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Random Observations from Barack Obama’s America

November 19, 2009

Lou Dobbs has come closer to death in the last year than Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

  1. kim permalink
    November 20, 2009 8:53 am

    Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck and Hannity, and others. are our hero’s..G-d will protect them and now that America is awake these lefty fools are coming down. how about that. we protested all of this administration, because we did not have to be too smart to see what an who they are. If they think that avoiding us now on media and everywhere else as they lie like the devil about everything, they are only fooling themselves. If they think we won’t take by force our country and our white house they got another think coming. and NOT to forget those who pretend they are real Americans who are not..we know them too. None of them can fool us one way or the other as we know the left is on both sides. Na…we will fight for our liberty and freedom ..and I don’t think they know what they are up against and are to busy pocketing our money to think..the bailout and spending will stop and for whatever we can’t recover we wil take their jets and homes that really belong to American familys that they ripped off for yrs. the UN will go, the EU will never happen and those who are for illegal immigration are also dead wrong. there is ONLY one way to do immigraion. the constitutional way. sorry Rivera. you are dead wrong. shame on you…and stop all immigration for ten yrs and send the illegals home. and knowing we give the UN aginst us Americans who voted to have them OUT..who we have been forced to give more than all the counties in the world and hey pocket that too and most don’t even touch on humanism. and the bailout. with the parties Obama has and all the ladies and men in waiting for Mrs O….could have paid off every mortgage in America and given all citizens healthcare and then we bring back the jobs we outsourced as much as we can’ bailout for business , rid ourselves of AARP and others who give our bucks to lobby for the unconstituional freaks. we have the enemy drilling on our waters. what a bunch of crap. I say drill. we have more oil in our country, seven we know about. we can take our country back and prosper and bring G-d back..we better..and for all those who are blind, are you going to wait till you are hungry and hopeless or will you get off your blessed assurances that are all lies and fight the good fight, for your children and grandchildren? better wake up!!

  2. November 22, 2009 11:04 pm

    I like this article but..
    Can someone tell me about Barack Obama?
    I know that he is a serious candidate for ’08, but I would like to know where he stands on the issues. I checked his site but nowhere can I find the info. i am looking for.
    so please tell me…

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