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Dr. Freud’s Worst Dressed List: Contessa Brewer, Your Slip is Showing

November 11, 2009

On Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan and Contessa Brewer yesterday– the day after about 40 ultra-liberal Democrats announced they would scuttle Pelosi’s health care bill if taxpayers were not going to be on the hook for abortions– the storyline was still that it’s Republicans who are fatally divided.  That conservatives are splintering the GOP and making it impossible for them to win.

That story is SO last Spring’s fashion, darling.

This blissfully skirts the fact that just a week ago, Democrat candidates nation-wide garnered about 20% less of the vote than Barack Obama received just a year ago (even in places that they won);  and that Gallup shows 40% of the country calling itself “conservative,” but only 20% comfortable with the term “liberal.”

Of course, this is MSNBC.  It’s pretty funny that anyone at MSNBC would point to Fox News as biased, though I supposed next to MSNBC’s “news” coverage, anything down the middle is FAR to the right.

Sure, Fox has its opinion shows, but MSNBC is 24/7 with partisan editorializing.  Take Contessa Brewer.  She’s supposed to be more or less a straight up news anchor, but she makes the most hilarious slips at times…

BREWER: You remember this when images were used like it when the GOP stormed the Capitol, protesting the Democrat’s health care bill. Representative Michelle Bachmann inside of that blitz. But none of the party’s leaders seem to share her sentiment about the signs. Well, despite the outrage, the Democrat-led house bill still passed. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a Republican outburst play out this way. Remember the Club for Growth and endorsement of Doug Hoffman?


BREWER: Yeah. Didn’t really work out there. Sorry, Doug. The club has already, though, moved on this time anointing Former Florida State House representative- or Speaker, rather Marco Rubio. The great white hope. The club is endorsing Rubio as the alternative to-

DYLAN RATIGAN [Off screen]: Is that the great white hope or the great right hope?

BREWER: Right. Did I say white?

RATIGAN: I- I- I- Maybe I misheard.

BREWER: The great right hope. Right. As in conservative.

But this isn’t even Contessa’s funniest slip.  Who could forget the classic — “You all look alike to Contessa?”

Once is a slip of the tongue.  Is twice a pattern?  One might just write this off and have serious fun watching Jesse Jackson’s expression as she calls him “Reverend Al Sharpton,” if it weren’t for the fury her colleagues express when a Republican uses a similar expression:

This is hardly Contessa’s worst wardrobe malfunction.  Sometimes she just lets it all go and bares her bias for all to see:

So, Contessa, I don’t know if any of your recent slips got you a good dressing down, but don’t be discouraged.  I find your wacky ensembles incredibly entertaining.

  1. michiganruth permalink
    November 11, 2009 6:59 pm

    usually you’re spot on, but not with “great white hope.” it is a well-known a cliche–one that is grounded in racism, perhaps, or race anyway…but still a bona fide expression. it’s used in a range of contextsm many of which have nothing to do with color. so I don’t think this was a blooper, although godknows I’d love it to be. her interview with “Sharpton” was classic.

    oh, Contessa! is there another like you in all TV-land? when I saw you call a black man with a gun “racist” during your tea party “coverage” I knew you were something special.

    • David Forsmark permalink
      November 11, 2009 7:28 pm

      Oh, I’m not saying it’s racist, to use the expression, I just liked that it’s always racist when someone ELSE says it. It’s that she’s always saying Republicans are all white.

      The guy with the gun was classic, I blogged about it here.

      What MSNBC did was hide the race of the guy with the gun, then talked about racists.

      Here’s the clip, I probably should have included it, but it requires explanation…

      besides, any old excuse to play the Contessa/Jesse-Al clip, you know?

  2. John Davidson permalink
    November 11, 2009 8:36 pm

    Working with the knowledge that your parent company wants to unload your network to Comcast will only highten the frenzy in those that work at the biggest loser within NBC. So bare with these folks because they are about to become extinct. Not to worry, it is the Christmas season and there are plenty of sales jobs at toy stores.

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