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Chris Matthews Thinks Like a Terrorist

November 13, 2009
jasser heartbreak

Heartbreak in action

Editor’s Note, for Rhonda Robinson’s commentary on a different aspect of this stunning Chris Matthews segment click here.

MSNBC has a nasty habit of giving Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR a forum to apologize for extremism and deflect attention from the issue at hand whenever jihad makes the news. Not only is CAIR’s authority as a mouthpiece for American Muslims never questioned, let alone its background and history, but MSNBC’s commentators rarely take issue with a single point made by CAIR’s representatives.

Nonetheless, MSNBC’s moral vacuity may never have been more apparent than when Chris Matthews interviewed Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim who works to combat the violent political ideology promoted by CAIR and its affiliates.

Jasser encourages Muslims to “stop complaining and stop beinging victims,” i.e., to stop committing acts of violence and oppressing others, then citing American foreign policy as a justification.  He explains, plainly and succinctly, that jihad’s ideological underpinnings lie in political Islam.  He even cites the Muslim Brotherhood, due to its status as America’s foremost promoter and incubator of Sharia, as one of the root causes of domestic violent extremism.  Finally, he points out the reddest flag in Nidal Hasan’s background, the clearest indication that he might commit an act of violence: his unconcealed hatred for America.

Matthews briefly pays lip service to the notion that perhaps ideology may have motivated Nidal Hasan to shoot over 50 people before he jaunts off on a diatribe in which he excuses acts of terrorism by blaming American foreign policy, particularly with regard to Israel. Instead of simply agreeing with Jasser’s self-evident point that American foreign policy does not justify acts of terrorism, Matthews reflexively tries to see things from the most extreme point of view — that of the terrorists.

Matthews poses an interesting question in good faith: that of when we should start taking freedoms away from people in order to defend national security.  How about when they pose a threat to the rest us, thereby infringing on our most basic rights?  The answer seems pretty simple to Jasser.  We should stop tolerating intolerance, as Rhonda addressed previously.

Then Matthews actually tries to defend telephoning Al-Qaeda, which is just about the height of extremism, shy of actually committing acts of terrorism — I would like to believe that he was playing Devil’s Advocate. Jasser explains how Americans need to start combating the extremism which has become quite normalized, in large part due to leftists who, say, defend calling al-Qaeda and state that the US’s foreign policy toward Israel “triggered” RFK’s assassination. Did it “trigger” 9/11, too?

Matthews demonstrated less understanding when Sarah Palin won an award from the NRA than when discussing the assassination of an American leader.

Matthews clearly feels more at home with those who rationalize violent jihad using a hatred of American liberty cloaked in political grievances than he does with those who fight for American liberty by confronting the ugly truth about Sharia, about political Islam’s fifth column, and about jihad.  Furthermore, he seems to be more concerned with Hasan’s imagined grievances than with those of the families of the soldiers and first responders who were brutally slain in an act of violent jihad. Just watch him with Nihad Awad, trying to explain away Hasan’s actions with moral equivalence and deflection.

Jasser, instead, whitewashes nothing by identifying Sharia and politically correct willful ignorance of political Islam’s American fifth column for acts of terrorism committed on American soil. He  argues that terrorism is not a reaction to (“triggered” by) American foreign policy, but that a hatred for America and the liberties which make it great are key components of the ideology which motivates Islamic terrorists, and that this hatred is not be dismissed. In fact, Jasser may have given the single clearest, most concise crash course ever on the dangers of political Islam right there on Hardball. It’s the political Islam that’s the problem, and it’s not America’s fault.

“Political Islam has made huge advances while the West had been asleep against the spread of the quote, unquote ‘Islamic state movement’ and I think that, clearly, there are parts of the ideology of hate of the West, of America, of conspiracy theories, that this guy started to follow that were warning signs.”

One can actually watch Jasser’s heart sink as Matthews waves away everything he had said by again justifying terrorism with American foreign policy.

“Maybe this guy should have just been given CO status the minute he decided … he didn’t do anything wrong until he realized he was going to Afghanistan.  Then he acted.“

Hasan, like his political cohorts at CAIR, is “a Muslim first and an American second.” Jasser is an American above all else. Matthews is an apologist for evil first, an American second. MSNBC does Americans, Muslims included, a disservice by running through the Muslim Brotherhood playbook – putting CAIR on TV, throwing softball questions at their representatives, and either trying to explain away extremism or blaming American foreign policy for violence, or both – as a matter of procedure.  Sadly, in Matthews’ case, this pattern seems to be more of a knee-jerk reflex than an orchestrated decision. In fact, he is a better defender of terrorism than those who promote the ideology which underlies it. Maybe CAIR is taking notes from Matthews and not the other way around.

  1. In the Know permalink
    November 13, 2009 1:39 pm

    And now we know why his leg tingles. It’s the blood returning to his feet after his morning Fajr prayer.

  2. RobInCanada permalink
    November 13, 2009 2:30 pm

    Will religion come under real scrutiny only after a jihadi bomber seeks martyrdom on a city street or a suburban shopping center?

    I’m just not surprised by his behavior. Note we do not hear his cohorts in the lame-stream- government-media clusterschtook complaining about his comments. And CAIR is still given a pass by all the usual suspects.

    Matthews is the actualization of the self loathing leftest slime created by progressives and a traitor to freedom.

    • November 13, 2009 4:38 pm

      “Will religion come under real scrutiny only after a jihadi bomber seeks martyrdom on a city street or a suburban shopping center?”

      Therein lies the main issue with Islam. Many experts who will not say so publicly, will tell you privately, that radical Islam is NOT a religion but a CULTURE! A culture of DEATH! Any religion that controls EVERY aspect of your life is not the modern concept of religion as in Christianity.

      The idea that a so called religion would control you like a slave is more like a cult than a religion that promotes peaceful ideas and concepts! Do not be fooled, these Islamic radicals want only one thing, a world wide Islamic Caliphate and all of us infidels dead or their slaves. period!

      America Again in 2010!

  3. Ken permalink
    November 13, 2009 2:42 pm

    Big shocker that Chrissy Matthews is trying to paint CAIR in a positive light. He is just another cog in the MSNBC leftist propaganda machine. In their eyes, if you’re not blaming America or apologizing for it, you evil and ignorant.

  4. November 13, 2009 4:24 pm

    CAIR is just what DH company have identified them as, a front for the most virulent and murderous Islamo-facist organization in the middle east, the Muslim Brotherhood! The grand-daddy of all the jihadi facists aound the world including but not limited to, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Muslim Students associations on our college campuses, CAIR, and the list goes on and on of spinter groups and cells.

    Here is a tidbit of info that may wake some of you up. I have a very good friend who was once part of the Israeli terrorist interdiction units and still has ties to Israeli insiders. He claims this was was a “sleeper terrorist’ strike and that we can expect something more devastating as this was merely a test run for the next ‘big one”!

    With a lackadaisical attitude on steroids by the cult of Obomber, as compared to the Clintonista years, we can expect horrors untold to be visited on us in the near future by more ‘sleepers’ like Handgunner Hasan!

    Allu Akbar, Ya’ll!

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 13, 2009 7:19 pm


      I think your friend is probably right.

      For Hasan to publicly flaunt his ideology as he did several times, makes no sense at all for a muslim in the US military. It’s almost like he was looking for a beating. Think it through.. He said that crap in a tight community, in which the majority of the people there have lost friends or loved ones to these barbaric animals. If was really trying to become an American, with beliefs like that, he’d never open his mouth unless he was in a mosque with his pals…

      I suspect that what he was doing was testing the waters, on behalf of his masters, just to see how much crap a muslim could away with before anyone stood up and challenged or reported his BS..

      Of course we’ll probably be more vigilant now… at least for a few weeks….

      With a few exceptions, our entire government should be tried for treason!

  5. RobInCanada permalink
    November 13, 2009 5:08 pm

    … we can expect horrors untold to be visited on us in the near future by more ’sleepers’ like Handgunner Hasan!

    The Obamunists have decided to mount a show trial in NYC as if terrorists have the rights of a citizen. This is willfully destructive behavior by the boy president and his team of Marxists & Communists but they do not do this by accident. No, this is not a miscalculation.

    This will make NYC a higher priority target for Islamists (and bottom feeding ACLU lawyers).

    Watch out as the Dems will use this to move the other pieces around the board. Health care, charitable tax deductions, firearms control are all in flux. Hey, they already have that new hate law in place so do not get too distracted.

    Will the violent events in America’s future wake up the left?

  6. John Davidson permalink
    November 13, 2009 9:07 pm

    Merry Christmas Chris, your audition in Venezuela has been accepted by your buddy, Chavez.

  7. David Forsmark permalink
    November 14, 2009 7:49 am

    This WAS quite a segment. Two columns for you, and it’s were I got the money quote for this post:

    The weirdest thing is that during this interview, Chris actually makes quite a few statements that you could pull out to put him on the right side; but he can’t let go of the idea that Americans who resist Obama are the ultimate threat.

    • John Davidson permalink
      November 14, 2009 10:05 am

      Ever so slightly, he does slide right, but knowing his paycheck might become bogus keeps him in line: Mind control at its worse.

  8. peachey permalink
    November 14, 2009 12:14 pm

    It is aslways interesting to watch those that embrace an illogical and dangerous position defend and rationalize it. Chris Matthews hates American ideals more than he hates those that kill Americans. An interesting position considering that under Sharia law Matthews and those on the Left would be the first executed for their beliefs. However, what we are seeing from Matthews and others in the position of the enemy of my enemy (those that oppose Obama and Progressive ideology) is my friend. In the end they will be the victims of Islam if they don’t wake up to the reality of what true Islam is and the immediate danger we all face.


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