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An Appeal to Brigitte Gabriel to Withdraw her Campaign to Ban the Muslim Students Association

March 2, 2011

An ally in the struggle against Islamo-fascism, Act for America, which is led by a courageous woman, Brigitte Gabriel, has launched a misguided campaign to combat the malign influence of the Muslim Student Association on campus. The campaign calls for the banning of the Muslim Students Association.

As documented by the Investigative Project and by our publication The Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Brotherhood, and by our profile page in, the Muslim Students Association  is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a sister organization of the terrorist group Hamas. It is conducting an on campus campaign whose goal is to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state so that Hamas can destroy it and push the Jews into the sea. But Act for America has decided to oppose the MSA not with arguments, not by exposing its monstrous lies and evil intentions, but by banning it as a campus group, by denying its members their First Amendment  rights to assembly and free speech. We at the David Horowitz Freedom Center are unequivocally and unalterably opposed to this petition and its demand.

There is no greater or more important bulwark against totalitarianism — and therefore against Shari’a and the Islamo-fascist jihad than our First Amendment freedoms. The chief agenda of the Islamists is to ban any criticism of their totalitarian agendas and terrorist methods by calling it blasphemy, hate speech, and offensive to Muslims. That is what the prosecution of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is about; that is what the UN resolution banning speech that is offensive to Muslims is about.

Right now we at the Center are attempting to combat the genocidal campus campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood to label Israel an “apartheid state” with a counter-campaign to put up the “Palestinian Wall of Lies.” The Palestinian Wall of Lies exposes their historical fabrications and present-day slanders. It is an argument not an appeal to authority to shut them down. On the contrary, it is they and their progressive allies who are attempting to shut us down. Through a campaign of intimidation by calling any student who challenges them “racist” or “Islamophobe,” the left is attempting to prevent students from supporting our campaign and thereby preventing us from having access to campus to put up our wall. We have submitted an ad to campus newspapers containing the wall of lies. Of the five school papers to whom we submitted the ad so far four rejected it on the grounds that it would “offend certain religious and ethnic groups.” No specifics were given except that we could not refer to a group like “Arabs” or “Palestinians” as a group even though the ad was about the war conducted against the Jews by Arabs and Palestinians and even though one hundred percent of Palestinians have voted for one of two terrorist groups — the PLO and Hamas). Even the fifth paper, which printed the ad — the UCLA Daily Bruin—  required us to reword passages to avoid the use of the terms”Arabs” and “Palestinianas” and said we could not refer to the goals of Hamas and the PLO as “genocidal” even though they are. Of course, no such injunction against offending religious and ethnic groups applies to Jews or Christians or Israelis or Americans.

The frontline battle against Islamic totalitarianism is the battle to defend First Amendment — the right of assembly and free speech. Yes, these rights are regularly abused by Islamic totalitarians and their “civil rights organizations” like CAIR (a creature of the Muslim Brotherhood and a sister organization to the MSA and Hamas) just as they were by Communist totalitarians during the Cold War. This is a vulnerability of free societies — that they give rights to those whose goal is to destroy those rights — but it is a vulnerability we must deal with by combatting them through vigorous argument and by exposing their lies. What we must not do is abandon the very rights that keep us free. I implore Brigitte Gabriel and Act for America to withdraw this petition to ban the MSA and give up this misguided campaign.

Columbia’s Hate America Leftists Bark At A War Hero

February 21, 2011


Anthony Maschek is an American war hero, wounded 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq. At  townhall meeting at Columbia University to discuss whether ROTC should be part of the university program, Maschek was greeted by boos and cries of “racist” when he said that whatever opponents of the war might think of it, there were people out there who wanted to kill them.  Maschek was being to generous to his attackers. What they think about the war is that we are the enemy. That’s why they don’t want the U.S. military on campus. On FoxNews reporting this disgrace, a properly horrified Megan Kelly said that Columbia’s leftists had a right to their opinion but should have respected a man who risked his life to protect them. Kelly is correct but also too generous. Since it is their opinion that America is the enemy, then Sgt. Maschek is a war criminal and deserves no respect. The unnamed culprits in this sordid display are Columbia’s president Lee Bollinger and the Columbia faculty who have encouraged these anti-American activists by taking their views seriously. Child rapists are also entitled to their opinions under our Constitution, but no decent person respects them. There is a domestic war going on this country and the problem we face is that only the hate America left is fighting it as though it were a war. It’s time for patriotic Americans — Americans who love their country despite its warts — to stand up for heroes like Sgt Maschek, and to confront Americans who have chosen to betray their country in the face of a mortal foe for what they are.

Defending Our Republic: Reforming Our Universities

November 21, 2010

David Horowitz’s latest book, Reforming Our Universities, is above all a clarion call to action on the part of all who believe in the founding principles of the United States of America and wish to preserve it as founded.  That is to say that there are forces intent on transforming the U.S. into a European socialist-style nation, and that one of the most effective weapons in their arsenal is not just the domination of liberal arts faculties at American universities by leftist ideologues, but the way in which these professors often brazenly indoctrinate students into their belief systems without fear of reprisal by their administrators. Read more… – Some Democrats Fear Backlash Over Obama’s Handling of Immigration

July 7, 2010

Some Democrats Fear Backlash Over Obama’s Handling of Immigration

By Carl Cameron

Published July 07, 2010

Some Democrats, even in Arizona, are fearing an election backlash over immigration, as President Obama sues Arizona over its new immigration enforcement law and pushes Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul.

“My concern is that the federal government is suing the state of Arizona, ironically, over the ability to enforce immigration laws — where if the federal government had been doing its job over the years, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place,” Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., said.

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, the Democratic nominee for governor, urged the Obama administration to back off Arizona’s new law, which allows state and local authorities to ask people for immigration documents during unrelated enforcement encounters – such as traffic stops.

The president appears to be out of step with public opinion on immigration. The latest Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll shows 2-to-1 support nationwide for Arizona’s law, including 73 percent of Republicans, 57 percent of independents and one out of three Democrats.

via – Some Democrats Fear Backlash Over Obama’s Handling of Immigration.

This is the Old NewsReal Site, BTW

January 22, 2010

If you’re seeing this then you’re at the old NewsReal site. We upgraded a few months back and new content can be read at the far-superior new site here.

The Progressives’ 100 Year Plan To End America

January 11, 2010

With their imported Marxist-based ideas, progressives set about trying to destroy the American experiment in limited government a century ago, Glenn Beck said on his TV program.

Progressives set a “100-year time bomb” in the early 1900s “and only the real elite recognized it,” Beck said.

After progressive policy initiatives such as Prohibition and the federal income tax became immensely unpopular, progressives learned to use manipulation and subterfuge to advance their freedom-hating, un-American policies. Led by Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, progressives learned how to use the media, centers of higher education and law schools to transform America slowly.

Progressives prefer not to have open debates with the American public because when such discussions take place, progressives usually lose the argument. They would rather impose their agenda by fiat, whether through the courts or the executive branch.

The progressive approach hasn’t varied a lot since the so-called Progressive Era, Beck said:

The progressive tactics haven’t changed much since then either: Build a structure; make it so complex that the people don’t understand it; avoid debate and most importantly, silence dissent. And, if that doesn’t work, bribe them, indoctrinate them. But if that still doesn’t work: Destroy them.

We see this at work in the tactics of Saul Alinsky, who said: “The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work.”

Beck reflects, correctly, “They know they can’t bribe me, silence me or indoctrinate me, so they know they have to destroy me.” 

Sometimes the left doesn’t even try to hide its plans for America. Marxist university professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who deserve special recognition for their contribution to the nation’s ongoing decline, devised the Cloward-Piven Strategy of orchestrated crisis, which they spelled out in “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty,” published in the Nation magazine in 1966. The strategy called for aggressively recruiting poor Americans onto the nation’s welfare rolls in an effort to overwhelm governments. The theory was that imposing such impossible burdens would force radical change upon society.

Sometimes the left goofs up, leaving valuable strategic information in public places. A document titled “National Progressive and Party Infrastructure,” which purports to be based on a presentation by Rob Stein, founder of the George Soros-led Democracy Alliance and Maren Hesla, the director of WOMEN VOTE!, at abortion group EMILY’s List, offers new information on how the left is trying to create a permanent left-wing political infrastructure throughout the nation.

The Left Feels Sold Out By President Obama: Is Violence Coming?

December 23, 2009


The left is starting to believe President Obama is a “poser,” Glenn Beck said on his TV show.

In their view, he has failed to achieve many of his campaign promises. He dropped the so-called public option from his healthcare legislation which is “the progressives’ ultimate prize.” Said Beck: 

As the concessions are being made and this bill gets stripped down, the only thing left is a mandate to buy insurance, a giant boon, they’ll say, to those evil big insurance companies. That’s not exactly what the left had in mind, not Democrats — the left, and they are coming out in force against it. Arianna Huffington daily calls Howard Dean — Howard Dean I just told you said the whole bill should be killed entirely, so what’s happening here?

Obama has also failed to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military. He hasn’t shut down the prison for Islamist terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. He is continuing a crackdown on illegal immigrants and he hasn’t pushed for a windfall profit tax on oil companies, Beck said. 

Even far-left writer and conspiracy theorist Naomi Klein has turned on Obama, calling him more or less a corporate stooge.

Obama has got to get things done for the left or they will turn on him ferociously, Beck said.

Meanwhile, violent leftists in Europe are causing civil unrest, Beck noted. He played a segment from Neil Cavuto’s show in which global warming skeptic and filmmaker Phelim McAleer was being interviewed live from the climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. While McAleer spoke he was pelted with rotten vegetables thrown by eco-leftists.

In Europe, Beck said, “they have been trying to achieve their socialist utopia for decades. How is that working out for them?” Beck noted that rioters are burning cars in France and there have been hundreds of arrests in Greece. Italy’s prime minister just got put in the hospital after a man threw a heavy object at his face.

Leftists may start causing civil unrest in America too, Beck suggested noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned in September that the heated political climate in the country could lead to political violence. “I saw,” she said, choking up, “I saw this myself in the late seventies in San Francisco. This kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave–it created a climate in which violence took place.”

Of course, Pelosi left out the fact that the violence of which she spoke was caused by her comrades.