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Andy McCarthy Identifies the Problem with Prosecuting Terrorists as Civilians: It Empowers the Jihad

November 14, 2009


Given NewsReal’s recent posts by David Horowitz about the terrible decision to begin prosecuting Islamofascist terrorists as civilians, this excerpt from Andy McCarthy’s book Willful Blindness which he featured at the Corner is tremendously relevant:

Back at the safehouse [in Queens] again that evening, the jihadists talked about future operations they hoped to carry out if the present plot [to bomb the UN complex and the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels] went well. In addition to the George Washington Bridge and the [the FBI’s Manhattan headquarters], Siddig Ali, Amir Abdelgani, and Tarig Elhassan discussed scouting a U.S. military base on Staten Island—which Siddig apparently sensed might be a more promising target than the Manhattan armory he had surveilled back in the spring.

The plotters then engaged in a breathtaking conversation, castigating the United States with the exception of the one thing they really liked about our nation:  the criminal justice system.


The discussion was forced by Elhassan, who had lingering doubts about Puerto Rican jihadist Victor Alvarez’s commitment—especially whether he had the courage to withstand the pressure of interrogation if he were arrested. Gazing deeply into Alvarez’s eyes, Siddig sternly explained that the bombs would soon be ready, and that perhaps Alvarez should flee to Puerto Rico once the stolen cars [for transporting bombs] had been obtained. Siddig reasoned that Alvarez, unlike the others, was an American citizen:  “You understand, brother, for me, for him, no problem. No problem. For you? It’s your country. You understand?”


Joined by Elhassan, he warned Alvarez that there would be immense public outcry following the bombings, prompting police to use “every tactic,” including torture, to break suspects, and to press aggressively for cooperation. “They’ll get you, your mother, your sister, family.  They will tell you, ‘We’re gonna put them in jail.’ They will say, ‘You know what? You did it. We know you did it. But, if you tell us who else, we’ll let you go. Sign the paper.’”

Read the whole thing.

  1. David Forsmark permalink
    November 14, 2009 10:12 am

    Here’s another money quote which I highlighted in my review of Willful Blindness for Frontpage, which brilliantly sums up the September 10th mindset which Obama and Holder are hell-bent to return to:

    “There was a war on, alright. But not in that room. The war was right outside the window that looked out on the frenetic majesty of lower Manhattan. It may be impossible to clap with one hand, but a war can be fought by one side. Radical Islam was proving it. Inside the ‘war room,’ however, there was no war. There was legal strategizing.”

    • peachey permalink
      November 15, 2009 11:40 am

      This weekend a neighbor (active FBI) stated that an attack in NY during the trial would be a Muslim terrorists perfect scenario. Not only would the Muslims that die during the attack be granted heaven, but the Muslims on trial would be “freed” from jail and sent on their way to their heavenly reward. A win-win for the terrorists and seen by Muslims around the world as a deadly blow to the American judicial system which they deplore. This trial in NY is such a bad idea that I do not believe that the goal is to prosecute the terrorists but to put on trial the previous administration, CIA, Afganistan government, and others involved in the war on terror. This placates the Left and Muslims. Is it possible that the Terrorists will be actually found guilty? Like everything in this administration everything is a ruse, a distraction and led by deceit we are left scratching our heads at their illogical and un-Constitutional decisions.Listening to Eric Holder profess that the trials will show the Muslim world the fairness and humanity of the American judicial system is the epitomy of stupidity. Mr. Holder fails to recognize that Muslims that hold to the word of the Koran hate our judicial system and believe it to be evil and contrary to Islamic law. Only Sharia law is accepted by them as the perfect and just legitimate rule of law. It is frightening that our leaders continue to misunderstand the intent and end goal of Islam to dominate and subjegate all humans under Sharia law, not the American judicial system.

      • David Forsmark permalink
        November 15, 2009 9:21 pm

        I promise I didn’t read this until after my post tonight!

  2. John Davidson permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:33 am

    David, The question in that room must have been, “how can we profit from this threat?”

  3. November 15, 2009 3:50 pm

    President Obama would not have gone to war with Japan after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, but would have tried any Japanese leaders he could capture with breaking the law against arson, etc. in an American civilian court of justice. Perhaps that is why he bowed deep to the Emperor of Japan, to apologize for the United States declaring and waging war against Japan between December 7, 1941 – August, 1945.
    Reminder: Eric Holder wrote the Department of Justice briefs for President Clinton to pardon Puerto Rican terrorists.

  4. PRCS permalink
    November 15, 2009 8:45 pm

    There is a bright side to their impending New York trial.

    Despite the best past and current efforts of ‘journalists’ to obfuscate what authentic, traditional, orthodox Islam teaches–as it’s written–I believe they simply will not be able to do so during that trial.

    As they have already done, I have no doubt that KSM and the boys will miss no opportunity to tell America, and the rest of the world, what Islam really does teach.

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