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The Worst Decision By A US President In History

November 13, 2009

President Obama thinks this guy should be dealt with in the same fashion as Bernie Madoff.

The Obama administration has taken a giant step in its march to throw in the towel  in the war against radical Islam. On FoxNews this morning, Peter King said of the decision to try the soldiers of al-Qaeda — who by their own account have no country but their cause — as civilians

“may be the worst decision by a U.S. president in history.”

It certainly is. It sends a signal to terrorists everywhere to attack civilians.

The administration is justifying its decisions on the grounds that because the 9/11 attackers targeted civilians they should be tried as civilians. This makes no sense unless you are a Democrat who believes that the “holy war” that Islamic jihadists have formally declared on us is no different from the acts of isolated individuals who have decided to break the law. This is the approach to the war on terror that John Kerry championed in 2004. Now that Americans have had the poor judgment — the suicidally poor judgment — to make a leftist their president, this is the strategy our nation is set to pursue.

The decision to try the jihadists in a civilian court is also a decision which will divulge America’s security secrets to the enemy since civilian courts afford defendants the right of discovery. It is also a propaganda gift to Islamic murderers who will turn the courtroom into a media circus to promote their hatred against the Great Satan — a hatred shared by their apologists at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the pro-Castro Center for Constitutional Rights who have pioneered the campaign against Guantanamo and whose influence in the Obama Administration is pervasive. (BTW, The newly appointed lawyer for the president is the husband of Obama’s recently departed Maoist communications director Anita Dunn.)

Finally, this move continues and enlarges the refusal of the President and the American Left to recognize that:

  1. We are in a war that has been declared on us — in which we, in other words, are the victims.
  2. That the war is conducted by religious armies whose war is inspired by their reading of the Koran.
  3. That the number of Muslims who support their war plan is in the tens of millions
  4. That they are aided and abetted by many Islamic governments and by the international Left.
  1. John Davidson permalink
    November 13, 2009 7:44 am

    Everyday, another radical plot unfolds to our amazemnt; the our refers to rational people I must clarify that.

  2. David Forsmark permalink
    November 13, 2009 7:47 am

    Nice timing, too. One week after Fort Hood.
    This administration has spent so much time in their echo chamber that they have no idea how any of this resonates with flyover America. Think of the last couple of weeks.
    1. The Dover photo-op
    2. Refusing to name the enemy at Ft. Hood
    3. Granting KSM the constitutional protections of federal civilian court.

    1 and 3 are checklist items of promises made to the Left and the media during the campaign; and no one around them takes the consequences seriously.

    • Mark Koenig permalink
      November 13, 2009 10:41 am

      To expand on this point, this decision is nothing less than a GIFT to the American Left. It allows Obama to claim that Eric Holder made this decision and he had nothing to do with it. Less politically-astute Americans might buy this pathetic lie, but anyone with an understanding of Obama’s Alinskyite agenda can it for what it is.

      One must ask whether Obama is actually so thoroughly a creature of the Left that he doesn’t understand the ramifications, or rather (as I would argue) he understands them precisely and simply DOES NOT CARE. I am becoming more convinced with every passing day that this President is working not only to actively undermine our economy, but to dismantle the constitutional foundation upon which our nation is built.

      Obama clearly regards many of our nation’s founding principles with disdain, and intends to go about the business of “fundamentally transforming” the country. This is becoming increasingly evident with every policy decision he makes. Unfortunately we have an large group of voters who are quite willing to judge politicians by their words, and without regard to their actions.

      • F. Swemson permalink
        November 13, 2009 8:05 pm


        I wholeheartedly agree. It’s been obvious to me for months that all of the questions that we ask about whether he knows what he’s doing, or whether or not he understands the consequences of his acts, are moot because they’re based on the premise that he’s actually trying to save our country’s economy and protect us from our enemies, when his true intentions are the exact opposite of the ones above.

        I believe that every word that’s come out of his mouth since the beginning of the campaign have been carefully calculated to deceive us into thinking that’s he’s something other than a radical communist megalomaniac that he really is.

        I’ve been bashed here on Newsreal several times in the past for saying what I actually believe to be true of this sick and evil creature. And although I wish I was wrong about him, it’s gratifying when I hear serious and rational people like you, begin to make similar observations to mine.

        I’ve said this before, and I still believe it to be true, that the first 2 words he said as president constituted perjury. Those words were spoken at the end of his swearing in, when he said I Do

  3. November 13, 2009 8:18 am

    “may be the worst decision by a U.S. president in history.”

    IF BO and his pathetic White House continue on their present path – he very well could be the worst President in U.S. history.

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 13, 2009 8:06 pm

      He already is !

  4. Mr.GJG permalink
    November 13, 2009 8:57 am

    “IF BO and his pathetic White House continue on their present path – he very well could be the worst President in U.S. history.”

    I thought we crossed that threshold already?

    • November 13, 2009 9:50 am

      You are right, I was trying my hardest to be politically incorrect.

      • F. Swemson permalink
        November 13, 2009 8:06 pm

        And look where that got us !

  5. Ez4moi permalink
    November 13, 2009 10:18 am

    This is only the latest version of Alinskyism. The Left will use the trial to define their political opponents. Their American enemies are evil. They do immoral things. They tilt at windmills instead of policing wrong doers.

    Now that the Left has all the power, they are showing us who they really are. It is not pretty. And Americans do not like what they are seeing.

    The push back has been interesting to witness and surprising in its’ scope.

  6. Margie Murray permalink
    November 13, 2009 10:23 am

    Obama is by far the worst president we have ever had and that is saying alot considering we have had presidents such as Jimmy Carter. Obama and his thugs have caused irreparable damage to this once great country. It is fast becoming a socialist nightmare with terrorists infiltrating our own military.

  7. RobW permalink
    November 13, 2009 10:30 am

    Just imagine another Johnny Cochran arriving on the scene and getting this 9-11 bomber off scott free. KSM goes sauntering out the door with a smug grin on his face – and turns up later in Yemen to a hero’s welcome.

    Then we can have Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews dribbling virtue out the corners of their mouths comparing KSM to interned Japanese Americans finally being set free after WWII.

    This never-to-happen scenario is – in my opinion – the only thing that could jolt this stupid lethargic nation to back to its senses.

  8. Steve R permalink
    November 13, 2009 11:02 am

    Definitely the worst decision by a POTUS in American history — except for the decisions Obama made yesterday, and will make tomorrow.

  9. November 13, 2009 11:13 am

    Let’s see, in how many ways will this be a bad idea?

    Jury selection in NY for someone involved with 9/11? You have to be kidding? The change of venue request is probably cocked and aimed and ready to be fired off at the first possible second. But where could they change it to? Here we see only the first seed of a potential mistrial.

    Discovery process anyone? Anyone remember Chaplin Yee? Can we assume that the Feds have what they need to convince a jury without breaking security? Of course we can Virginia! They are from the Gov. and they are here to help us… or help the Islamists, we are not quite clear on that yet; stay tuned.

    Let’s sample the insanity plea; one definition of which is the inability to recognize right from wrong. By Western standards a committed Islamist IS insane in their view of “Right”, “wrong”, “evil”, and “Good”. Of course the lawyer arguing that defense would be liable for assassination for insulting Islam! : – )

    We haven’t even gotten into jury intimidation or jury replacement or the Cochran-esque antics sure to be a prominent feature of the trial.

    The only hope of anything approaching a fair trial will require a media blackout on the courtroom and a gag order to the lawyers. I think we all know what the chances of that happening are; approximately between approximately slim and none.

    Hang on to your hat Virginia, 2010 is going to be an interesting year.

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 13, 2009 8:09 pm

      Well said as usual Guy !

  10. Jerdawge permalink
    November 13, 2009 12:39 pm

    Why is this guy even still alive? What a stupid government we have had for the last 20 years! The only reason to let this guy stay alive was to get information about al qaeda. That could have been done in a few days. That he is still alive is an open statement that we are not smart enough to survive. Tell your kids you are sorry you lost America for them.

  11. November 13, 2009 1:44 pm

    The worst aspect of this travesty is that it will set precedent for all future trials of Muslim terrorists, foreign and domestic. This in conjunction with Obama’s order to “Mirandize” foreign terrorists and his recently implemented ROE that keeps our military from striking any terrorists who are anywhere near civilians ends any effective way to fight the Islamic Jihad.

  12. Theodore Blunt permalink
    November 13, 2009 3:16 pm

    I see this as a move to get Obama reelected in 2012. It is going to take considerable time to get these trials started and it will be a Bush Bash from day one. There will be little attempt to get justice for the 9/11 bombings. They are going to try to put America and George Bush on trial. I have lived under the presidents , starting with FDR and am amazed at the duplicity that we see here. What difference does it make if justice is administered by the military? There would be no ability to try America or Bush. These people should have been executed along time ago.

  13. Ruri A. permalink
    November 13, 2009 6:36 pm

    Obama was raised as a Mohammedan in Indonesia. He then tried to fit in (as did Hasan) by joining a racist Christian sect in Illinois.
    He is clearly pro-jihadi, pro-radical Islam and will not stop until he loses every asset the USA has, unless someone stops him first.
    At the moment, no one seems to have the guts to do it, 360 million people allowing this to go on – it is indeed suicidal.

    • Elaine B permalink
      November 15, 2009 7:16 pm

      “360 million people allowing this to go on-it is indeed suicidal.”

      Why isn’t anyone questioning this obvious and tragic fact? What has occurred that has made millions of Americans willing to live under tyranny; actually looking forward to it?

      Every Obama voter can be compared to the supporters of the Visitors (the television show) who were so easily taken in by their promise of hope and change.

      How did the majority of us end up insane?

  14. John Davidson permalink
    November 13, 2009 9:12 pm

    I think he is going to top this one, remember he is going to China to order new grade school books and I don’t think they’re written in English.

    Remember, progressives are always progressing.

  15. j c original permalink
    November 14, 2009 4:52 am

    Everyone knows,An American president would not move this trial to a civilian court. Remember when he was campaigning and without his telepromter, he stated.” I haven’t yet to visit all 57 states” I have never,ever read or heard of anyone using all 57 states when referring to the USA. This guy wants to be revered by the block of 57 Islamic states that always votes against the interest of Americans. Only from a perverted, twisted and unamerican mind would come the words, 57 states. He and his socialistic friends constantly move in the direction of weakening this country. We will suffer until 2010

  16. Michael Sherbourne, London, England, U.K. permalink
    November 14, 2009 6:03 am

    This is not a mistake on the part of Hussein Obama. It is yet one further step on the road to
    turning the USA into an Islamist State. He started gradually with grand speeches about the
    contribution of Islam to the development of the USA (which you and I know was mainly
    terrorist acts !) and the GRAND LIE of Islam being a religion of PEACE (the peace of death
    by torture !) and now he is rapidly turning to DEEDS.

    It will not be long before he introduces more MOSLEMS to his administration and he will advance in that direction at an exponential rate towards introducing Sharia as legal, and
    banning Christianity and Judaism and every non=Islamic religion.

    Some may consider this as pure fantasy, but they have not learned from history

    Most German at first just laughed at Hitler, or shrugged him off.

    THIS MAN IS EVEN WORSE THAN HITLER, He must be stopped before it is too later

    Michael Sherbourne, London, N.12 7BE, England
    14th November, 2009, 2 p.m. GMT (London Time)

    • Elaine B permalink
      November 15, 2009 7:19 pm

      Michael: The promotion of Sharia law is already a reality. It is a part of the insurance company, AIG, which the American taxpayer’s think they own a majority share of with Obama’s takeover of it.

  17. shane comeback permalink
    November 14, 2009 7:49 am

    This “trial” will make OJ’s circus seem sedate by comparison. Our blind,lazy, foolish,(and yes, some evil) countrymen who voted for this “malignant narcissist” or who stayed home election day have done us in.

  18. Joseph White permalink
    November 14, 2009 8:14 am

    This isn’t that surprising really, since even Clinton wanted to try the Terrorists as criminals, and even put up a wall between the CIA and FBI and law enforcement.

    This will open us up to all sorts of trouble, as terrorists track down the jurors families and threaten to blow them up if their fellow muslims aren’t found innocent. Or they’ll walk into the court room and blow themselves up. Or they’ll try to bribe a judge or two.

    This is a bad idea, and it shouldn’t be done.

  19. Michaelle Maloney permalink
    November 14, 2009 1:06 pm

    I agree Shane! Obamao is a malignant narcissist-very conceited, loves himself, the biggest fool we have had for a so called leader, puts our war prisoners -these real devils in our country. Its amazing that he needs his telepromter so much-it probably goes in the bathroom with him and near the shower. If these people blow up things in Obamao’s backyard, I wonder if he will get it then? Its continuously an idiot move to think that he can talk to these haters of mankind.

  20. Michaelle Maloney permalink
    November 14, 2009 1:09 pm

    If one dances with vipers (islamofascist), they will get biten.

  21. November 14, 2009 6:10 pm

    I think this – intentionally – becomes a trial on torture and waterboarding. It’s design is to dredge up controversy centered on Bush policies, and to divert attention to what Obama is doing to destroy the nation. Just wait until the NYT gets keyed into these trial issues.

    At the same time, Obama drags his feet on the Ft. Hood investigation, because left unchecked it would indict his political correctness and oppression of the intelligence community as gutting military morale and placing the nation at risk.

    Obama is not merely a post-American president, though that would be bad enough; he is an anti-American president.

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 15, 2009 1:16 pm

      Well said sir !

    • Elaine B permalink
      November 15, 2009 7:22 pm

      Paul: I completely agree that Obama is anti-America. When and what will it take for more people to realize that?

  22. Steve Lane permalink
    November 15, 2009 11:47 am

    This man has yet to face any kind of trial. He has been tortured and any evidence obtained is not admissible in a proper court. Well done Dick Cheney. Another fine mess you have made!!!
    He may be mad and he may be guilty but if we throw away our due process then the terrorists have won. They have apparently set out to destroy our civilisation and out economy. Fools like Horowitz help them on their way like the idiots they are. Don’t join them.

    • F. Swemson permalink
      November 15, 2009 1:21 pm


      1: War criminals are not entitled to due process.

      2: Water boarding is NOT torture.

      3: And you sir belong in a padded cell along with the rest of the kool aide drinkers…

      BTW: If you think that David Horowitz is a fool, what are you doing here ?

      You wouldn’t possibly be a TROLL would you ?

      • Steve Lane permalink
        November 15, 2009 2:04 pm

        The function of a trial is to establish guilt. That includes alleged war criminals and terrorists.
        Water boarding is torture. The US prosecuted and executed Japanese war criminals for water boarding Americans.

        The fact that you use ad hominem arguments against me demonstrates the weakness of your position.

        I was directed to this site by an acquaintance and I find its philosophy so misconceived that I felt compelled to add a corrective comment.

        • F. Swemson permalink
          November 15, 2009 2:26 pm

          These people are prisoners of war, and they have NO right to be tried in an American court of law. Our constitution does not extend those rights to foreign invaders…

          The ONLY trial he’s entitled to is one by a military tribunal.

          The Japanese that you refer to were tried for starving American prisoners to death, for executing them, cutting off their heads etc… Water-boarding was NOT the reason they were tried & convicted. Water-boarding, while terribly uncomfortable, is NOT torture, in fact it was used for years as a hazing ritual for freshmen in a few universities in America.

          You’ve obviously been brainwashed by the far left crap that you’ve probably been hearing since you were in school, so your comments have no meaning to any rational people here on this blog. If you actually believe the crap you’re spouting then you’re simply a brainwashed idiot, so please Steve… go away and never darken our towels again !

          • Steve Lane permalink
            November 15, 2009 3:38 pm

            The Bush administration went to great lengths to deny captured alleged Al Qadea
            terrorists prisoner of war status. In fact if they are not accorded POW status then they must be treated as civilian prisoners under international law which by act of treaty is also American law. Whether they be POW or civilians it is illegal to torture them no matter what Gonzales claimed . Water boarding is most certainly torture. The hazing you speak of was not practised as torture and it is disingenuous of you to compare student games with water boarding practised as military interrogation. If you were ever a Marine you would know this. You must be just a blow hard.
            I also suggest you look up your history including that of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.

            This is nothing to do with right or left wing politics. It is to do with true justice and civilised behaviour. I guess that is a concept alien to you. It is not enough to convict simply on accusation nor are confessions of mad men or those obtained under torture acceptable in any properly convened court of law. I assume they are in your kangaroo courts though.
            I note also that rational thinking is in very short supply in this blog.
            It is some thing I doubt you would understand.

            • F. Swemson permalink
              November 15, 2009 5:19 pm

              You’re pretty funny…

              I especially liked it when you made reference to treating these barbaric uncivilized animals by a standard based on true justice and civilized behavior…

              How do you deal with a rabid dog who’s threatening your children ?

              That’s how we should deal with these animals… We should treat them like the ebola virus, because that’s how big a threat to us they actually are.

              These are people who stone women to death if they even talk to a man who’s not in her family

              These are people who brutally mutilate young women to prevent them from ever being able to experience any sexual pleasure

              These are people who murder anyone who they feel may have offended them

              These are people who are attempting to create nuclear weapons which we know damn well will be used in at least two places, Israel and America

              And you want to treat them in a civilized manner ?

              You should go back up into your PC Ivory Tower, and sit with your other delusional friends and exchange stories about how vicious and barbaric those of us are who put our lives on the line to defend the rights of smarmy lemmings like you to spout the bull$hit that you preach….

              We’ll defend to the death your right to behave like a flaming a$$hole.. but don’t be surprised if we spit on your grave after you’re gone. You’re the reason why America is collapsing.

            • Elaine B permalink
              November 15, 2009 7:28 pm

              You are a Brit. Go home.

            • Elaine B permalink
              November 15, 2009 7:51 pm

              Rational thinking? You believe it is irrational for civilized people to let the Trojan Horse inside the gates? Gee, why not just open the gates wide, invite all of the barbarians in, furnish them with weapons and stand there citing the provisions of the Geneva Convention, international law, and the International Military Tribunal of the Middle East and see how that works out?

        • Elaine B permalink
          November 15, 2009 7:25 pm

          Obviously, we should leave no prisoners. In fact, we ought to grant them the same “due process” they grant their enemies. Behead them and drag them down public roads shouting “PRAISE GOD”!.

  23. Elaine B permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:08 pm

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone with a smidgeon of common sense could not have understood Obama’s intension’s if elected.

    I do not have a college degree and am therefore, not considered an educated person but it was not difficult for me to understand with his background, his voting record as a Senator and what he said on the campaign trail that he would do everything in his power to destroy this country. That is, was, and will be his true intent.

  24. Elaine B permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:45 pm

    Here is a pertinent question. Does anyone believe an unbiased jury can be found-anywhere?

  25. DMW permalink
    November 16, 2009 6:30 am

    The more time that passes the more obvious it becomes that BHO is not a competent commander in chief. He is a very confident weasel in chief. The utmost duty of a commander in chief is to protect the country, this is dereliction of duty. Blaming the past administration for everything is wearing very thin. Quote: “If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” (Winston Churchill) I fear for the Republic! Do you?


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