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Columbia’s Hate America Leftists Bark At A War Hero

February 21, 2011


Anthony Maschek is an American war hero, wounded 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq. At  townhall meeting at Columbia University to discuss whether ROTC should be part of the university program, Maschek was greeted by boos and cries of “racist” when he said that whatever opponents of the war might think of it, there were people out there who wanted to kill them.  Maschek was being to generous to his attackers. What they think about the war is that we are the enemy. That’s why they don’t want the U.S. military on campus. On FoxNews reporting this disgrace, a properly horrified Megan Kelly said that Columbia’s leftists had a right to their opinion but should have respected a man who risked his life to protect them. Kelly is correct but also too generous. Since it is their opinion that America is the enemy, then Sgt. Maschek is a war criminal and deserves no respect. The unnamed culprits in this sordid display are Columbia’s president Lee Bollinger and the Columbia faculty who have encouraged these anti-American activists by taking their views seriously. Child rapists are also entitled to their opinions under our Constitution, but no decent person respects them. There is a domestic war going on this country and the problem we face is that only the hate America left is fighting it as though it were a war. It’s time for patriotic Americans — Americans who love their country despite its warts — to stand up for heroes like Sgt Maschek, and to confront Americans who have chosen to betray their country in the face of a mortal foe for what they are.


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