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From the Pen of David Horowitz: November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009


Liberalism has a long and honorable pedigree, but since the 1960s it has just not been able to say no to the Left. Today liberalism often finds itself stuck in the political equivalent of a fugal state, supporting anti-American and anti-democratic ideas such as racial- and gender-preferences and the feminist assault on the family with which it is—or should in theory be—wholly at odds.

Unlike traditional liberals, even those who have some-times embraced its excesses, the Left is permanently at war with America—day in and day out, year in and year out, on every front and every issue, no matter how moderately it dis-guises its aims, nor how modestly it announces its objectives. The Left’s agenda is to consolidate its parasitic hold on the liberal host and then to create a world in which conservatives and conservative values have no place. What it envisions is the political equivalent of an ethnic cleansing.

And so the Right fundamentally misunderstands the situation it faces when it accepts the Left’s public self-image as a fragmented, disorganized and ad-hoc remnant. In its pri-vate mirror, the Left views itself as an army—one that may temporarily have its back to the wall, but is still the proud bearer of a code that forbids surrender.

It’s a War, Stupid! with Peter Collier

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  1. Smithwinston permalink
    November 12, 2009 2:18 am

    The above excerpt captures the attitude of the left, as far as my experiences have shown. They are relentless and mean spirited, with total control as their objective.

    But this quote by “The Great Stainmaker”, to borrow from Bob Grant, shows Bill Clinton’s absolute primal scream, at the current victory of the left, and reveals their true intolerance in accomidating conservative America into their grand scheme.

    Bill Clinton: “The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning.”

    “Teabaggers”? Excuse me, but is this how a former president of the United States should speak? Declaring success in transforming America along leftist lines, in defiance of the majority will, and tradition, something to crow about?

    Let’s be quite “blunt” here. I find it hard to believe Mr. Clinton is unaware that the term “teabagging” referrs to the act of inserting one’s testicles into anothers mouth. Since his partiality to Cuban cigars is not unknown, it is clear he should be quite famaliar with other equally perverted practices, though Hillary might object to anything that might shut her up.

    • November 12, 2009 12:28 pm


      Conservatives – misspelled w/ a typo…. and I might add that I think Conservatives have some good ideas too: fiscally conservative conservatives – good – but WHERE are we putting our money? Conserving the Earth – a great conservative idea! Pro-life – I’m for (except for life of Mom, life of fetus being totally compromised, rape, incest….); however, I believe it should not be “legislated” – a private moral matter coupled with tons of prevention and financial and adoption and other options for the pregnant Moms.

      Also, a typo: I said that Nissan’s fully-electric LEAF is “not” being unveiled — typo — it was supposed to read, “is NOW” being unveiled!
      Green excitement in the air!

      And clarification:
      “Brother’s Keeper” doesn’t mean we “feed”, but rather we teach/give opportunity to all , no matter how “weak” or “strong”, to feed themselves. And we share….


      • November 12, 2009 3:03 pm

        I did not choose this icon to be by my name – some creature sticking its tongue out…

        Also, my Twitter site was removed….

        But most importantly, I wrote a longer blog entry prior to this one – but because, in Horowitz’s mind it “leans left” albeit it is neutral – with FACTS presented – it was apparently not allowed on this site. Hence, we do not have America’s “Freedom of Speech” here – and are allowed to think only in terms of what “fits” with Horowitz’s die-hard instead of open-minded “conservative agenda”.

        This shows that Horowitz is threatened by some truths that don’t fit his black and white agenda – and refuses to look at the nuanced truths which could alter his “conclusions”.

        This is not true dialogue…. true democracy…..
        and I can bet you that this blog entry will ALSO not be allowed on Horowitz’s site.

        Now who is that writer that is disgusted with homosexuality?
        Homosexulas are people too – it’s not up to us to judge their yes-different/habits.
        I wonder if that writer has a strange habit or two….?!


        This is not true dialogue and clarity.

        • November 12, 2009 3:12 pm

          I stand corrected – I found my longer blog entry posted..
          “long winded” said a reply – along with a sarcasm (which gets no one anywhere)
          and that I was “ignorant” –
          well, I ask for the facts of how I am “ignorant” in that entry –
          thank you….


          • November 12, 2009 3:41 pm

            Perhaps ignorant was the wrong word. Ignorance denotes an inability
            to learn and you just seem unwilling.
            You need Kool-Aid rehab. It always amazes me that liberals only
            accepts a person’s mind as being open if they are agreeing with them.
            How many of your accusations have you actually researched?
            How has America been “illegal” in wars? Why haven’t formal charges been
            filed by the America hating left? How can you state thate Muslims hate
            America because we have killed Muslims when Muslims are killing Muslims
            as well? As for being my brother’s keeper: it is a conservative value to aid
            our families. (brothers,sisters, Mothers and Fathers) where we seem to
            disagree is that I am not compelled to diminish my quality of life or
            relinquish my income to support yours. Your post is way too long
            and far too erroneous for me to address all of your sound bites.
            It will not benefit either of us to prolong this.
            You have a wonderful day sunshine

  2. therealend permalink
    November 12, 2009 4:22 am

    In the 19th century, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli(conservative)once said of Prime Minister Glastone(lib): “it’s not that he denies that there are cards up his sleeve as it is his insistence that God is the one who put them there”. No matter what they do wrong, they can always find a way to justify it or blame it on someone else. As for getting them to shut up about anything, good luck. Carter is still around and still being Carter-esque, and Clinton must be a good 20 years younger.

  3. Tom permalink
    November 12, 2009 4:39 am

    Liberalism is cover for the homosexual media’s conspiracy to “normalize” the abnormal. BTW, lest I be accused of homophobia, being disgusted by homosexuality is not a phobia. Disgust is not fear. As a parent, I naturally have protective instincts towards my children and do not like it that predatory queers seem to have gained legitimacy in many Liberals’ minds. But, of course, since most radical Liberals neither marry nor have children, preferring abortion, they wouldn’t know about placing a child’s best interests ahead of their own indulgence.

    • themadjewess permalink
      November 12, 2009 8:08 am

      Tom; Agree, and it is written in the 1963 Manifesto:

      “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

      Tom, you are suffering from NORMALphobia.

      As far as the ‘left’, they are as Bolsheviks now, advocating immediate and forceful seizure of power by the proletariat.

      I blame MY people the most, and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. What is killing me, is that they call Communist Jews; “ZIONISTS” – they are bringing the worst anti-semitism this world has ever seen. This greives me no end. Bolsheviks- leftists are NOT Zionists. Bolshevik/Communists want to destroy Israel as well, IMO.

      *Real* Zionists are religious/right wing Jewish people that are sweet, and now they are going through hell, and this is just killing me inside.

  4. John Davidson permalink
    November 12, 2009 7:38 am

    A liberal has no understanding of simple economics and relegates their power amonst committees to offset the fact they do not want to sink alone.

  5. themadjewess permalink
    November 12, 2009 8:15 am

    Good write-up Mr. Horowitz. G-d Bless.

  6. November 12, 2009 9:19 am

    First, let me say that I am in complete agreement with your assertion that the far liberal left is attempting to eliminate or at least silence conservative values. However, focusing on and attempting to correct these individual issues one at a time is counter productive. When you are free falling from a cliff, concentrating on removing that irritating splinter from your finger won’t do much to solve the big picture problem.
    As free Americans we must reach out and grab hold of the root of our liberty tree that has always been there for us to cling to. Focus on various “what if” scenarios is expanding the gray area between right or wrong. On issues of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness there can be no gray area if we are to survive as free men. We must reduce each issue to it’s core value and make our stand for or against it. Is abortion an individual right of the woman to choose whether or not a life happens? I don’t think so but if others do, why then wouldn’t it also be that woman’s individual right to decide whether or not to wear a seat belt when driving? Liberals must, to advance their parasitic cause, must blend all “black and white” issues rendered gray by misdirection. Each freedom granted by our creator and penned by our founders is clear and relevant to their time and ours. The founding fathers didn’t distinguish types of speech that would be allowed or the type of arms that were our right to possess so why then are we now allowing the leberal left to restrict these rights? I think it is because we have been drawn from our posts at the top of the freedom cliff and are grasping desperately at the splinter in our finger.

    • C B Harder permalink
      November 12, 2009 10:30 am

      This is brilliant thinking(in my mind)!

  7. November 12, 2009 11:08 am

    “The Left’s agenda is to consolidate its parasitic hold on the liberal host and then to create a world in which conservatives and conservative values have no place.”
    As dreamer’s, the radical left and the liberal left see the world, not as it is, but how they would like it to be. Conservatives, as realists, see the world (humans) as innately imperfect but adapt and manage within a framework of laws and focus on family and career. The radical and liberal left share a common hatred of the right which, by its very existence, is a common-sense rebuke of leftist fantasy. As James Burnham put it “The preferred enemy is always to the right” (Suicide of the West”).

    The aggressive, agenda-driven left runs on fantasy, imagination, emotion and a know-it-all-arrogance. The passive right runs on rationality and a pragmatism engendered by the hard-won facts of evolved experience.

    Two different animals. Very little common ground.

  8. Teleologicus permalink
    November 12, 2009 12:05 pm

    The astonishing dogmatism and malicious intolerance of liberalism/Leftism might be regarded as a sort of virulent allergy to reality. When confronted with reality that contradicts his fantasy ideology the liberal/Leftist breaks out in narcissistic rage that instantly seeks to shoot the messenger. Since it is a feature of reality that people disagree, have always disagreed, and will continue to disagree about political affairs and many other important things, the liberal/Leftist/narcissist exists in a state of perpetual warfare with everything that is not himself. Other people with their annoying and absurd beliefs represent painful and violent assaults upon the political fantasist’s reality. Fanatics experience simple disagreement as unjust and irrational aggression and respond accordingly, as though it were a matter of self-defense from violent assault. That modern liberalism/Leftism is a species of fanaticism can no longer be doubted by anyone willing to consider the lengths to which such fanatics are prepared to go to deny, distort, suppress or reconstruct reality to fit their ideology. The bizarre attempts by such cultic ideologues to explain away the painfully obvious nature of the Fort Hood massacre is but the latest example of the power of fanatical belief systems to warp thought and judgment. These responses ought to tell us, if we have not long since concluded, that appeals to reason, common ground, shared values or anything else at a surface level are simply not going to halt or even slow down the relentless jihad of liberal/Leftists against anything and everything that is not themselves. To get in their way is but to incur their malice and to invite their destructive fury. Like Islamic jihadis they are embarked upon a holy war against the infidel and will not be deterred by mere talk.

  9. November 12, 2009 12:10 pm

    Calling oneself a “Liberal” or a “Coonservative” is hardly accurate when it comes to solving problems intelligently and according to the problem at hand. Sure, each “group” has a “philosophy” and certain “values”, but some of those philosophies and values don’t fit with certain problem-solving. Thinking outside the box is needed…

    As for David Horowitz’s preoccupation with “Jihad” and fanatic Islam – I concur that “they” want to “take over the world” – as much as fanatic Christians have wanted to – and tried to violently during the Crusades.

    Yes, there’s a problem now. Shoud we inter every Muslim in America? Every MiddleEasterner? Like we did the Japanese in WWII – isolating them, treating them well, but isolating them as potential or indeed criminals?

    FrontPage’s photos of riots in the Netherlands – are they identified as a reaction to how the Muslim World is treated by American Foreign Policy? Or, yes, by a cartoonist who made fun of the religion in addition to Imperial America siding with Israel for decades with big money and big big guns – against a defenseless and poor people who decided “terrorism” was their weapon of choie (how is that weapon any worse than military massacres, praytell? American and Israeli military escapades have massacred MANY more civilians than terrorism! Let’s face it, they are both terror: war and terrorism)

    Has it occurred to FrontPage that America has been involved in wars since WWII and before?! constantly involved in wars, making profits for whoknows/ and defending our “interests” called oil, influence, and control of the World. Hey, is this right?

    Has it occurred to FrontPage/Horowitz – that America is NOT the “best nation on Earth” – that all nations have their good points and bad points….and America has a real problem with coming to terms with Quallity of Life for All – and Capitalism/Money running wild? Is MONEY the goal…money/plunder/”interests” — or is Quality of Life the goal–meaning a Brothers’ Keeper mentality instead of a Survival of the Fittest mentality.

    Now Horowitz might get extreme again and say this sounds “communistic” or “socialism” – howdangerous. It isn’t either. It’s only what was written: do you want to live your life JUST thinking money/influence; or Quality of Life for All? — work that is enjoyable and blesses all — and the money will follow.

    MOTIVES to bless or motives to plunder?

    America is no peace-loving nation….and it has gone after “interests” in the name of “democracy”. A democracy that may not even be wanted in these other countries, or that the people are not ready for. Who is America to FOIST democracy on others. Howabout being a better example and inspire other countries to create their own democracy in their own ways, even by revolution within, if needed.

    America has been internationally ILLEGAL in its wars – one example: IRAQ – and book by respected prosecutor Vincent Buglisosi.

    As for the “Islamic” problem. Fanaticism is a problem anywhere and everywhere. Violence is a problem anywhere and everywhere. I agree with Horowitz….but, I ask the question:


    the answer lies above….and more.

    Too bad about a corrupt Congress taking BigMoney bribes from BigPharma, BigOil, Big this and that; too bad about a corrupt Gov’t (dems AND repubs) that plays this game. I believe, like Michael Moore (I’m just quoting him…no need to “hate him”, how stupid to hate….) – that Obama is “faking right in order to move left”….the “left” in this case being

    Quality of Life – and helping to solve a lot of America’s problems….

    including Healthcare: which Europe has solved, not perfect, but solved a LOT better than America has solved this problem.

    Why are you more afraid of a Gov’t running Healthcare, Mr. Horowitz, than Insurance Companies who won’t let you be covered if you had a “sinus infection as a child” (I’ve met such people not covered for this!) – and who let people die if they can’t pay this or that or have a “pre-existing condition”.

    Come on, let’s get real — and let’s get to being our Brother’s Keeper – as well as the Keeper of Ourselves: that means SHARING. By sharing, eventually, all will benefit not only medically, mentally/emotionally, but also FISCALLY! That’s what the “right” doesn’t understand.

    I am neither “liberal” nor “conservative” — I’m one or the other depending on the issue… and maybe neither sometimes. But, the word LIBERAL is a good word that means “open”…. “seeing the whole picture”. That’s what I see a lot of the extreme Right people NOT doing:

    Because there is an Islamic Demonstration with “down with America” signs – or even “Islam will take over the World” signs – does not mean that America will come down or that “they”/fanatic Islamists have any chance of truly bringing down america. Nor does it mean that Islam will be able to take over the World.

    This is a fact of rational thinking. Just as it is a FACT that America has been in a bunch of violent wars, killing civilians right and left (another book: )

    If you are strong from within, you don’t need to use violence at all – and you stop meddling in others’ terrritory.

    America has destroyed a lot of itself by being militarialy so absurdly “strong” that the whole military thing is backfiring! America spends MORE on Military than ALL OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD (check with the U.N. on that….given in a speech at the U.N. and plenty online about it). The newest and latest killer – is lasers developed even more. Just aim and pow you’re dead and burned up. Forget “collateral damage” – a nice way of saying we’ve killed civilians, oops.

    It’s time we DO look at America – criticize what’s going on – see the facts – so that we can correct it hopefully and have a better America — standing there as a beacon of free speech, freedom from too much tradition, freedom of thought, resouces galore and fantastic natural wonders and landscape…and host to many cultures of the world.

    Let’s nearly eliminate crime, prostitution and drug rings, upgrade education (make it free via taxes which are less money than “putting out for college”!), educate kids and parents about relating to one another and communicating – and how emotions fit in….. and have universal healthcare for God’s sake!

    Let’s walk the tightrope of perceiving Muslims: are they ALL bad and terrorists? NO! The non-fanatic Islam is non-violent, IS peaceloving, IS beautiful in ITS own way. WHY didn’t the Military stop Hasan? investigate him further?!

    Why didn’t the CIA and FBI get it together regarding the 9/11 event – about which they got plenty of warning!!

    WHY are the Islamists mad at America?

    Well, America is killing a lot of Muslim civilians, for one reason…
    Well, America’s foriegn policy is immoral and illegal many times over…
    Well, America supports Israel’s massacres of Palestinian peoples…
    Well, America pushes its businesses around the world: and the world wants SOME of it, because there are people in other countries, too, who love money above and beyond Quality of Life for All—

    and their getting fatter with McDonald’s, unhealthier!

    Hey, maybe McDonald’s will learn….are starting to learn…..the People want

    Quality of Life, Quality of Health, Quality of Food…

    And the LEAF fully-electric car by Nissan is not being unveiled in a month! Special even in Los Angeles area. Clean air!
    100 miles on one charge, family sedan prices!

    I’ll invite my Muslim friends to come and see it! (they passed a background check… I’ve been checked, too…..we all have!) =)

    greenthinkingdoesntmakewarandminimizespopulationviaintelligentplanningohanddoesntneedsomuchoileitherand reduces crowded c o n d i t i o n s . . . . . . . .

    facebook too

    • November 12, 2009 2:56 pm

      You must have a lot of time on your hands. You should spend some of it looking up facts. I’ll bet you wouldn’t be so long winded about showing your ignorance.

    • themadjewess permalink
      November 12, 2009 3:59 pm

      Mr. Horowitz above writes;
      ‘gender-preferences and the feminist assault on the family with which it is—or should in theory be—wholly at odds.’
      Can you refute this without going on the typical Alinskyite rants? ( Attacking the person, and not the issues)

      The problem with feminists, is that they don’t get that they are gasbags. They don’t understand, that they are inferior to men, and this drives these ‘females’ that are anti-family, anti-pretty, anti-American, anti-man, pro-murdering babies, pro-divorce etc…( in fact they HATE men). It is not some ‘rights’ issue, it is total man-hate. Ms Julianna comes to a blog, without the grace, and sophistication that some women have if they are ladies.

      Regarding the Muslims cancer within…Lets see, Ms Julianna… Where was your militant fem-man bulldoggery when that woman in Buffalo got her head chopped off by her sweet Muslim husband? Where was your chants of social inequality, when the 2 young girls in TX were murdered by their own father, (a Muslim) when he only THOUGHT that they were not virgins anymore? Where was your Marxist/FemMANist power-mouth when, 2 weeks ago, a young daughter of another ‘peace-filled’ Muslim man plowed over his daughter with his car, and murdered her? Wheres the outcry, oh high and mighty Julianna? “I AM WOMAN”, -yes, you are woman, hear you…a lion with a roar, but no teeth.

      Why is it that, when these femMANists come to a blog, and instead of debate, they defame?

      I have the answer; it is p*nis-envy.

      As I stated in the above; Feminists are gasbags, and baked wind, blowing the empty-headed airs of ‘social injustice’ , but never engaging in the REAL war on society;

      LIBERALISM/LEFTISM/ MARXISM and every other damnable ism that is befitting these creatures of destruction.

    • Avantretard permalink
      November 13, 2009 10:08 am

      “Or, yes, by a cartoonist who made fun of the religion in addition to Imperial America siding with Israel for decades with big money and big big guns – against a defenseless and poor people who decided “terrorism” was their weapon of choie (how is that weapon any worse than military massacres, praytell? American and Israeli military escapades have massacred MANY more civilians than terrorism! Let’s face it, they are both terror: war and terrorism)”

      Are you also for conserving punctuation?

      • themadjewess permalink
        November 13, 2009 11:00 am

        Or, yes, by a cartoonist who made fun of the religion in addition to Imperial America siding with Israel for decades with big money and big big guns – against a defenseless and poor people who decided “terrorism” was their weapon of choie (how is that weapon any worse than military massacres, praytell?
        Who is talking about Israel?

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