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A Spoonful of Saccharine: If You Can’t Change Reality, Mock It

December 3, 2009

Rachel Maddow took a moment from her busy, busy schedule Wednesday night to mock Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). She did so, because he said something that hits perhaps just a little too close to home for leftists like Maddow who believe in the transformative power of government to fix all our ills.

McConnell had this to say about funding President Obama‘s expanded troop deployment to Afghanistan:

We know the stimulus failed. We’re looking for a way to fund several years of the war. I would suggest unexpended stimulus funds would be good place to start.

Maddow chooses to mock McConnel for daring to suggest the stimulus failed, when she says “the stimulus saved or created between 600,000 and 1.6 million jobs.” This is what’s known as ‘changing the goalposts.’ Or in simpler and more direct terms: clinging to leftist dogma in the face of reality. She calls her segment “Dollars and Nonsense,” which is accurate only in the sense that McConnel is talking dollars, and Maddow is talking nonsense.

The myth...

Check the facts: with the stimulus, Obama promised us, the unemployment rate would peak at 7.8%. Without it, at 8.5%. Well, where does the unemployment rate currently stand? Try 10.2%, and that’s even with the government’s dubious practice of not considering people who have tried, failed, and completely given up on finding work as unemployed.

...and the reality.

Maddow’s jeers–fact free, and devoid of any sort of substantive analysis mind you, just pure, unadulterated mocking–are typical of leftist goalpost-moving. During the Bush years, even as hundreds of thousands of jobs were created each month, we were repeatedly told that they weren’t the right kind of jobs, or didn’t pay enough, or didn’t benefit the right interest groups. Now, even as the economy continues to sag, leftists all jump up to shout “oh but without the stimulus, it would have been so much worse!” Nevermind that it’s already worse than the people who pushed the stimulus in the first place told us it would get.

But still, some cling to the “or saved” part of the stimulus phrasing to claim the stimulus works. After all, you can’t really disprove something that’s only a nebulous guess at what an alternate reality would be. Still, that hasn’t stopped the administration from trying to prove it, although they’ve wound up using phony data to overstate their claims.

And McConnel is right–there is plenty of allocated money remaining from the stimulus bill. Just a shade over 24% of the $787 billion has gone out the door–and remember, this was from a program that supposedly had to pass immediately or our economy was doomed to immediate failure. McConnel has the right of things–if Obama is serious about sending more troops, and also serious about his claims to not want to run up the debt, he should use stimulus funds. After all, it’s clearly not working. And the people are not fooled, no matter how loudly Maddow praises the Emperor’s clothes.

  1. December 3, 2009 1:39 pm

    Not a bad idea. After all, money is money, right? A previous designation for a dollar should not prevents its value from going to waste. I think any ‘right minded’ American can see the stimulus package is a joke. The problem with the powers that be have in creating jobs is that hardly any of them have experience in the private sector (less than 10% I believe). America’s economy relies most heavily on small business. How does they saying go? “give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime”. How many jobs would have been created if there were more trust in people to govern themselves? Unfortunately, this ideology leaves little room for government control.

    Imagine if you will, the number of jobs that would be created had a portion of that ‘porkulus’ bill gone towards small business loans for Americans to start new businesses. Call me crazy, but aren’t these the people that actually understand small business? Regardless, the current administration is now being forced into deception to explain this gargantuan waste of taxpayer dollars. Read here:

    With $18 M to ‘update’ (turning down a perfectly good bid of $600,000) it’s no wonder our government doesn’t have the first clue about creating a single job.

    Nathan R. Jessup

  2. In the Know permalink
    December 3, 2009 2:12 pm

    You assume that facts are pertinent to any leftists arguments….

  3. Paul permalink
    December 3, 2009 4:03 pm

    Can anyone tell me what .17 jobs is? On, it talks about .17 jobs. It is actually impossible to save a job. You give someone a raise, that’s a saved job? The greater thing is, the amount of fake districts that stimulus money has gone to. I bet you Rachel Maddow would NEVER ever talk about, that. Actually, don’t bet, because if you bet against me, you’d lose and you know it. How many districts does Massachusetts have, 12, 14, 15? 45? Nope. Well the website talks about giving tax payer funds to the 43rd or 45th district of Massachusetts and the 00 and 7th district of Iowa. No state has a “00” district. I knew the stimulus was bull.

  4. Carterthewriter permalink
    December 3, 2009 4:12 pm

    Are we giving Rachel credence, again? I suspect her sacchrine is spiked.

  5. December 3, 2009 4:25 pm

    The amazing thing to me is that we are not to know what is being done with our money, and this is legal?! (yes)

  6. Samuel permalink
    December 4, 2009 10:16 am

    The problem is, the money, no matter how they figure to spend it, doesn’t exist. There is no money that represents any value of energy/labor, it is all vapor currency. So as easy as they made it, they could delete it with right key on the keyboard, thus not allowing it to dilute what is left of our currency that represents a reversal of entropy.


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