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Comment of the Day: The Islamist Dagger Prepares to Slit Our Throats

November 14, 2009


From Jamie Glazov’s “The Million Muslim March” post:

2009 November 13
Len Powder permalink

Islam is a religion of conquest, not peace. The only “peace” Islam preaches is the “peace” wherein the entire world is subject to Sharia Law and acknowledges that Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet. Muslims cannot renounce a single word in the Koran for every word, according to them, proceeded from Allah’s mouth. Mohammed is the “perfect” man to Muslims, so if he killed infidels, married 9 year-old girls, slaughtered thousands of people, married his nephew’s wife, and called Jews ‘pigs and monkeys’, then nothing he said or did is to be questioned or doubted.

Islam is a religion of ‘black and white’, of ‘if you’re not with me, you’re against me’, of the supremacy of men over women, of jihad as the surest way of attaining paradise. A ‘religion of peace’ would not advocate jihad as the most perfect service to Allah and the guarantee to heavenly bliss.

The myth that Islam is a religion of peace can only survive and thrive where there is complete ignorance of its history and teachings. It is this ignorance which is will see the islamization of Europe in 10-20 years and of the US as well. Political correctness is the blindfold that Islam uses to keep us from seeing its brutality and barbarism. One day Islam will slit our throats while we’re wearing that blindfold, just as the barbarians in Iraq slit the throats of their captives while recording their dastardly deed.


  1. Buck O'Fama permalink
    November 14, 2009 8:15 pm

    We’re all not wearing that blindfold, just the empty suits who run this country at the moment.

  2. Theodore Blunt permalink
    November 14, 2009 8:24 pm

    You have stated it almost as well as the Primeminister of Turkey who said “Islam is Islam,” There is no moderate Islam.

  3. Marylou permalink
    November 14, 2009 8:25 pm

    I don’t like the ending. Let’s change it!

  4. JE Tabler permalink
    November 14, 2009 9:45 pm

    In all fairness, you can’t blame Muslims for political correctness, although they’ve certainly learned to exploit it in order to push Sharia norms. Until we are too intimidated by the threat of physical violence to speak the truth about political Islam, as are many in Europe, then it is not Sharia which threatens our freedom of speech, and the fault for that lies squarely on non-Muslims.

    After all, it’s not so much fear of what radical political Muslims think which causes non-Muslims to clam up as it is fear of what one’s non-Muslim peers will think. Nobody but Obama cares what jihadists think of him.

    Political correctness is just one of the ways in which leftism enables Sharia, other obvious ones being a hatred for Judeo-Christian traditions and morals, the welfare state, the diffusion of individual responsibility, a victim mindset, and an entitlement culture.

  5. John L Work permalink
    November 15, 2009 5:01 am

    Indeed, we are being marched blindfolded to the marketplace for sale or slaughter by the forces of jihad and the guile of taqiyya.

    And our press corps is at best complicit in keeping America ignorant of what Islam really intends. I’ll wager that the same press corps will find its collective head sliced off by the hand of Islam if our republic does fall to the forces of darkness.

  6. November 15, 2009 5:22 am

    It is probable that political correctness began in a small way as a desire by decent people to seek in society a framework of fairness and equality in matters such as race, religion, employment, gender and language. Over time, as more and more facets of equality emerged, campaigns devolved into idiocy and pettiness so that today we have reached a stage where, for example, belief in climate change is recognized in UK as a religion; and Islam, despite all the evidence in the Koran to the contrary, is promoted as a religion of peace. Of course, Muslims did not start PC. I do not even believe that they initially set out to exploit it as a cover for their nefarious activities. The simple fact is that Muslims lie. Their ‘holy’ book, the Koran, permits and instructs them to! Then their leftist apologists and the quiet-life-seeking citizens swallow the platitudinous falsehoods and allow blatant nonsense about Islam, its beliefs, its followers, its moderates and the misunderstanding adherents of violence to cover up for them. It is a desperate state of affairs that the sincere desire of caring peoples has ended up in the amoral, unethical quagmire of today’s political correctness.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 15, 2009 7:11 am

      No. Political correctness IS cultural Marxism, and it is a deliberate subversive effort to destroy Christianity in the West as the means to destroying the West as a whole. It is the undermining of Western institutions from the bottom up. Do a Google search on the Frankfurt School.

      Here’s a good link for you. Hope it helps to explain Cultural Marxism.

      • Alex Walderstein permalink
        November 16, 2009 3:18 pm This one really bought things home for me re the Balkans. Worth the read. I wish i knew the deep seated politics way back then.

      • Alex Walderstein permalink
        November 16, 2009 6:40 pm

        As my father once told me, years ago the “Socialist Left” (Liberal left as the US call them) loved Communism, the Soviet Union etc who all hated the Free World (US, Australia, UK etc), then when all this collapsed they had to turn their anger and hatred to the US via other haters namely the Arabs and Muslims……….hence them being Pro Arab/Muslim (we call them Appeasers, Fools, Apologists, Dhimmi’s and people who dont know History, Muslims or Islam)

        Blacks who reject the Victim mentality and PC are called “Wiggers” over here. I think you have a growing % of Blacks who want nothing to do with the rest of the Black Trash in the US and want to live civilised and educate their families. We have Government Depts filled with Cultural Marxists who all day plan the demise of men, and promote Diversity, PC, Affirmative Action and POSTIVE Discrimination that is wrecking the fabric of stable happy western democracy.

      • Alex Walderstein permalink
        November 17, 2009 4:32 pm

        You may like to sign this petition. I have.

    • SanePerson permalink
      November 15, 2009 9:43 am

      That isn’t how it started. I was a young adult when PC began insinuating itself. Someone would scold you and show disapproval if you used certain words. In order to take the path of least resistance, many people started using the “right words”. If they didn’t, an ugly dispute would occur, the “PC” people being incredibly thin-skinned and self-righteous. A lot of people preferred doing the scolding/disapproving rather than be scolded, so it grew like a cancer from there.

      • Jonathan permalink
        November 15, 2009 10:46 am

        Look at the link I provided. Political correctness is a Soviet term and it is synonymous with cultural Marxism. This goes on everywhere, and has been for a long time. Not just in the world of your own experience. It is a common phenomenon.

  7. George Debski permalink
    November 15, 2009 5:59 am

    Until the majority of Muslims and their Imams publicly and repeatedly repudiate the actions and speech of the radical terrorist side of their religion, they are ALL complicit in the carnage, and in my view, deserve to be shunned and persecuted by the rest of society, because in fact, they are as evil as the terrorists.

    The cowardly idiots and morons that believe in forgiveness and empathy concerning this religion of death, here and in Europe, will someday soon reap the fruits of their labors, and will quietly go to their whining deaths at the hands of these religious nut jobs.

    All I can say is good riddance…….

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 15, 2009 7:17 am

      Unless Islam repudiates the doctrine of deception and lying to infidels as a form of jihad, there is no point in negotiating or believing anything they say.

      In the West, a man’s word is his bond. In the old days, this one major reason why we regarded ourselves as civilized in comparison to the rest of the Non-Christian world. And although this dogma was kept only half-heartedly at certain points, at least it represented our ideal.

      The Muslims make no pretense of this ideal at all, but rather laud and praise the doctrine of deception toward infidels. Therefore, why believe anything they say, when they TELL US that they have no moral compunction about lying?

  8. Jonathan permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:07 am

    I don’t think the Muslims will conquer the world – even if they succeed in destroying the West.

    They will run up against more pragmatic, practical and ruthless opponents in the second phase of their great jihad – once they run up against the nationalistic states like Russia, China and North Korea and India. These are states who are characterized by strong willed policies toward self-preservation. And they are not burdened by the sorts of ethical concerns about the conduct of war that we are. There will be no nation-building going on after China nukes the Middle East into oblivion.

    The Muslims cannot defeat the Asians. They do not have the intelligence, the military strength, or the ability to sustain and advance their key bases (technology, economic, etc) once their cash flow has been shut off from the West. Nor will they succeed in Sharia-izing banking systems beyond the West.

    In the remaining time left before the Muslims can defeat the United States, the Chinese will assume superpower status, and they will be invincible, especially to Muslims.

    • Alex Walderstein permalink
      November 15, 2009 10:57 pm

      That is a reassuring comment Jonathan. In Asia you have the problem of Muslims breeding at great proprtions as in Singapore, Malaysia and Southern Thailand. The fertility and birth rates for Chinese Singaporean and Thai women is almost negligible compared to the Malays. In fact Abortion is almost outlawed in Singapore for the Non-Malays to attempt to correct the balance. The Malays do not care if there is no future for their children or jobs available down the track. They have no family planning or consideration for the need of the country whatsoever which is concerning to the Singaporean Government.
      I am originally from Slovenia where we do not accept Muslim migrants from our expereince with them in WW2 (Albanians, Bosnians), neither does our neighbour Austria. I also fought against the imported Mujahadeen in Bosnia in the mid 90’s and today our efforts were in vain as the region is a training camp for Jihadists, and implimentation of Sharia Law to springboard into Europe and the UK.

      • Jonathan permalink
        November 16, 2009 6:53 am

        It is to the everlasting shame of the United States that we allowed the leftist regime of Clinton to help install an Islamic presence in that region. I have heard about what is going on there from overseas bloggers. We turned against our own kinsman who were trying to preserve their European culture from these theistic imperialists.

        And I am sad to admit that I served in that region during the same period that you were there. I went into the former Yugoslav region as a photographer in 1993, and stayed for quite awhile with NATO. And I was so ignorant of what was really going on.

        • Jonathan permalink
          November 16, 2009 7:05 am

          Here’s a good link to what’s going on in Bosnia, thanks to Bill Clinton and the leftists of America, who are so sick of American capitalist imperialism and stuff like that. So, let us look at the antics of the Leftists as they drag American honor through the mud, in service to the Islamofascists of the world.

  9. John Davidson permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:30 am

    The saddest revelation I find is that amongst all the political figures that I look upon to right the direction this country has taken against these threats, I can only find the female species to have the courage to lead us. All the males equivicate rather eloguently which is sickening.

  10. richard permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:33 am

    if that is truly what islam teaches, how can there be good muslims and bad muslims?

    and nowhere in the media is this reported. not even fox ever mentions this ‘fact’.

    their mantra is, ‘most muslims are good’.

    • PRCS permalink
      November 15, 2009 8:59 pm

      What they mean–without understanding it–is that those good Muslims are like Catholics who use artificial birth control methods–neither is in full compliance with the tenets of their respective belief systems.

      What they unconciously mean is that most Muslims are not devout.

  11. Becky E Cobb permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:34 am

    I believe you have it right. In my studies of the Bible, in Revelation, the USA is not even evident as existing when Armageddon begins. I always had a hard time believing that, but since this President was elected, and all that has ensued,I see it as probable.

  12. cdn4freedom permalink
    November 15, 2009 10:17 am

    I can see America at the brink where they are not going to take it anymore, even as the President continues to downplay the connection between Islam and violence. More Americans are asking the questions and will not accept the lame alternate explanations and reassurances in response to incidents like Fort Hood.

  13. November 15, 2009 11:41 am

    The peaceful muslims are as INSIGNIFACANT as the peaceful Germans were when the Nazis gained enough numbers to take over
    When confronted with the choice of EXTREMISM or death, which path will the “peaceful” Muslims choose?
    There are 3 Billion Muslims
    When is “too late” to late?

  14. shane comeback permalink
    November 15, 2009 12:13 pm

    Jonathan,much in your link is also in Charlotte Iserbyt’s free online book, ” The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” I’m really glad you posted that, it jarred my memory.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 15, 2009 11:29 pm

      You’re welcome. I’ve peeked at Iserbyt’s book – scanned it quickly. It is one of many, many books on the subject. You could fill a living room with books. It goes back to the fact that we’ve had people in this country warning us for decades about cultural Marxism, and about subversion in general. So people like Iserbyt are merely repeating facts that they in turn have researched from earlier writers going back to the days of the “Red Scare.”

      But they sounded conspiratorial, of course, because the Marxists were underground until the late 60s, when they finally emerged on the college campus in the antiwar protests. But they were fomenting PC in the latent “victim” movements that were taking shape in the background with little public notice – gay rights, feminism, migrant workers, inner city poverty, etc… Movements that did not come to be associated with the left until years later. And meanwhile, the leftist intelligesia were busily subverting our institutions.

      Most people don’t think of it, but Marxist subversion is what drove and motivated much of the unpleasant behavior going on in the 1920s – for example on the race relations front. The KKK’s brief explosion of membership, for instance, was motivated by fear of Marxism. Of course, their response was completely wrong and misguided; they chose to attack the targets of Marxism, rather than the Marxists themselves. While they ignored larger threats taking place under their very noses.

  15. peachey permalink
    November 15, 2009 12:41 pm

    During Obama’s speech at Ft. Hood he made note that the actions by the gunnman were not the actions that a” loving and just god” would approve of. The problem with this is that within Islam, Allah is not viewed as a loving father and his followers are not his children. In the Koran there are 2 words that you will never find attributed to Allah, those are love and just. In Islam, Allah is rather fickle and can change the rules or results based upon “his will”. This is the origin of the saying “if Allah wills it”. Also paradise is not a sure thing for those that read, memorize (an important principle in Islam) and follow the principles. The only sure way to receive the alcohol/intoxicants, young boys with alabaster skin and of course the perpetual virgins (that don’t have” bad breath”, “periods” or “body hair”) is to kill infidels and claim the blood sacrifice for Allah. A difficult and deadly philosophy. Attempting to put Islamic principles into a Judeo-Christian mold is impossible and will prove deadly for us all.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 15, 2009 11:35 pm

      Have you considered the terrifying fact that, if Obama is a Muslim, than he might be practicing the doctrine of deception against his own countrymen? THAT is a scary, scary thought. Remember. A Muslim has no moral injunction against lying to non-Muslims. It is acceptable, it is a good thing, it is heroic. This is something we Westerners don’t understand. Thanks to our Judeo-Christian cultural background, we believe that agreements are agreements and lying is lying. At least as an ideal norm of morality, even when not practiced, to do the opposite produces guilt.

      • mlc822 permalink
        November 16, 2009 12:59 am

        Yes. Well said. Chilling thought, isn’t it? It seems quite plain to me.

  16. mar permalink
    November 15, 2009 12:43 pm

    There is NO such thing as a moderate muslim. Some pretend to be, as in the many lies ‘they’ tell all ‘non-believers’. WHY ANYONE would believe
    ANYTHING a Muslim said is beyond me.
    One of the problems Americans have is that in the FBI,CIA,probably Secret service too, are MANY Muslims who would turn on you and I if it belped Islam!! I see that there are many in the carious Police Depts. too. SOOOOO who do we trust? I don’t see it in any of our so called
    government.That is how the scum will take over!!

  17. November 15, 2009 1:24 pm

    unless the American people cxome to understand that the Islam the religion of pease is far from that and that we refuse to face the fact we do so at our own peril. political correctness is a dangerous game that we’re playing and when the president pays homage, as she has done, about the religion of peace he is continuiong the deception. We cannot allow this government and officials keep perpetuating this tragic mistake and thus allow the continued encroachment by the islamists into key important positions in government and state governments. Italy for instance is expereincing problems of free speech and political correctness in which the islamists are able to muzzle any adverse commentary which is becoming a problem. the same can be said of France , Germany and other countries. We the people need to realize that the aim of the islamists is to substitute all other forms of law with theirs “Sharia” and this is no fantasy it is a fact!

  18. Len Powder permalink
    November 15, 2009 5:41 pm


    I guess I could have made the ending more ‘politically correct’?


    Excellent link to cultural marxism! Thank very much. Extract below:

    What is Cultural Marxism?
    William S. Lind

    In his columns on the next conservatism, Paul Weyrich has several times referred to “cultural Marxism.” He asked me, as Free Congress Foundation’s resident historian, to write this column explaining what cultural Marxism is and where it came from. In order to understand what something is, you have to know its history.

    Cultural Marxism is a branch of western Marxism, different from the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as “multiculturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness. From its beginning, the promoters of cultural Marxism have known they could be more effective if they concealed the Marxist nature of their work, hence the use of terms such as “multiculturalism.”

    Cultural Marxism began not in the 1960s but in 1919, immediately after World War I. Marxist theory had predicted that in the event of a big European war, the working class all over Europe would rise up to overthrow capitalism and create communism. But when war came in 1914, that did not happen. When it finally did happen in Russia in 1917, workers in other European countries did not support it. What had gone wrong?

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 15, 2009 11:41 pm

      Thank you. And let us not forget the most important paragraph of that essay: It really is the crux of the matter and PROVES once again that America was founded as a Judeo Christian civilization. This is the next paragraph from where you left off:

      “Independently, two Marxist theorists, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Georg Lukacs in Hungary, came to the same answer: Western culture and the Christian religion had so blinded the working class to its true, Marxist class interest that Communism was impossible in the West until both could be destroyed. In 1919, Lukacs asked, “Who will save us from Western civilization?” That same year, when he became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun government in Hungary, one of Lukacs’s first acts was to introduce sex education into Hungary’s public schools. He knew that if he could destroy the West’s traditional sexual morals, he would have taken a giant step toward destroying Western culture itself.”

      • William James Ward permalink
        November 17, 2009 4:49 pm

        Gramsci was exposed and explained in Malachi Martins book
        “The Keys Of This Blood”, a long read but very revealing of
        the efforts of Communism worldwide up to 1990. It is
        found under Touchstone…..Simon & Schuster. The Communists
        never went away, just chainged their name and have been active
        everywhere. Reading this book will explain much of where we
        are today but not completely.

        • Jonathan permalink
          November 19, 2009 4:14 am

          I’ve heard of this book William, and now thanks to you I’m going to send Amazon some of my hard-earned money today. I’m sure it’s available in hardback. Used is okay.

        • William James Ward permalink
          November 19, 2009 5:08 am


          The Catholic Church has always been active behind the scenes
          in political action. The invasion of the Church by forces antithetical
          to real Christianity has always been problematic, especially from
          communism dressed (in this case) the Lamb’s clothing. The book is
          much more than I stated in revealing names, places, action and
          intents. Probably by now Malachi Martin has produced more work.
          Happy Reading…WJW

    • Marylou permalink
      November 17, 2009 12:07 am


      But that’s just it. Your ending is just plain true, at least true the way I understand Islam to be at its root, which many do not want to see.

      I think I was just having a reaction to this really scary idea and trying to muster the troops (us) to stand up and fight more, rather than continued what seems to me like acceptance.

  19. William James Ward permalink
    November 15, 2009 6:21 pm

    If something is rotten, vile, murderous, inslaving, evil to the core,
    it will always be anti-American. There will always be someone
    somewhere that will want everyone else to bow down to them, whether
    they like it or not. Americans for most of our history have not
    been the knee bending type (Obama excluded)so we are the biggest
    target for evil intent, what a great distinction. Detroit is now
    from what I understand a Muslim City, who will be next. I know Detroit
    is in very bad shape but support from Saudi Arabia is always there
    for a Muslim colony. Any takers to go to Detroit to proselytize for
    Christianity. In muslim lands you loose body parts for expounding on
    any religion outside of Islam and acting against their customs. I
    think maybe this would be true also in Detroit, yes it grows and
    all of you are right, the question is how do we send the invaders
    home and when. Will it take palace during a pending bloody civil
    struggle or after, the future holds the answers. Hope and pray that
    the colonists have not been seting up WMD throughout the country
    while our government has been placating the whiners of the left,
    serving diversity and erasing our American culture.

    “Slit our throats”? Let them bring their daggers to a gun fight,
    I will be at home. And,yes! “Pray for the conversion of Islam”
    As a theist I would envoke the Deity on the side of America,
    a Judao-Christian Nation is stronger than is thought and always
    underestimated. It is right that evil be our enemy and that we
    fight it no matter what. The good book does say “fear not”.
    If life has not been good, try being born again.

  20. Jonathan permalink
    November 16, 2009 12:43 am

    Another good essay on cultural Marxism and its origin. If you want to know the names to research, and the jumping off points for deeper study, this is a good place to start. If you want to know who to blame, here they are. With photographs. This is how the destruction of America began…

  21. Jonathan permalink
    November 16, 2009 12:47 am

    Here’s one more link about the history of cultural Marxism.

  22. rtk_51 permalink
    November 16, 2009 12:28 pm

    At some point the majority of people in the US will wake up and fight back, I just pray it isn’t too late.

  23. Len Powder permalink
    November 16, 2009 6:11 pm


    Thank you for your comments and links. It is fascinating to discover the origins of political correctness. You rightly cited a very important paragraph from the Free Congress Foundation. Here’s another statement from Chapter 1, “What is Political Correctness?”:


    Only a few sentences, but they describe the dynamics of a whole society (ours) perfectly. In keeping with the original topic of this thread we should note that the Marxist Culturalists have added ISLAMIC JIHADISTS to their list of ‘VIRTUOUS’ people.

    How do we fight cultural marxism? Here is an excerpt from William S. Lind’s prescription:

    “Those who would defeat cultural Marxism must DEFY IT. They must use words it forbids, and refuse to use the words it mandates…The must shout from the housetops the realities it seeks to suppress, such as the facts that violent crime is disproportionately committed by blacks…

    “Above all, those who would defy Political Correctness must behave according to the old rules or our culture, not the new rules the cultural Marxists lay down…Ladies should be wives and homemakers, not cops or soldiers…Open homosexuality should be shunned. Jurors should not accept race as an excuse for murder.

    “Defiance spreads…The ripples from a single act of defiance, of one instance of walking up to the clay idol and breaking off its nose, can range far. There is NOTHING the Politically Correct fear more than open defiance…That should lead cultural CONSERVATIVES to DEFY cultural Marxism at every turn.”

    It’s this defiance that was expressed this year (2009) at tea party rallies, at Town Hall meetings, in the 9-12 March on Washington, in phone calls, faxes and emails to Congress. It is this defiance which will make us REFUSE to purchase health care insurance because the tyrannical government threatens us with fines and incarceration if the Marxist Health Care bill is eventually passed. Political Correctness is the sickness and Defiance is the antidote!

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 17, 2009 2:25 am

      Len, I’m glad you enjoyed those links. Take that information and drill down into names and organizations.

      Did you know that the president of the World Bank is… a French COMMUNIST? Imagine that. Wikipedia has a listing of all the websites of central banks around the world. Every country except Panama has a central bank, all of them tied into the World Bank. Research the names of the board members of each bank. I have been for about 3 years now. You will find all sorts of interesting connections. Most of them bad.

      There really is a conspiracy – a shadow government. I just don’t know what it is yet or how to describe it.

      At any rate, people in this country will always do what they do everywhere. When they no longer have a voice to shout with, and when they begin to starve, and when they have nothing left to lose… they will rise up and fight.

      Unfortunately, history shows that the stupid people take over in a sheer emotional rage. All the wrong people get hurt and all the bad people vanish with suitcases full of gold bars. How much better it could be if people would life seriously and act proactively. Like we were doing 80 years ago, but stopped doing in the mid 1950s. Better yet, we should have listened to Washington and Jefferson.

  24. Len Powder permalink
    November 16, 2009 6:54 pm


    Thank you for warning us of what to expect if we don’t reject PC and Socialism here in the US. On the positive side, conservatism seems to be on the ascendancy for now. In addition, the massacre in Fort Hood has many pundits questioning the PC position taken by Obama, the MSM and others, on what was obviously a jihadist attack. We need to eradicate the PC disease from our Congress and White House first, then we need to begin a long, tortuous process of innoculating the academic institutions of this scourge. I doubt I will see the latter in my lifetime. I just hope the decontamination begins at least once we’ve emptied the garbage in DC.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 17, 2009 2:15 am

      Len, I have to disagree that conservatism is on the ascendancy. We need to focus on a bigger, wider picture that only the internet can provide – that ability to “drill down” into the minute detail of life anywhere in the world at any time. God help us if the government takes the internet away. The word isnt conservatism anyway I think – it is Western Civilization.

      Our Western society has been so devastated and ruined by cultural Marxism over the past 100 years, that we are essentially living in an entirely new age – a transitional age between the last dying vestiges of Western Christian civilization and the emerging age of global humanist quasi-civilizaton. There is NO ASCENDANCY as long as the education system is controlled by humanism and the church is muzzled by fear.

      All the basic beliefs of the West have been uprooted and destroyed; even the most basic assumptions of the old order. Divine authority, civility, manners, respect for the elderly and children, parental skills, the love of high art and culture. Patriotism. Logic, moral absolutes, accountability, justice, chastity.

      It will take one or two major world wars, plus dozens of regional and national struggles over the course of another 100 years to resolve this issue. It is inevitable and unavoidable. We cannot turn back to the founders now, peacefully and without courage.

      Without Christianity, we are nothing. It is the foundation, the hinge pin, the fulcrum, the root of everything we yearn for as free men. The pestilence of Marxism cannot be defeated without the power of that living word.

      And let us not mistake anything. Western civilization translates to “white civilization”. South Africa is the template of the future. Cultural Marxism views the white race as a lethal virus that must be bred out of existence or destroyed utterly, before Christianity and capitalism can be vanquished forever.

      As a Christian, I have a particular belief about how this whole thing ends. And I see current events as playing to that end. But nevertheless, I believe strongly that the end will come due in part to the failures of all men, Christians most of all, to take right actions against the evils of the world. I am morally bound by my beliefs to be concerned about the fate of those not yet born – even as those same beliefs tell me that all effort will ultimately be swallowed up in the inevitable moment of God’s intervention.

      • William James Ward permalink
        November 22, 2009 6:11 pm


  25. rockybutte permalink
    November 27, 2009 11:21 pm

    Sadly, there appear to be some fairly intelligent, well-meaning people posting on this site. I say sadly because they have cleverly, painstakingly and irresolutely developed some internal arguments to justify their eternal observations. Their observations are hateful, designed to demonize all muslims. They fail to understand that the overwhelming majority of muslims have no wish for Jihad or terror against Christians. Unfortunately, the most devout muslims, a minority among muslims, are as full of hate and as willing to slaughter, rape and torture as are the most devout christians, also a minority among christians.

    Both religions believe that their sacred texts compel devotees to kill those who profess different faiths. The likelihood of confrontation is inevitable. The consequences of this clash will reverberate throughout the planet until wiser hands reach out to each other with the understanding that neither side can fully eliminate the threat of the other’s existence.

    Will anyone on this site show the wisdom and maturity to get beyond hate and stereotyping, and attempt to understand how the deep chasm between islam and christianity can be bridged? I hope so.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 28, 2009 5:38 am

      I think that the divide between Marxist and Muslim is easier to bridge, rocky. But, I’m afraid that the everyday reality of life for non-Muslims in any given Islamic country contradicts what you are saying . No one would be intrinsically afraid to move to any country in the West to live under Western mores. But any non-Muslim would sensibly think long and hard about moving to Yemen or Brunei or Indonesia.

      I want to verbally blast you ferociously for making this inane comparison with Christianity. Why Christianity? I’m presuming that the verses you refer to as damning evidence against Christianity are contained in the Old Testament – so why not castigate the Jews? Why not criticize Hindus? Hindus and Muslims go at it like banshees in India, Kashmir, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. And I don’t blame the Hindus a bit. Why don’t you go talk to Hindus and Sikhs when you consciously decide to escape from your boxed in little fantasy world.

      We are not going to accomplish anything by living in denial. And you need to break out of your cultural Marxist shell. See the world for what it is, rather than as some abstract dialectic fantasy.

      • William James Ward permalink
        November 28, 2009 8:46 am

        You said it all Johathan but I was irked by the serious duplicity
        detected in the message of Rockybutte, it was mentally disturbing.
        Thank you for the links on cultural marxism. I hope to have the time
        some day to be able to look into it with a studious effort. Much
        gets past us while work eats at the clock and no time is left for
        any pursuits outside of self support. I know we are in a world war,
        terrorists are the most obvious. Subversives here at home are quite
        active on all fronts. America could not be beaten militarialy but
        we could be destroyed via our economy, which is being done by the
        present government in Washington. The financial life of our nation
        was set up by Bill Clinton and associates, our checks and balances
        have been muted, where oh where is the broom to clean house. No one
        wanted to call Clinton a traitor, I do. I see what is coming to mind
        to most everyone else. Fortunately there are remedies, there is a
        reset button, there is an action that can turn the clock back and
        bring a halt to all of the scheming and subversion. It may be argued
        that all of the problems go way back, Johnson, Carter. That is
        to complex for this forum, actually it goes back a hundred years
        and will some day be exposed by astute students of history, that is
        if there will be any. Let me correct my statement, the present
        financial life of our Nation was set up by the Clintonistas.

        • Jonathan permalink
          November 28, 2009 9:07 am

          Rockybutte is a cultural Marxist. Meaning, that he observes the world through the lens of that understanding. It matters not whether he considers himself conservative or liberal.

          I’m glad you found those links helpful William.

          Regarding the financial life of our nation, I respectfully disagree with you that the Clintonistas were ultimately responsible. Actually, I think the real villiany goes back about a century. In the US, that would be the federal reserve. The politicians are their frontmen, in exchange for the perks and power. Clinton was nothing more than either a “useful idiot” or an active stooge for the true villians. And the world financial system is run by the mother of all central bankers.

          If you want to study, start with the IMF or the World Bank entries on Wikipedia. Follow that up with the global central bank system. I am currently engaged in studying the people involved in that system. I want to see what their connections are to global Marxism. I start with the presupposition that there is one, because otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time with the effort. And, of course, I have discovered that the World Bank and IMF are loaded with Marxists, starting with the chairman on down.

          Is there a new emerging paradigm? Capitalism for the ruling elites, socialist rigor for everyone else. It’s the best way to work the global ponzi scheme. By playing economies against one another on the world markets, the world becomes a vast pot of gold. We are seeing the construction of feudal mega states right before our very eyes.

          • William James Ward permalink
            November 28, 2009 11:09 am

            You are very correct Jonathan. My reason for blaming the Clintonistas
            is that they actively forced the banking system to create our present
            perdicament and trade fiascos. He knew the outcome of his actions
            would be what they are today, he paved the way for Obama and
            unfortunately so did George Bush. The IMF is a cesspool of evil,
            our Fed no better, our founders knew the dangers of big government
            and we were warned, but the allure of an easy life, culling moral
            education and ethics was in play before we were born by thousands of
            years. Your statement of “Capatalism for the ruling elites, socialist
            rigor for everyone else.” Sums up my thinking in the broad terms of
            today and reality. Most of todays news is distracting sideshows as
            was Clintons capers to keep attention away from the theives in
            government. What sets my hair on fire is that so many people knew
            and were complicit while fighting to ascend or remain in the top
            10% of elites while condemning our posterity to servitude, their
            new generations of serfs. The voices in contention with government
            as we know it today may sound good but the efete outcome of their
            antics will be to continue the status quo while mesmerizing the
            general public into beleiving something is going to be done and
            action is under way when in actuallity the shive is going deeper
            into our ribs and the one world government and universal servitude
            is assured. There is always factor X and I am looking for a grand
            surprise and being a beleiver I know the power is not that of the
            fools in charge, the story is much much bigger and involves a
            grander stage. We will see soon enough, what times we live in.
            Thank you for your thoughtful considerations………WJW
            Let me know when your book comes out.

    • William James Ward permalink
      November 28, 2009 8:24 am


      I would like to know just who these devout Christians are that
      want to live a felonious life which would preclude their entrance
      into the Kingdome of God? We can not get along with people bent on
      our destruction, if you think that you need to re-think. The vile
      actions of muslims are unacceptable to a civalised world, you seek
      to attenuate the conduct of these barbarians and create a moral
      equilivancy with Christianity, you could characterize yourself as
      an intellectual subversive with that nonsense . In Christian society
      what Muslims do is illegal and have severe legal sanction and are
      deplored with great public outcry. This does not happen with Muslims,
      where is the public outcry against Muslim terrorists, where the
      sanctions. You’re statement is spurious at best. Muslim society has
      no intention of living with anyone else and is continually preparing
      to give the rest of the world a choice, become one of us or die. When
      they are in the majority they act, you need to wake up.

  26. rockybutte permalink
    November 28, 2009 11:09 am

    Sigh…This is why I get discouraged reading rightwing blogs. Any attempt to discuss issues at the core of a disagreement is met with a rightwinger mentioning a stereotype. For example, William James Ward and Jonathan refer to me as a “cultural marxist” (whatever that is), and dismiss my comments because I am a “cultural marxist”. On other occasions rightwingers have said that I must have received my inspiration from the “liberal media”. These buzzword stereotypes unfortunately serve as the final argument when the potential for mature debate exists.

    William and Jonathan are stuck in simplistic world-views, i.e, Christian=good; muslim=bad. Again, an adherence to stereotyping that neither religion deserves.

    I have lived in predominately muslim countries where most people are content to go about their daily lives, just like in the USA. They’re not interested in bringing terror to the shores of America. They want to raise their kids and enjoy the pleasures that live holds. The fanatics, however, are another story. They judge the unfamiliar in terms of stereotypes just as William and Jonathan probably do.

    I live in a predominately christian country now where fanatic christians kill abortion doctors; where fanatic christians bomb child care centers in federal buildings; where small armies of armed christians in remote areas wait for the moment to take down the “tyrants” whose blood must be spilled periodically; where bloviating radio hosts call for insurrection against the administration.

    Peace be to you all.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 28, 2009 12:47 pm

      Hmmm.. Rockybutte,

      You need to find out what a cultural Marxist is, because you are one.

      You live in a fanatic Christian country? Nonsense. You’re just engaging in “gotcha” argument. More abortion opponents have been the victims of pro-choice violence, than the other way around. It’s just that the media only reports one side of the issue. It’s hard to believe you would make this argument, while yet excusing the reality of life in Muslim countries. You’re just a product of cultural Marxism.

      That being disposed of, we move to the reality of life in Muslim countries. You wouldn’t want to live in a single one of them as an unbeliever. If you want to argue the point, than resist the urge and spend the time doing some google searches on Dhimmis or something similar.

      I wager that I have just as much cultural experience in Muslim countries as you do. My comments are based on thought. Yours are based on political correctness. Nothing else.

    • Marylou permalink
      November 29, 2009 11:29 pm

      I think you’re a little twerp.

  27. rockybutte permalink
    November 28, 2009 4:26 pm

    Jonathan, this will be my last post here because most of the posters give me the creeps. I can see where you may have interpreted my words about christian fanatics in the USA. Please note than I don’t consider most American Christians to be fanatics. Only a small percentage are. Many fanatics believe they are doing God’s work by killing people who they believe God would want them to kill.

    The posters on this site seem to revel in their hatred of muslims. Perhaps it defines their bleak lives and lends them meaning. I don’t believe that the Jewish man you worship would approve of your hatred.

    • Alex Walderstein permalink
      November 28, 2009 5:17 pm

      Another Muslim appeaser/apologist/Dhimmi who knows absolutely nothing about history concerning Mulsims or Islam.Has nevr read the Koran. The biggest error in western civilsation has been to allow Muslims to migrate and live in Western countries.
      I have fought against Muslims in Bosnia to prevent what is happening today. My ancestors who was General de Walderstein of the Austrian Army in 1683 defeated the Turks on the Wall of Vienna. Today we again have the “Fifth Column” Mulsims marching into western lands through leftist migration/asylum seeking. They are not your squeeky clean people as you make out to be. They are run by the Clerics who if he tells them to cut the rest of the worlds throats they will do it to previuosly their freinds.Yes I revel in my hatred of Muslims and ama proud Islamophobe if you want to call me that. I speak with authority on my views and they will not change and Islam is not changing. Our lives will become bleak as we then have to conduct a take back program in possible civil wars to kick out Muslims from western lands.
      I suggest you research history to see what tese people are really like. They are not to be trusted!!!Read up on the Arab trait and mentality of these people.

      • Jonathan permalink
        November 28, 2009 5:31 pm

        Well said, Alex. Rockybutte seemed so earnest and sincere in his efforts to prejudge people that I almost suspected he was being an ironic troller. And I think he assumes that everyone who won’t accept Dhimmification is a Christian Crusader. Most likely, he hasn’t done well keeping up with current events around the world.

      • rockybutte permalink
        November 28, 2009 9:32 pm

        You’re freaking me out Alex. What’s a dhimii?

        • Alex Walderstein permalink
          November 28, 2009 9:50 pm

          With respect Rocky, let us educate you as i see what the problem has been. I was a leftist person of sorts some 24 years ago due to the education system we have here that is left leaning (feminist/lesbian/gay male teachers is all thats left in the system who are Cultural Marxist appeasers of Anti West/USA Arabs and Muslims) and then saw the light and lies of the Liberal left.
          A Dhimmi is simply someone that accepts Islam into their society with all its consequences (There are no benefits at all for the society)and bends backwards for this society and simply allows itself to be ruled and dominated by Islamic Sharia law, which is the aim for ALL Muslims in western society. I held up a sign at a protest some years ago, “Death before Dhimmitude” when the Islamic Council of Victoria in Australia took several pastors to court to silence them in telling the truth about Islam.

          The Uniting Church over here is a Dhimmi now for the Muslim Society. Remember that the Dhimmi’s are the first to have their throats cut once the Muslims get the majority rule and power in a society as you are then no longer needed. They are a very well organised group with unlimited overseas resources.

        • Jonathan permalink
          November 29, 2009 6:52 am

          This is the point rockybutte….

          You don’t know basic terminology like “dhimmi”. Why should we listen to you? You don’t seem to have a grasp of current events.

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 28, 2009 5:36 pm

      I’ve never run into any of these Christian fanatics, Rocky. Seen lots of leftist humanist ones though.

      Unless… are you equating street corner preachers and Jehovah’s Witnesses with the people who cut Daniel Pearl’s head off on video? Who bury teenage girls in the dirt up to their waists and then smash their brains out with cinder blocks? Blow up buses? Crash airliners into skyscrapers? Who dress preschoolers up in dynamite vests for school photos?

      Funny. There are just as many Christians all over the globe as Muslims. But I really don’t see nearly the headlines.

      • rockybutte permalink
        November 28, 2009 9:33 pm

        Jonathan, you’ve got to get out more.

      • rockybutte permalink
        November 28, 2009 10:20 pm

        Ok, Jonathan. Here’s some history about Christian fanatics (check out Islam 101):

        St. Augustine said “cognite intrare” (force them to convert). Millions were tortured and slaughtered in the name of Christianity during the periods of the Arian, Donatist and Albigensian heresies.

        The Crusades: The European armies slaughtered between one million and five million in the name of God.

        Europe’s Reformation and Counter Reformation: Millions of Christians were slaughtered by other Christians.

        African slave trade: Claimed the lives of ten million.

        Colonial conquests of North and South America: As many as twenty million died in three generations.

        The 20th century wars: About 250 million people were killed in wars. About 70% of the deaths were brought about by Christians.

        In the 20th century alone, Christian powers have been responsible for twenty time more deaths than Muslim powers.

        1992-1995 Bosnia: The genocide of over 300,000 Muslims and the rape of over 100,000 Muslim women by Christian Serbs.

        None of this includes the horrors perpetrated on Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis by Christians. I’m also not going to include the slaughter of other non-Christians by the expansionist, imperialist Christian powers in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

        As Kurt Vonnegut said: “so it goes”.

  28. William James Ward permalink
    November 28, 2009 8:19 pm


    Simply put you are behind the curve of your own argument.
    Christian murderers killing abortion providers? Yes there was one
    poor man who was overcome by the outrage of abortion and destroyed
    an abortionist, this has happened more than once. However, the
    problem here is abortion itself, how many abortion clinics are
    there in Muslim dominated areas? How about none. They see the value
    of enough people under Sheria control to dominate the World. Here
    in the Western countries abortion is going on to kill off unwanted
    populations and who do we have to thank for that hideous circumstance.
    Your beloved Marxists, leftists the antithetical subversives, culture
    destroyers. Come on down to it the argument is and always has been
    between good and evil. You Rocky are on the wrong side of history and
    of life and of the future, unless you change…..abandon all hope.
    I and all Christians that I know want to live in peace but war has
    been declared and against us by a world of evil and we
    have no choice in the matter. The Powers that be have moved greatly
    in just the last century, I have live many of those years,
    years that there has been no peace in the world. The slaughter of
    innocents will one day be answered for, read the scriptures that
    you can get an idea of who and what you are against.

    • rockybutte permalink
      November 28, 2009 10:28 pm


      I am not a freakin’ Marxist. I’m a capitalist businessman who is ashamed of the horror that has been brought upon other nations by the goons in charge of my government. I want grownup, mature politicians to settle the disputes with the Muslims now.

      We can’t kill them all; we can’t kick them all out of the military; we can’t kick them all out of the country; we have to live with them, so, for chrissakes, let the dialogue begin.

      • Alex Walderstein permalink
        November 28, 2009 10:49 pm


        You havent done your research! You dont know your adversary! You cannot talk to these people like you do to your family and freinds. Talk does nothing. You cannot talk to cancer to becoming benign and leaving your body

        Arabs and Muslims only know the sword, the Turks knew how to control the Arabs and that was with a stick. They only know death and destruction.

        Islam that has been allowed to infiltrate western lands is nothing more than cancer. In Australia we have all these laughable cross religious dialogue “feel good” groups and everyone can see through them.

        And YES we can exclude Muslims from the Military if we have too. And YES one day we may have to boot them out like El-Cid did in Spain to the Moors. It is why the Muslims want to retake Spain for themselves. Dozens of Palestines will form througout the US, UK and Australia and it has shown that Talk has failed on every count. In Europe, where it will happen first, I heard the US Navy has already planned for its ships to take Muslims out of Europe to North Africa backwards and fowards for months, millions and millions who will be pushed to the ports of embarkation through force.

        Having faught and taken many international Mujahadeen and Bosnian Muslims fighters in the 90’s when fighting for the Serb military, you cannot talk to these people, they want total expulsion of non muslims. I helped and provided much data to the UN after the war of our Brigades witness reports of Muslim genocide of Serb christians. But no all the UN wanted to hear was Attrocities against the Muslims as many of the media and UN had Saudi funding. Some of my work appears below.

        • rockybutte permalink
          November 28, 2009 11:26 pm


          The same kind of crap was written about Jews by Christians, particularly in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries.. We all know how that wound up.

          That led to the invasion of Palestine and the usurpation of Palestinian lands by the Zionists, which led to the intafada, which began in the 1940s and continues today. The door was opened to Hamas and Hezbollah with the support of the Iranians, who wished revenge against the USA for the deposition of the democratically elected government of Mogadesh in 1953. That event, which led to the return of the Shah, alienated Iranians against the USA since. Think about that for just a minute: The USA, led by Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA, deposed Iran’s democratically elected government. Outrageous!

          Are you so blind to why Muslims hate us.

          Alex, I don’t know if the story of your relative fighting at the walls of Vienna is true, and I don’t know if you’re telling the truth about fighting for the Serbs against the Bosnians. What are your thoughts about the massacre of Bosnians by Serbs in Srebrinica?

          • Jonathan permalink
            November 29, 2009 7:31 am

            Why do you care about the anti-Semitism of Christians so much more than that of Islam? The officially government sanctioned hatred of Jews in all Middle Eastern countries TODAY is of no concern to you?

            You do know that the Saudis would not allow US Jewish personnel to hold Synagogue on Saudi soil during Desert Storm? And they tried to ban Bibles being brought into the country by service members? Jewish personnel had to fly out to a carrier in the Persian Gulf to have their services.

            Leftists like you amaze me. You are always pointing backwards in time to past wrongs of selected groups while you ignore the present when it besmirches your favored groups.

            The Palestinians are squatters from all over the Middle East. They have no claim on the land. Israel owned it before Islam was even thought of. Palestine was nothing but a swamp in 1940. And the Israelis welcomed the Palestinians as citizens, and they were rebuffed. After what the Jews have endured for so many centuries, it would seem logical for the left in all its Marxist compassion to say they should have some entitlement. But no, its not like that. Even when so many secular Jews ARE leftists. You would probably defend Native American property claims to the death, rightly so. But for some reason, everything must be reversed in the land of Zion.

            Why do Muslims hate SO MANY people, rocky? So many, from the South Seas to the Phillippines to China and Mongolia, to the Caucasus, to Chechnea to Africa to Europe. Why do they hate the Swedes, rocky? And why did they support Hitler in WW2, rocky? Why did they make alliances with the Soviets, Rocky? Seems that they find themselves fighting everywhere. Why is that Rocky? What do they have against the Pakistanis and the Kashmirees? Why should they hate the Hindus, rocky?

            My thoughts on Bosnia are that the Muslims started it by invading the country 800 years ago, and forcibly converting the Catholic rulers to Islam, who then forced a less willing Christian populace to convert also or die and lose their lands. Since that time, its been tit for tat violence. Look at the mosques of Constantinople. Who built them? And who took them over and turned them into mosques, rocky?

            Regarding your list from Islam 101, most of the numbers and the circumstances are skewed or fabricated. But, I will say that noone in this world is free of bloody hands. I just find it silly that you dwell in the past but excuse the future. You keep wanting to point to the guilty of long ago, but excuse the guilty of today. I prefer to deal with the problems of today. I’m not worried about the pope setting up schools to train suicide bombers. NOBODY IS, despite your ridiculous fantasies.

            • rockybutte permalink
              November 29, 2009 10:10 am

              I think you have a character disorder, Jonathan. Buhbye!

              • Jonathan permalink
                November 29, 2009 11:26 am

                Yep. That’s the kind of response I expected. No surprise there.

      • Jonathan permalink
        November 29, 2009 7:43 am

        You are a cultural Marxist. I don’t care if you are a capitalist businessman. Castro is a capitalist too. You have all the symptoms of the cultural Marxist.

        Feigned outrage over anti-Semitism while simultaneously condemning everything Israel does. Well, it’s about leftist Jews versus non-PC Jews.
        Use of dubious statistics that must be accepted without question.
        Group guilt. Group absolution. Victim classes.
        Collective retaliation in the present for the sins of yesteryear – no evidence required.
        A love of totalitarians and dictators
        Blame the victim; coddle the bully.
        Hate the West and America especially (for undeserved things)
        Ignore reality. Selective view of history using the filter of political correctness.

        The real deal is that you want to appear to be above the mundane thoughts of the breadbasket mainstream. Those despised “ordinary folks” who cling to their guns and their Bibles. If those ignorant hicks in the working class are worried about something, then it automatically has to be silly and irrelevant to the well-heeled leftist Salon reader. Be intellectually stylish and “in” according to the example of the Dixie Chicks. That’s what leftists do.

  29. William James Ward permalink
    November 29, 2009 9:23 am


    To calarify for you “dhimmi”, in the year 638 Muhammed
    conquered Khaybar which sits about 95 miles south of Medina.
    It was being inhabited by Jews at that time, they were given
    the option of conveting to Islam, death or becoming “dhimmi”.
    The term means servitude without human right. They accepted
    servitude though some may have been killed. The Jews paid to
    stay there at 50% of what they grew or made, sounds like our
    own government. They gave up what was called Jizya, do not
    hold me to the spelling, a tax on all they had in perpetuity.
    The treaty of surrender was known as the dhimma…
    a small part of history, later on the Jews were kicked out.

    It is a fact that Muslims, Christians and Jews at some time
    had their wars and it is never the expressed tenet of Christian
    faith, I am unaware of it being a tenet of Jewish faith but
    it is the major course for Islam, its spread and subjegation of
    all in the wold. So it goes. I do not excuse violence but use of
    force in defending one’s home and property, nation and culture
    would reasonable. Many people are Christians in name only, same
    for Jews, will not argue that for Muslims. By the actions of many
    over the course of human history the report card gives most
    leaders a bif fat “F” for what they have put the world through.
    Not to mention the fact that all cultures seem to have loved their
    wars and it seems to be the the want of many today. Offend or defend,
    which is it, which side can you take. I would never defend evil,
    I would live or die according to my conscience and defer to the
    teachings of Jesus Christ and none other……..Willy

  30. rockybutte permalink
    November 29, 2009 10:14 am


    Thanks for the education about dhimmi. I need to remember that.

    So, how are you going to kill all of the 1,000,000,000+ Muslims in the world?

    • Jonathan permalink
      November 29, 2009 11:30 am

      Nobody wants to kill all of them. We didn’t need to annihalate the Russians either or all the Germans. We just needed to stand up to them like intelligent men, recognizing the threat, not whitewashing the truth, and standing on a principalled survival. The Muslims will respect that.

      Because, after all, I believe that they are NOT as fanatical as they seem to be. The fanaticism is fueled more by our acquiescence and our perceived weakness than anything else. Fanaticism WORKS for them and history proves it. Look at Khadaffi’s behavioral change over the last 20 years for instance.

      Don’t tell me the Muslims are oppressed by the way. That’s ludicrous. They have more wealth, more autonomy and more resources than anyone on the planet.

    • William James Ward permalink
      November 29, 2009 2:07 pm

      I have no idea of killing a billion plus muslims but if there is
      any justice I would hope they would be made to live with our
      Marxist, Socialist left, would make a great reality show, now
      how would you expect them to get along. Unless there is some
      kind of miracle they surely will spend eternity together, while
      there is still time we will pray for peace and recognition of
      the truths of the Bible. I have no malice towards anyone, on the
      contrary I would be thrilledd to see men beat their swords into
      plowshares.There is a spiritual war, the Prophets speak of war in
      heaven, there is a much greater dimension than is commonly thought.
      Rockola like everyone else here you have a choice, make good use
      of it, that I will respect, that I serve to insure…….happy
      outcomes for you Rockybutte……commentor, sometimes called Willy

  31. Jonathan permalink
    November 29, 2009 12:55 pm

    Here’s a great newstory for you from Geneva. Here’s what socialists and Muslims think of democracy when it doesn’t go their way:

    Of course, appeasers like rockybutte will see this as some sort of Bush-inspired conspiracy or something. Or come up with some reciprocal vengeance statement against his own country or against some pope who died 1000 years ago.

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