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Open Thread – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

November 13, 2009

obama no salute

  1. F. Swemson permalink
    November 13, 2009 2:05 pm

    <b<Utterly disgraceful !

    This small pathetic excuse for a man may very well destroy our country.

    It’s our own complacency that allowed this to happen.

    • November 18, 2009 2:23 pm

      I would not be surprised if a combat veteran who has lost one of his buddys does not try and take him out for being do disrespectful to our country.

  2. November 13, 2009 2:13 pm

    Obama must think he’s Manager in Chief not Commander in Chief. He’s completely out of touch with his role as the leader of our military.

  3. Marylou permalink
    November 13, 2009 2:41 pm

    This just breaks my heart.

  4. Brent permalink
    November 13, 2009 2:46 pm

    I doubt he even knows how to salute.

    • willie permalink
      November 16, 2009 4:31 pm

      He knows how to bow to muslim kings.

  5. David Forsmark permalink
    November 13, 2009 2:56 pm

    Somebody forgot to put stage instructions on the teleprompter.

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 13, 2009 2:59 pm

      Maybe it’s just a statue, and we’re all having the same horrible nightmare…

  6. free2beinamerica permalink
    November 13, 2009 3:12 pm

    When/where was this picture taken?

  7. Ian permalink
    November 13, 2009 3:24 pm

    No idea what your problem is here. The President was visibly moved experiencing his first Veteran’s Day as Commander-in-Chief.

    • November 13, 2009 9:52 pm

      Teleprompter: “Appear visibly moved.”

      It’s not bad enough that Ian buys this crap. What kills me is that Obama buys it too.

      • November 14, 2009 3:52 am

        Of course he does. Lovingly hand-crafted by those wonderful folks who enjoy nothing better than waking up to the smell of their own sheis…

    • November 14, 2009 6:02 am

      Time Magazine showed us Obama disrespecting the National Anthem on the campaign trail. Looks like a repeat performance.

      • Scott "Vigilance" permalink
        November 16, 2009 5:13 pm

        He’ll bow for a Muslim despot but won’t put his hand on his heart for America.

    • Ronald Corbett permalink
      November 14, 2009 8:39 am

      Get a life Ian … Obama (Commandr-in-Chief) doesn’t give a civilian salute when our National Anthem is played! I promise you he knows better, or at least he should. That’s pure disrespect for all Americans. How little can you get?

    • jackbelias permalink
      November 14, 2009 9:58 pm

      Yeah he looks real moved. Maybe he will put both of his hands on his balls instead of saluting for you too. This isnt the first time he has been caught refusing to salute.

    • November 15, 2009 6:28 pm

      Yeah, visibly moved to look down his nose at America

  8. fred permalink
    November 13, 2009 3:28 pm

    i think he just didnt want to appear “triumphal”. ya know that whole “victory” thing, its sooo hiro hito……or something. perhaps we could say “voting present” here……

  9. November 13, 2009 3:47 pm

    He does not belong there, he is like a fish out of water. Are people starting to see and feel the reality of “buyer remorse”?

  10. November 13, 2009 4:07 pm

    There is another picture like this from the campaign where he and Hillary are onstage and he is standing, hands at his side while the National Anthem is played. He’s rubbing our faces in it, he’s not even trying to pretend that he respects us or this country.

  11. Ez4moi permalink
    November 13, 2009 4:31 pm

    Obama has been surrounded life long by those who don’t like this country. Likely he has never learned the common respect of placing his hand over his heart. Reporters clap for him when he enters the briefing room. Maybe he was waiting for people to clap for him.

  12. November 13, 2009 4:54 pm

    Same old, same old.

    Remember Obama’s refusal to salute during his campaign while the National Anthem was being played?

  13. November 13, 2009 5:30 pm

    Obama is Muslim A believer in Islam. Muslim are serious about Allah and Islam. I think this is why Obama says our United States Constitution is flawed.

    How long would obama the duel Muslim-American citizen, sit and listen to someone say, Not God Bless Islam but God-Damn Islam?

    Two seconds or Twenty years?

    Do you think your Congressman or the media know’s less, as much or more than I do?

    • Marylou permalink
      November 13, 2009 8:41 pm

      My heart just breaks for all of us and our great country. I hope and pray we survive this and grow stronger from it.

      I think you’ve nailed it here about what is going on with him, plus a huge dose of Frank Marshall Davis and then all the cool lefties he has hung out with. They think they are cool.

      My heart just breaks to see the US Pres not saluting our flag.

  14. Harmon permalink
    November 13, 2009 5:38 pm

    “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

    Why would President Obama salute during the playing of our national anthem – “The Star Spangled Banner?”

  15. November 13, 2009 6:37 pm

    Messiahs don’t salute.

  16. G Wil permalink
    November 13, 2009 8:03 pm

    My family and I just spent the most inspirational day watching a friends son graduate from Marine boot camp. It was said earlier in a post but needs to be restated” This breaks my heart!” We can’t ask any longer what is wrong with this person. We all know…he is not for our country. Watch Glenn Beck! God bless our countryand our military young men and women

  17. JE Tabler permalink
    November 13, 2009 11:00 pm

    Sadly, due to inflation, a picture is only worth about 850 words these days.

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 14, 2009 10:56 am

      Well put !

  18. MsHyde permalink
    November 14, 2009 5:01 am

    • November 14, 2009 5:27 am

    • Vince permalink
      November 14, 2009 11:51 am

      Why not file a clase action lawsuit against the DNC. Vetting Obama was up to them. If he was not eligible to run for the presidencey as according to the Constitution then they violated our constitutional rights by appointing, promoting and supporting him as their presidential candidate.

  19. Charlie0 permalink
    November 14, 2009 5:41 am

    *If I can’t salute with my left hand, then I just ain’t gonna salute.” Barack Obama

  20. bob permalink
    November 14, 2009 6:19 am

    Can’t salute when you’ve got an itch.

  21. bob permalink
    November 14, 2009 6:39 am

    Or, he might be preparing for another shot from D. H. like the one in November’s WHISTLEBLOWER magazine.

  22. shane comeback permalink
    November 14, 2009 7:12 am

    Listen to this song and tell me Groucho doesn’t have dear leader down pat.

  23. November 14, 2009 7:45 am

    change has come and it is not what was expected.

    do not have health insurance… fine $15,000…. years in jail….

    born in kenya or Hawaii? which is it?

    Israel has been abandoned.

    will America survive?

    • Vince permalink
      November 16, 2009 7:40 pm

      I think your missing the point. His father was never an american citizen so therefore as according to our constitution he is not a natualized citizen and thus not eligible to be president. So don’t waste time with birth certificates. Have them prove his father was granted citizenship. And when they don’t it’s time to kick ass and take names.

  24. Mumblix Grumph permalink
    November 14, 2009 8:01 am

    The first time we saw a picture of O cupping “the boys” during the Anthem, the Left squealed that it was a “cheap shot”. What’s their opinion now?

  25. Ryan Todd permalink
    November 14, 2009 10:38 am

    I certainly dont like Obama… but

    The correct times to saulute durring the National Anthem is if your wearing a Hat in uniform… if your Wearing a Hat as a civilian youre supposed to take the hat off and hold it over your heart… Otherwise the correct thing to do is to stand respectfully.

    • Marylou permalink
      November 14, 2009 10:36 pm

      I am wondering where you get this strange information. Yes, about the hat, but nowhere noway nohow is it correct to stand with arms at sides when our flag is displayed, not if you are an American. The heart tells it all and those of us who choose to salute place our right hands over our hearts.

      As civilians, we salute.

    • Henry Hill permalink
      November 18, 2009 8:27 am

      And you found this under the same rock that BO crawled out from?
      I like any American who loves this Country Knows to Salute means if you are in uniform and know how that service salutes you do. If not the proper salute is to place your hand over your heart. If you have a hat that is not part of a uniform you remove it and hold it in the hand that is over the heart. Keep the left hand free to protect the Flag, Amthem, or our country from those that choose to rewrite the constitution for their on creepy beliefs.

  26. November 14, 2009 11:56 am

    And here’s yet another example of his complete lack of understanding of Presidential protocol in this photo of Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor.

    The President’s office is no place for on-the-job training!

  27. November 14, 2009 12:12 pm

    I think he just believes that they are all saluteing him!!

  28. peachey permalink
    November 14, 2009 12:18 pm

    There are not enough words to describe my disgust. His beliefs are out in the open for all to see, or ignore.

  29. November 14, 2009 2:04 pm

    I feel sorry for the guy. If you got an itch, you must have a scratch, wherever you are.

  30. Dale permalink
    November 14, 2009 8:56 pm

    Thank you Oprah, Hollywood, and those know it alls who voted this Muslim in as our President.

  31. lizblaine permalink
    November 15, 2009 1:25 pm

    Actions speak louder than words. Once again our President is incapable of showing respect and demonstrates his disdain for America, its military and its citizens. Dear Lord, we have 3 1/2 more years of this.

  32. Sue Dixon permalink
    November 15, 2009 1:29 pm

    BHO doesn’t deserve the freedom the military has given him. He needs to be put out of office by impeachment for Treason against the American people!!!!!

  33. November 15, 2009 2:11 pm

    As a Veteran I salute headgear or no headgear. As a US Citizen I would default to hand over heart. As a Cub Scout I used a two finger salute.

    This man has a built in obvious conscious decision to not like the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance, or anything else that defines our country in honor and glory.

    And yet he is ‘our dear leader’ (If you do not understand the sarcasm go back to plowing your rice patty).

    • willie permalink
      November 16, 2009 4:37 pm

      I would like to give him a “one finger” salute…!!!!

  34. November 15, 2009 2:27 pm

    It’s very clear that the TOTUS has more respect for the occasion than BHO.

  35. NNeal permalink
    November 15, 2009 3:50 pm

    His disdain for the United States and the disrespect he shows for the office he holds is difficult to accept. Our great country deserves better than this!

  36. the dude permalink
    November 15, 2009 4:32 pm

    Veteran and ashamed american here, i dont salute our national anthem either which our kids will equate to Nazi Germanys anthem. I hope it all crumbles……

    • Henry Hill permalink
      November 18, 2009 8:16 am

      With your attitude you fall right in line with BO. You take all you can from this Country as long as it dosen’t cost you anything.
      I paid my small dues, I honor this Country, I love this Country, and if called again I would serve again.
      My personal opinon is that all of you and BO should be sent to Iraq with what is in your pockets.

  37. Vince permalink
    November 15, 2009 4:49 pm

    Email or write your Congressman and Senators and challenge Obama’s eligibility to be President. His mother was an american citizen however his father was a british citizen. Kenya is a british territory therefor Obama is not a naturalized citizen as according to the Constitution and therefor was not eligible to run let alone be elected president. Let them know you will be part of a class action lawsuit against the DNC for violating your constitutional rights. The DNC nominated and promoted OBama and it seems he was not eligible to run for president. Something they didn’t take into consideration or did they.

    • willie permalink
      November 16, 2009 4:39 pm

      No congressman or senator has the balls to challenge him. That would be racist…ya know?

  38. November 16, 2009 11:22 am

    I’m pretty certain that just about any nine year old American kid who is either a Cub Scout or a Brownie could fill the president in on proper etiquette to be rendered to national symbols. Ooops, I forgot, if you were never an “American kid” you probably missed out on that. What a creep!

  39. Bill permalink
    November 17, 2009 12:59 pm

    Obama is redefining the term “empty suit.”

  40. November 17, 2009 1:19 pm


    He knows how to bow to the Saudi king for $pOIL (but Larry Gibbs denies)
    And he most certainly bowed before the Japanese Emperor and Empress…
    But A NWO Commander in Retreat refuses to respect The American Flag??

    The CHURLiO?? A Vile Lying Liberal Practices Hypocrisy in USSAmerika??
    Read ISAIAH 32!!! Time for True Americans (women at ease) to Rise Up??

    The US Constitution, The Republic & The American Flag are under Attack!!

  41. John Davidson permalink
    November 18, 2009 9:15 am

    I’m speechless!

  42. Tom permalink
    November 18, 2009 10:09 pm

    Well, thanks loads David. I literally hate The Obammunist and took this picture at face value for what it appeared to be, him snubbing and flipping off our country and our military again. But this picture is a fraud. It’s not from a Veterans Day event, or the memorial at Ft. Hood, it’s from a Memorial Day event back in May and he’s not snubbing the Pledge or the National Anthem, he’s standing humbly by as Hail to the Chief is being played. The salutes on-stage are for him, not fallen soldiers. I usually don’t trust, but I don’t have to this time as their source is C-SPAN video of the event. Fact-Check it out yourselves:

    Now I gotta go eat crow at two different forums where I took the bait and made a “picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words” post myself. Please at least cite where the pictures you use are from from now on. You will save your readers a lot of embarrassment.

    • Marylou permalink
      November 19, 2009 11:59 pm

      Well, thanks, Tom. I just hate when this happens. We were on such a roll!! but the truth must prevail. If they were playing Hail to the Chief, so be it. Sincere appreciation for keeping us straight.

  43. Red Apple permalink
    November 20, 2009 3:00 pm

    ummm…. this wasn’t Veteran’s day and… they were playing the song Hail to The Chief. Is the dude supposed to salute himself? LMAO Get a life people.

  44. @rstonecipher permalink
    November 21, 2009 5:12 pm

    You all are a few months behind. This is actually a photo taken at Arlington during a ceremony on Memorial Day. The President is not being disrespectful by not placing his hand over his heart or saluting. That would have been a bit pretentious since the band was playing Hail to the Chief. Rather, he is standing respectfully while other show polite respect and honor to the President himself.

    Here is a link to a video of this exact event, at which this exact photo was taken.

    Easy enough to find. All I had to do was a bit of googling…about 1 minute’s worth, actually. Perhaps it doesn’t matter to you whether or not there is any truth to your claims?

  45. @rstonecipher permalink
    November 21, 2009 5:16 pm

    And by the way, David Horowitz should be ashamed of himself. Ostensibly he is intelligent enough to know the circumstances surrounding the photograph, and intelligent enough to know just how such a photograph — without an explanatory caption — would be perceived among those in the very conservative circle.


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