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David Horowitz

Managing Editor

David Swindle

Assistant Managing Editor

Michael van der Galien

Executive Editor

John Perazzo

Associate Editors

Mary Belle Snow

Jamie Glazov

Featured NewsReal Bloggers (Those who usually publish at least two posts per week and have an assigned beat.)

Claude Cartaginese

David Forsmark

Joseph Klein

Kathy Shaidle

Karen Northon

Calvin Freiburger

Matthew Vadum

Paul Cooper

Tim and Alissa Birkel

Ben Johnson

Chris Yogerst

Michael Rulle

Bloggers and Contributors (Those who publish less frequently and do not have assigned beats)

Susannah Kopecky

Gene Mierzejewski

Mark J. Koenig

Guy DeWhitney

Rhonda Robinson

Chris Covert

Chris Rowan

John Nampion

Peter Collier

F. Swemson

Lunch Break Contributors (Those who regularly provide apolitical content)

Jim Walter

Jim Douthit