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An Appeal to Brigitte Gabriel to Withdraw her Campaign to Ban the Muslim Students Association

March 2, 2011

An ally in the struggle against Islamo-fascism, Act for America, which is led by a courageous woman, Brigitte Gabriel, has launched a misguided campaign to combat the malign influence of the Muslim Student Association on campus. The campaign calls for the banning of the Muslim Students Association.

As documented by the Investigative Project and by our publication The Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Brotherhood, and by our profile page in, the Muslim Students Association  is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a sister organization of the terrorist group Hamas. It is conducting an on campus campaign whose goal is to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state so that Hamas can destroy it and push the Jews into the sea. But Act for America has decided to oppose the MSA not with arguments, not by exposing its monstrous lies and evil intentions, but by banning it as a campus group, by denying its members their First Amendment  rights to assembly and free speech. We at the David Horowitz Freedom Center are unequivocally and unalterably opposed to this petition and its demand.

There is no greater or more important bulwark against totalitarianism — and therefore against Shari’a and the Islamo-fascist jihad than our First Amendment freedoms. The chief agenda of the Islamists is to ban any criticism of their totalitarian agendas and terrorist methods by calling it blasphemy, hate speech, and offensive to Muslims. That is what the prosecution of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is about; that is what the UN resolution banning speech that is offensive to Muslims is about.

Right now we at the Center are attempting to combat the genocidal campus campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood to label Israel an “apartheid state” with a counter-campaign to put up the “Palestinian Wall of Lies.” The Palestinian Wall of Lies exposes their historical fabrications and present-day slanders. It is an argument not an appeal to authority to shut them down. On the contrary, it is they and their progressive allies who are attempting to shut us down. Through a campaign of intimidation by calling any student who challenges them “racist” or “Islamophobe,” the left is attempting to prevent students from supporting our campaign and thereby preventing us from having access to campus to put up our wall. We have submitted an ad to campus newspapers containing the wall of lies. Of the five school papers to whom we submitted the ad so far four rejected it on the grounds that it would “offend certain religious and ethnic groups.” No specifics were given except that we could not refer to a group like “Arabs” or “Palestinians” as a group even though the ad was about the war conducted against the Jews by Arabs and Palestinians and even though one hundred percent of Palestinians have voted for one of two terrorist groups — the PLO and Hamas). Even the fifth paper, which printed the ad — the UCLA Daily Bruin—  required us to reword passages to avoid the use of the terms”Arabs” and “Palestinianas” and said we could not refer to the goals of Hamas and the PLO as “genocidal” even though they are. Of course, no such injunction against offending religious and ethnic groups applies to Jews or Christians or Israelis or Americans.

The frontline battle against Islamic totalitarianism is the battle to defend First Amendment — the right of assembly and free speech. Yes, these rights are regularly abused by Islamic totalitarians and their “civil rights organizations” like CAIR (a creature of the Muslim Brotherhood and a sister organization to the MSA and Hamas) just as they were by Communist totalitarians during the Cold War. This is a vulnerability of free societies — that they give rights to those whose goal is to destroy those rights — but it is a vulnerability we must deal with by combatting them through vigorous argument and by exposing their lies. What we must not do is abandon the very rights that keep us free. I implore Brigitte Gabriel and Act for America to withdraw this petition to ban the MSA and give up this misguided campaign.


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