, I live in California.  So, yes, I heard about this.

MOE OLBERMANN:  You heard about this.


Abbot and Costello, this isn’t.  Is I Don’t Know still on 2nd base?

MOE OLBERMANN:  And we needed to mention this more often.  A few facts about this: the Democratic congresswoman there was the centrist who resigned to go work in the Obama State Department.  The Democratic candidate is John Garamendi, very well-known in southern California circle certainly.  He‘s not a centrist, to say the least.  He supports the public option, also single payer.  He‘s Medicare for all from the start and he supports an exit strategy in Afghanistan right now.

In the last polling, he was up by 10.

Two questions: if he wins by anywhere near 10, is that not a national story?  And why hasn‘t this race already been a national story if New York 23 has been one?

Gee, Moe, that’s a swell idea!   I can see the headline now: “Democrat Takes Democrat Seat in California!”  Not exactly man bites dog.  The national media would make a big deal out of a Democrat winning a seat by 10 points where Barack Obama beat John McCain by 33%– IF they wanted to sacrifice all pretence of credibility.

In other words, if they wanted to be just like Keith, Howard and Lawrence, Obama’s Stooges.

  1. Michael van der Galien permalink
    November 5, 2009 6:55 am

    Olbermann is indicative, as far as I’m concerned, for the MSM at large. The only difference between him and the average ‘reporter’ at MSNBC is that he’s more outspoken about this rabidly leftist views. The others word it a bit more carefully, but their agenda is the same.

  2. John Davidson permalink
    November 5, 2009 7:07 am

    No longer a news organization, nor very funny as their comedy routines need new material.
    Their desparation in presenting themselves shows too much determination to be funny that falls off the mark substantially, but they must follow orders from above while making fools of themselves.

  3. Troutman permalink
    November 5, 2009 8:11 am

    John Davidson…I think you may have missed the point. These three clowns are NOT trying to be funny. They truly believe themselves to be the “smartest guys in the room”. They are witty, don’t you see? I truly believe that Olberturd is having some sort of mental breakdown at this point. He literally is a raving lunatic whose MO is ad hominem attacks on anyone that would dare to disagree with his messiah. He cannot and will not debate the facts over policy differences…he does, however, attack the people that disagree with him (Palin, Beck, etc.). He is a pathetic excuse for a journalist. He is not trying to be funny, he just comes across that way because he is so unbalanced at this point.

  4. politicalmoxie permalink
    November 5, 2009 8:50 am

    Never was the contemptible disrespect MSNBC has for the rights of Americans more evident than it was Tuesday evening.
    Oh, that’s right, they don’t do news, they have a perspective. Sorry I was outraged at their attitude towards our election process.

  5. November 5, 2009 11:30 am

    I’m frankly a little dismayed to see such venerable comics getting compared to the Catskill dinner club rejects at MSNBC. Cheech and Chong maybe, but not the Stooges.


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