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Obama’s Fascist Healthcare Takeover Passes Senate

December 21, 2009

In the dead of night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who seems unaware that he is currently enjoying his final term in the U.S. Senate, mustered the 60 votes he needed to ram ObamaCare through his chamber. Approval of the cloture motion allows the legislation to move forward for a final debate and vote later this week.

The current iteration of ObamaCare is classic Mussolini-style Fascism (i.e. corporatism). It forces Americans at gunpoint to purchase health insurance, a requirement never before imposed on the American people. The big insurance companies and the federal government have combined to subject the public to this tyrannical mandate that Americans overwhelmingly oppose. This is the economic essence of Fascism.

Shame on them on all.

Nonetheless, William Kristol of the Weekly Standard offers some words of encouragement to the patriotic Americans who still believe in limited government.

Keep fighting on health care. Fight for the next few days in the Senate. Fight the conference report in January in the Senate and the House. Start trying to repeal the worst parts of the bill the moment it passes, if it does.

After all, never before has so unpopular a piece of major legislation been jammed through on a party-line vote. This week, Rasmussen showed 57% of voters nationwide saying that it would be better to pass no health care reform bill this year instead of passing the plan currently being considered by Congress, with only 34% favoring passing that bill. 54% of Americans now believe they will be worse off if reform passes, while just 25% believe they’ll be better off. Making the 2010 elections a referendum on health care should work–if Republicans don’t let up in the debate over the next year.

Indeed ObamaCare may be the Democrats’ undoing. They are betting everything on their healthcare plan, which won’t kick in for years to come. A public backlash before then could halt the program in its tracks and kill it, leading to a Bastille Day-like slaughter at the polls for the Democratic powers that be. Keep your fingers crossed.

Of course, it would be better to abort this statist monstrosity while in the womb, but the beauty of politics is that the fight is never really over. There will be more battles to come.

As Kristol writes, “Fight on with respect to health care. Fight on other fronts. And recruit new fighters. In a word: Fight. ”

Meanwhile, Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-Ore.), a socialist lawmaker who belongs to the radical Congressional Progressive Caucus, explained why he hates wealthy people.

From a report in The Hill:

He gives partial credit for his special brand of liberalism to having worked at a country club as a teenager. Each summer, his father ran a camp for troubled inner-city kids on Cape Cod, where they caddied for golfers at a country club. DeFazio would work alongside the kids.

“They were servants for the rich, as was I,” he said. “I shagged golf balls for rich people. I carried golf clubs for rich people, and I learned very early on, when I was pretty young, that this was a group of people that had nothing special to offer to me or to society.”

With DeFazio, it’s personal. It’s pure Marxist, class consciousness-based hatred.

Does this mean his values and personality are so malleable that if he’d a different job growing up he’d be a free market-loving libertarian?


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